A Huss-ssay is my “take” on world situations – sometimes; and my own situations – other times.

Huss-ssays are essays meant to be seriously funny, with an offbeat look at life’s foibles, and how we humans constantly exhibit our propensity to be … well, human.  We are dramatic at times and at times have accomplished unimaginable feats.  We also have been unimaginable fools.

I hope you have as much fun reading Huss-ssays as I do writing them!


Welcome to my world.  It’s off-kilter and that’s they way I like it. Life is a serious matter and as far as I know, this is it.  So we better damn well enjoy it while we got it.

My approach is to “bend life without breaking it.  When I bend my thoughts, life makes the most sense to me.

I enjoy looking at life through my BLOG – laughing at the absurdities of our seriousness. A good laugh helps me through each day.

I encourage you to reply, respond, connect, and somehow let me know your thoughts.