Man’s Inner A-hole

The other day, my not so pleasant “Inner A-hole” snuck out for a brief public appearance. Made me stop and think: Do all men have an Inner A-hole?

Some days it really doesn’t take much for me to reveal mine.

Just a quick challenge to my own sense of perfection, an observation by someone else that I flubbed a job that I thought was completed perfectly, a rude driver that assaults my perfection behind the wheel.

I have a few friends that appear to be “cool as cucumbers,” which probably means they spend a lot of time in their respective veggie crispers. I admire their seeming coolness in the face of the rigors of day-to-day living.

And, I find my self wondering: Does so-and-so ever lose his cool? Show his emotion? How does he stay so much in control? Doesn’t he see the intrinsic value in the occasional snarky comment?

God, I hope my situation isn’t merely a case of arrested development.

When these seemingly simple matters take on the characteristics of frontal attacks to me, my wife, the psychologist, reminds me that I’m just having an “Attack of the Humans.” In other words, relax … as a human you’re granted a certain amount of behavioral slack in this world. Key phrase being … “a certain amount.”

I just hope that I haven’t reached my limit for this go round.

There’s some truth to the axiom that “safety in numbers” matters. We all find comfort in discovering that we’re not alone in our behavior. And when I’m busy being a negative influence, I generally feel better when I can say, “He’s a bigger A-hole then I am.”

So I prefer to think that although all men have what I call an Inner A-hole, not all men are A-holes. It’s just a matter of how frequently we’re called upon to wipe up our mess … in public!

12 thoughts on “Man’s Inner A-hole

  1. Good grief! Writer, editor, blogger and self-head-shrinker, too! Bravo!

    (However, ya might wanna keep an eye out just in case those toilet paper people appear and ask you to “go commando” at a particularly inopportune time…)

    • Hey … In Inner A-hole status, one can “Go Commando.” Once you’re “exposed,” however, one must wipe carefully … There may be a follow-up at a later date on “papering your ass.”

      Thanks for reading and supporting me.

  2. Hey there… know you is to love you. It might be fun someday to get a follow up that talks about your reaching that place of being an A-hole and then stopping and sitting quietly to see where it comes from. Are they showing you something that you don’t want to see in you? I am willing to believe that you get some kind of kick out of it. No matter, no judgment here as you are just as perfect as those who seem to have no A-hole response. This is not a perfect/imperfect thing.

    • Hey … You sound just like my “psychologist” who is also my wife … Those questions are the growth questions that propel us forward and further away from our “A-Hole” behavior … internal or external.

      Thanx for reading and encouraging me …hugs

  3. You can’t BE an A-Hole, even if you have an Inner one. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have such a brilliant wife!

    • Hey … that was “my secret.” Now that I’ve been “exposed,” I’ll have to take a different tack on my Blog. She does serve as my Muse, as well as my editor and my critic … She is brilliant, also.

      Thanx for reading and supporting me.

  4. You know I believe in the value of snarkiness….a verbal pressure release valve. Snark on.

    • Snark? I always thought that was a vacuum cleaner … oh, never mind — that’s a Shark!

      I place great value in never allowing the opportunity to be a Snark Delivery Boy. Hey, maybe I can star in the new movie … “Snarknado.”

      Thanx for reading and supporting me!

    • Warren … thanx for reading and commenting … As a Jersey Boy, you do have a distinct advantage … Though, for some folks, it’s not the environment as much as it is the “genes.” You decide.

  5. As I read this negative poop !! I realize that there is a need for ” A -hole” insurance.That’s why we get married.Your wife is not doing a good job!!
    Now that I think about it,mine either.

    • Hey … There isn’t an insurance policy that ever “pays out.” The only thing I have to say is our respective wives have a huge problem on their hands and we are lifelong projects. Fortunately, i think I’m worth it … i’ll have to float that by her later.

      Thanx for reading and commenting

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