May I be “Frank” with you?

The Pope is coming!  The Pope is coming!  Sound the alarm!

Things will get hot, dare I say hot as Hell, if his visit to South America is any indication.

I like to call him Frank because he is so … “frank.”  He minces no words and has little time for idle chit chat.  His message is clear.  We are stewards of the earth and have an obligation to look out for our fellow beings.  Period.

I can’t wait for him to land in Philly and start chatting up Americans.

Given his apology for the way the Spanish invaders treated the native South Americans, I think we might get a few papal observations about our own behavior.

Pope:  “Gee, I’m not real sure, but I think the small pox infected blankets you gave to the Native Americans and the Trail of Tears March just might constitute human rights infractions.  Maybe even sins.”

“Hahmena, hahmena, hahmena” … that’s the mumbling you will hear coming from our BIA – yes, we still have a Bureau of “Indian” Affairs, not “Native American Affairs” – trying to answer Frank.

Pope:  “Gee, I’m not real sure, but I think climate change is a result of human actions.  Yes, I know cattle do contribute, but I truly think it’s mostly the result of human activity.”

“Hahmena, hahmena, hahmena” … that’s the collective mumbling you will hear from members of congress trying to avoid eye contact with Frank when he addresses them and they continue their unwillingness to accept scientific facts.

Pope:  “Gee, I’m not real sure, but I think your current economic system results in excessive greed and exploitation on a world wide level … it’s the dung of the devil.”

“Hahmena, hahmena, hahmena” … that’s the stumbling response you will hear from CEOs and the oligarchy as they try to justify the negative effects of unfettered capitalism.

And at the end of his visits, Frank always asks that people pray for him.  And he adds that if people could not pray for him, they think well of him and send him “good energy.”

Yes, we finally have a Pope … for everyone.

Just sayin’.

18 thoughts on “May I be “Frank” with you?

    • Thanx, Steve … Every once and a while we get a religious spokesperson who makes some sense.

  1. Ah, yes… more “papal bull”. I love it when he “decries” this and “calls for” that. “Gee, you really should stop cutting people’s heads off. We pray to the same God, ya know.” Or: “Gee… all those poor babies born with AIDS. AIDS is bad, so very bad, but of course not as bad as condoms.”

    Noun: papal bull – a formal proclamation issued by the pope.

    • Ooops … Quite a double entendre there with a “Papal Bull.” Point & counter point re: birth control and who will care for the unwanted. Such is the condition of issuing proclamations … we have Free Will … we get to pick and choose and live with the consequences. Or so “They” say.

      Thanx for reading my stuff.

  2. Not being the follower of tradition religions I must say that this Pope in my humble opinion is the best spiritual leader that has come out of the Catholic religion in a long, long time.Ever since the Borgia Popes were instrumental in a lot of the foundation of greed and corruption.
    If any religion in modern day times needed a helping hand this religion does. And guess what ? They got their leader someone to be proud of.Someone to turn it around where it becomes a true spiritual path for their followers,Not the old crap! Starting with speaking the truth to their congregation and owing up to some of their failures. . What a great human being.
    .Good for the Catholics they have something very special in this man,frankly speaking.

    • Thanks, Holt … He is without a doubt “Pope Frank.” Appreciate you reading my Papal Bull!

  3. What baffles me about him is how he can go into slums and areas of total filth and hold and kiss the babies and touch all sorts of people, yet he never gets sick. Same mystery as those nuns who worked with Glenn Close’s father in Africa, way back when we did not have so much available for medications and measures to save people from infections. Some of those folks, Dr. Close included, worked with Ebola patients before anyone really knew what it was. Sometimes I cannot help but wonder if a certain degree of whatever it is, that thing called “faith” is what protects people like that. I myself worked with Jakob-Krutzfeldt patients, one of whom’s spinal fluids ended up all over my hands. Same with AIDS patients, back when we called it HTLVIII and no precautions were taken. I’m not much on “bull” shit, but I kinda like this Pope when I see snatches of him on TV. And from what I know of poverty in the lower Americans (word-choice deliberate), Catholics do hold a pretty good record for family unity and support, just as fundamentalists in the South do. All of it makes me “give a little” even when some of it makes me sick because, to me, some of it originates in pure-D (as my Mee-Mee always said) ignorance. Which leaves the question of the truth in: “whatcha don’t know caint hurt ya.”

    • PMartha … Thanx for reading and commenting.

      Your comment is a great example of “There are no easy answers.” In fact, in some cases “there are no answers.”

      You do the best you can and as Dalai Lama says, “You may not always be right, but you can always be kind.”

  4. I think he’ s the best thing since sliced white bread.
    He has the moral authority to tell the world what is wrong with this old planet. We are wrecking the place, and I am glad I won’t be here in 100 years – Because it is heading to something worse than what we have now. I’m glad I had my childhood and don’t
    have to grow up like kids do today. The whole earth and our society is fu@$ed up and I think the Pope is the only person to help it, ’cause no one else really wants to – They just want more money.

    • Thanks, Michael … I appreciate you reading my stuff.

      This Pope was told by Rick Santorum, one of the Rep Pres Candidates, to leave discussion of climate change to the scientists. Poor Rick … Pope Frank has a Masters Degree in Chemistry. So much for him not being a scientist, as well as a good guy and The Pope!

  5. Wow. Here is a man who makes a non-believer take notice. He says a great deal of things that make sense to me. Now that is unusual for a spiritual leader.

    • Hey Ella … Thanks for your support and comment.

      That’s exactly why we call him “Pope Frank.” He makes a lot of sense. He’s direct. He’s concise. He’s believable. Maybe we could get him to become a citizen and run for the presidency. That would trump, Trump!

  6. This blog is a wonderful place to make and read comments – So much better than the FPC site. Not a bunch of highfalutin
    intellectuals here – Just smart people with something to say – Keep it up Richard Huss.

  7. He is the real deal!!! Wish we had one of him running our show! While he’s asking people to pray for him for one thing or another and seeing how he is putting hot coals to the feet of our government officials… tweeking the noses of international leaders… reminding us all of our own mistreatment to the indigenous peoples in the USA.. we should add a prayer that a loose screw amongst us (or the CIA) doesn’t take a shot at him!!

    Good job Richard. Picking the scab.. with humor.. An honorable outing.


  8. Thanx, Michael … I always aspired to be a scab picking humorist! Wil Rogers and Mark Twain pulled a lot of scabs off of old wounds, too.

    Let’s hear it for “Pope Frank!”

  9. He is so popular that I think Apple should call their next big release the iPope. The iPope would have climate information, nice quotes, and perhaps your blog. And it could come in a variety of colors like cardinal red and papal white. Too bad Al Gore is out of the spotlight — could have the iGore, better known by its nickname iGor. iGor could be an assistant to the iPope.

  10. Wilder … It’s comments like yours that pushes me to the limit. Very clever … I think you should patent/copyright or do something to protect your idea of an iPope … Maybe even develop an iPope app for the iPhone. Think of the $$$ rolling in from all the believers and non-believers who just like what Pope Frank, or as you prefer, Frankie, has to say.

    Thanx for reading my stuff … Until Sunday!

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