Flash Fiction and Writing from Prompts

Flash Fiction:  A complete story written in 1,000 or fewer words.

Writing Prompt:  A story idea that jump starts a writer.  The prompt is folded into the story verbatim or with minimal alteration.  Here’s a prompt: “Wearing a Santa elf hat, the calico cat stared quizzically at me as I …”

Hmmm, as I what?

… squeezed off a couple of rounds from my Glock …
… slid under Mrs. Claus’ sheets with a hearty Ho, Ho, Ho …
… asked the cat, “Are all the elves, cats?”

Get the picture?

I try to turn out a complete story in 30 minutes.  The pressure pushes my creative juices to the max.  Then I will “play with” my basic story to develop it more thoroughly.

Here’s some Flash Fiction I wrote from prompts.  If you want to know more details, please contact me through my website.  I’ll be happy to connect with you.

Have fun with prompt writing.  I do.