I Yam what I Yam & I Yam Green

In case you weren’t aware of it, this Thursday, March 26th is National Spinach Day, the day reserved for celebrating all forms of spinach.

I love holidays – all holidays. Holidays are days worthy of celebration.

If it weren’t for holidays, I’d have no reason to get out of bed. Holidays give me a reason to make it through another day. Celebratory behavior is my built-in excuse to find something to drink and someone to drink with.

So spinach, I salute you. Here’s to spinach!

To help me focus, I need a holiday icon. Christmas – Santa. Easter – Bunny. Thanksgiving – Pilgrim or Turkey. Get it?

And for NSD (National Spinach Day) I have that rough and tumble tattooed waterfront tough guy, Popeye the Sailor Man.

“I’m strong to the finish, ’cause I eats me Spinach, I’m Popeye the sailor man, toot, toot!”

Sure, Popeye’s spinach was canned; but it was “fresh from the can.” He didn’t bother cooking it. In a last ditch Herculean moment, Popeye would squeeze the can, his spinach popped up through the lid and he downed it in one gulp.

Just like a real man!

For Popeye, spinach existed only as an emergency ration to help him out of scrapes with Bluto, or to save his beautiful Olive Oyl, or beat back nefarious enemies and denizens of land and sea.

Once he ingested his spinach, Popeye became the earliest Transformer, morphing from a weakling into a muscle bulging dervish of strength and speed.

No one could stop Popeye and only the foolhardy tried.

Long before the first popular nutritionist tried to tell us what to eat and not to eat, Popeye exemplified the virtues of eating spinach. And who knew that spinach actually contains steroids which accelerate muscle development.

So there you are athletes of the world. Want steroids? Eat you fricking spinach and then challenge anyone and everyone to a urine test!

The fact that you would have to eat about 2.2 pounds of spinach daily might be a deterrent, but you’ll still pass those tests. And, think of the money you’ll save!

So get in the spirit of this noble holiday, and let’s all build a bit of muscle.

I’m celebrating National Spinach Day with some spinach dishes, maybe even a dessert.

Hey, spinach sorbet can’t be all bad.

And I’m definitely indulging in my National Spinach Day holiday libation – mulled fresh spinach with a squeeze of lemon in my vodka rocks.

“I Yam what I Yam … Toot, toot!”

Rock on, you crazy sailor!

18 thoughts on “I Yam what I Yam & I Yam Green

  1. I remember Popeye! And to this day I still eat my spinach straight out of the can. Although, at my age, if I don’t pour the juice out first, i get the runs.

    • Don’t kid me … You eat your spinach straight from the can ’cause you don’t have a stove and you drank all your Sterno for your camp stove! And, that’s why you got the runs.

      The “doctor is in” and that will be $25 for the visit, please.

  2. The older I get the more I notice how my digestive system becomes less and less efficient… Now days, when I eat my normal portion of spinach, my poop and my pee
    turns green….. It’s pretty exciting. It’s likely that without eating it all these years I probably would’nt be enjoying this little late life event.

    • DG … Late in life experiences are great particularly since they occur “late in life!”

      Remember to eat your spinach the day before St Paddie’s Day and you’ll be all set.

      Thanx for reading my stuff!

      • OK, I found it but it ain’t easy for us old people to navigate these complicated web sites…. dunno how long I can keep this blistering pace up. BOB

  3. We love scrambled eggs and close to the end stir in some fresh spinach with a little sliced garlic. Halie’s favorite breakfast of course if you add a couple of great sausage links even better.

    • We try to add spinach at the end of almost all dishes, especially sauteed/fried … and salads … I can’t wait until Thursday for my “Mulled Spinach Vodka” on the rocks!

      Thanks for checking in on me!

  4. Popeye was one of my favorites and then they made a movie of him,.No knock on Robin who played Popeye but the screen play writing sucked !! Happy spinach day to all,this is a very important holiday !!

    • Holt … My apology for not replying sooner … wrote it out and sent it somewhere … who knows.

      Complete agreement … Worst movie for Robin Williams … I strained to get thru it and felt horrible for him the whole time!

      Now off to perfect my Spinach Vodka on the rocks … I Yam what I Yam!

  5. They have Green Tea Ice Cream why not Spinach!! Loved Popeye and Olive Oyl!! Good one!!

  6. I can’t wait for your blog about National Yam Day – maybe they could recruit Mr. Potato Head?

    • Mike … Only you and I would celebrate National Yam Day … “We Yam What We Yam!” … Thanks for reading and supporting me!

      In the meantime, enjoy your spinach.

  7. A fistful in my daily smoothie for six months gave me my first normal iron levels. Now I can say “yum” with gusto!

    • Rachel … Thanks for reading!

      We may be more similar than some people think since we both use spinach in our drinks …

      I’ll bet my iron levels are at an all time high, too!

  8. I didn’t know what real spinach tasted like until I was in my 30’s. It was a spinach salad. I’ve been hooked on fresh spinach ever since.

    Mom always insisted we have something green with our dinner–green beans, Lima beans, peas, and spinach–all from a can. Even Popeye couldn’t convince me to eat the stuff. Luckily, we had a heat register below my seat at the kitchen table where I could toss those last few bites when Mom wasn’t looking. .

  9. Vi … I had a small dog that would lie under my chair as I dropped my peas to her. She loved me and the peas … a win:win for sure.

    Fortunately, spinach from the can never entered our home … all the other green veggies did … Lima beans were the worst!

    Thanks for reading my stuff!

  10. Pisces has a wonderful spinach salad with pecans, bacon and pears. I had it twice last week. I call this “eating of the green” true holiday spirit!

  11. Jeanne … I love their spinach salad and feel quite virtuous eating it after my vodkas … I’m very glad we have spinach to “right the wrongs” of what i do to my body!

    Thanks for reading my stuff!

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