The Polit-a-razzi

OMG!  We’re under attack. The Polit-a-razzi are at the gates!!  Reality TV has spawned this near sighted Goliath, filling every TV, tablet, smart phone and ear bud with political slime.  They stalk their preferred prey setting up for the kill with tabloid style “gotcha moments” and campaign wrecking fake exposes.

Think political gangbanging reporters armed with high powered fully-automated cameras engaged in drive-by shooting, recording and reporting on presidential candidates.

Facts be damned … the Polit-a-razzi feed on what sells.  If it’s not outrageous, doesn’t promote a conspiracy theory, or isn’t wild speculation … it’s not news.  And, if it’s not news, it’s not in Polit-a-razzi lenses.

Now you know why some of the candidates have gone MIA.  Have you seen Martin “Who’s-He?” O’Malley, Chris “I-did-not-Move-the-Traffic-Cones” Christie, Bobby “I-too-am-a-Man-of-Color” Jindal or Carly “I-was-a-Woman-before-I-was-a-CEO” Fiorina, surrounded by the Polit-a-razzi?

No!  Why not?

Because they’re so boring they can’t bribe, bully or bait the Polit-a-razzi into coming after them.  The only time we hear about them is when they’re the target de jour of a Trump-mauling.

So, who do the Polit-a-razzi love, feed off of, and chase?  You guess.


You got it – The Donald and The Hukster-bee, the guys with ids from the deep.  They know the Polit-a-razzi thrive on raw meat.

Showing up at the Kim Davis get-out-jail-free scam was a brilliant move by The Hukster-bee.  He even upstaged Ted “I’m-just-out-for-a” Cruz.

Poor Ted … turned away by a Huckster-bee lineman’s cut-block and shown the exit ramp of the big “No-Gays-Married-Today” stage.  No camera time for you, Cruz-er.

As for Hillary “I’m-Sorry-Already” Clinton and Bernie “Yes-I’m-an-Old-White-Socialist” Sanders, all they have to do is sneeze … or pretend to sneeze, and the Polit-a-razzi press are mobbing them.

The Polit-a-razzi is in it for the cliff hanger.  They want hot-n-sexy in the moment political cat fights, catastrophic potential campaign ending gaffs, photos of a candid-date’s “political belly fat” … or God forbid, “political cellulite.”  That’s what gets the cameras whirring, the pundits yelling and Twitter tweeting.

This melee is definitely fun to watch.  But I wonder … is anyone tuned into the current “Reality USA” show which features our crumbling infrastructure, ineffective schools, Middle East chaos, immigration fiasco, and countless sub-plots?

Probably not … that’s way too “real” and exhausting.

It’s way easier to settle for endless debates about whether Tom Brady “really” did deflate those footballs and whether Roger Goodell will survive as the head of the NFL.  Thank God for football!

Just sayin’.


16 thoughts on “The Polit-a-razzi

  1. Sad, but oh so true….Andy Worhol’s “15 minutes of fame” is sooooooo outdated. Now it’s five to 10 seconds of video that gets politicians to soar or slump in the polls.

    • Tom … Thanx for reading …

      Worhol’s rolling over in his ashes where ever they were dumped. No one will spare 15 minutes now to watch someone else in the “fame spotlight.” We can’t concentrate or sit still that long. I think TV segments are down to far fewer than 15 minute segments.

    • If everyone has 15 minutes of fame, then Trump’s is more than over! Unfortunately, nobody told him.

      • Joy … Thanx for reading my stuff.

        Those that tried have lost ground in the poles … unless of course they were already hovering around the 1% mark.

        I guess the one that delivers the message to The Donald will have to be the media, which he plays like a Strad.

        And since ratings mean $$ to them and he brings in ratings, I think he’ll hog the “Fame Light” until the bulb burns out or he does.

        Money talks … and so does Trump. ‘Tis a sad business the GOP has instigated. Just glad he does not represent my feelings, thoughts or political leanings.

  2. Is this an election year? Drats! – I seem to be missing all the fun. Thanks for the summary, Sir Richard. Let me know who wins, okay?

    • Oops …

      Go back to sleep, Rip-van-Oops … 2016 is the election year. This is just the “pre-why-I-want-to-hate-you” before I vote for you time of year.

      When I stop and think (rarely) about the problems we face, I begin to wonder why anyone would want the job of trying to govern. I think the inmates are running the prison and the patients are running the wards.

      It’s a great time for a nap … I’ll wake you up when I wake up.

  3. I love how you monster mash all the candidates, but I’m going straight for the jugular with my new ABT campaign. As in “Anybody But Trump”! Watch for regular postings on my FB page. My temperature’s rising faster than his poll numbers!

  4. Janet … thanx for reading.

    Trump has no jugular so I suggest you go straight for his cojones … that is if Carly, Hillary and all Latina women don’t get to them first.

    He’s beginning to look and act like one of his own re-runs. Maybe he will fire himself be fore someone else gets to him.

    My problem with ABT is there are some others that I think would/could be worse. That’s scary!

  5. Rod … thanx for reading and for the compliment! Have a great trip up north with your son! We’ll get together on your return.

    Blue Skies!

  6. Good read, this was! I especially liked your Cruz-er comments (yes, he might be worse than The Donald). Hilary “I’m Sorry Already”, is especially good with a Jewish grandmother’s voice.


  7. Mike … Thanx for reading and commenting. Yes … I really did have fun in the name that candidate phase of the Blog.

    I had more, but WTF … no one would read names for all 17 GOP candidates … I would have included Rick “I-Think-I-Do-Look-Smarter” Perry for the full 17.

    I appreciate your support.

  8. The media can use this circus to almost completely deny us coverage of the international catastrophe occurring in the EU, to ignore the White House making cozy with Putin about what to do in Syria (wanna say “I told you this would happen1”), the meddling in Intel going on to keep us all from freaking out about ISIS (while our so-called leader insists on calling it ISIL–it ain’t just in the Levant, stupid! The Magreb matters, in case you didn’t care, in fact the lives in the Magreb do matter, too, AND the ones in Nigeria, Mali, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia and Egypt.) And the only mention of California burning is on the banners on CNN and Fox except for a few seconds of footage I saw this afternoon courtesy of Wolf! No one is even posing the question of arson in these fires, are they? The only mention of “how we can help” was on the banner late this afternoon when I checked in.
    And now Hillary is “giving thought to” adding Billery to her ticket. Well, if she clears herself with this possibly Trumped-up scandal, and manages to get the nomination, and then she includes Bill? I guarantee you 100% the entire South and Midwest, let alone the other Blue States will vote for the Clintons. And if she doesn’t manage, then we can just buy a lot of booze and throw an Armageddon Party. I suggest we hold it at The Breakers!
    Cruz? Can you say Danger? Huckabee? Aw, shucks, ya gotta be kidding me!, Trump? Possibly the only Republican who won’t abort all abortions and close down PP, the only one, i think, who will uphold the Fabulous9 on the same-sex marriage bill, the only one who won’t interfere in a Federal way with education, but who may come up with some practical ideas for people who just plain aren’t literate enough or motivated enough to go to their two free years of college, and, who knows? maybe generate some fine craftsmanship, mechanics, small agricultural, local projects, even a proper CCC like Roosevelt did.
    Sanders seems to me to be a total Buffoon, but I’ll listen during the debate. Fiorina seems smart, but, hey, I’ll shed blood over women’s rights to abortion, and she does not have the international expertise.
    But here we all sit, complaining, and not one of us had the guts to get into politics!! I totally wish I’d known something more about what was to come to us than I learned. If we had been introduced to the writings of the Islamic so-called “reformists” who generated the ideaologies we’re now fighting, I’d have been Secretary of State by now, for dead certain!! We were educated as well as they could do, but they did not adequately prepare us for the realities of the Middle East and Asia (albeit I had Asian Civ under someone other than AHC).
    Anyhow, I hope some aid gets to Californians, and to their beloved pets!! Who would not wish to be in the intelligentsia spying on Putin, eh? You can’t make this all up.
    BTW, the pistachio crop in California is in big trouble. The nuts are falling off the trees prematurely, but just the shells, which are coming up empty.

  9. PMartha … Whew, Gal … you got way too much time on your hands. Thanks for the “World Update.” The pistachios … WTF? I thought we hated the almonds for sucking up all the water.

    As for entering politics … I did spend a night stoned outta my gourd planning my run for the presidency. it was a marvelously tight knit campaign that had a group of us FPC’ers howling and rolling around. Then someone sober in the room burst the bubble when it turned out I was not old enough to run. What a bummer!

    As for Trump, if I have to eat GOP craziness for 4 or more years, I’d rather eat “Trump-loin” than any of the other GOP candidates. He would spend his own $$ on the infrastructure and hire illegal Mexicans to do the work.

    Thanks for the thoughts … now take a sleeping pill and get some rest … you’ve earned it!

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