War: Cliché and Bumper Sticker Style

Name the war and we’ve had a sound bite to power us into battle.

1776 … “Don’t fire ‘til you see the whites of their eyes.”

1812 … “Don’t give up the ship.”

1864 … “Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.”

Sounds like bumper stickers to me, though the first one wasn’t slapped on a bumper until the 1940s.  But recent ISIS attacks have given new meaning to cliché driven drivel.


The Donald … “Bomb the S**t out of ‘em.”  That’s been repeated ad nauseum so it must’ve struck a very loud red meat chord.

Paul Ryan … “It’s better to be safe than to be sorry.”  When asked what he meant, his response was, “We’ve assembled a Task Force to determine that.”


JEB … “You take it to them in Syria and Iraq.”  Didn’t we already do that under the leadership of your older, wiser brother?  At least in Iraq?

Rubio and Carson, “We need a coalition of all the Arab states and our allies.”  I can hear President Obama and his Joint Chiefs looking aghast at each other, saying, “Gosh darn it!  Why didn’t we think of that?”

John Kasich thinks we need to create a Radio Free Europe style of campaign in the Middle East promoting the Judaeo-Christian values of the West to combat the ISIS recruitment war.”

Say what?

To turn his idea into a capitalist opportunity for the Energizer Battery folks, John K. would probably carpet bomb the Middle East with portable radios loaded with AA Energizers … you know, the batteries powered by the obnoxious Pink Rabbit that never stops beating its drum.

Are we “Leading from behind?” Do we really think “The destruction of ISIS is not part of our plan?”  And do we think the idea of “Boots on the ground” or “No boots on the ground” hasn’t been discussed by the Joint Chiefs?

Come on, guys!  Up your game!  Come up with something a little more novel … something that Lindsay Graham won’t dismiss as nothing but a retread of the Crusades.

Just sayin.’

7 thoughts on “War: Cliché and Bumper Sticker Style

  1. The election season causes craziness to erupt in all quarters. Check your brains at the door!

    • Hey, Grover … Thanks for checking in.
      Yep … crazy time … but it sure gives me an unlimited supply of material.

  2. Ah, Poor Richard….welcome to the world of 140 character policy statements!

    “I read in on Twitter so it must be true,” right?

    On the bright side, back in the 1800s politicians used to give two, three or even four hour long speeches. Nowadays we’re just getting 140-character headaches. Back then it was two hour long frontal lobotomies……

    • Tom … thanks for your continued support …

      What a great perspective … let’s see, 2-4 hours of bullshit or 140 characters. Hmmm … 2-4 hours before I learn the speaker knows nothing or 140 characters.

      The quick road to stupidity has a lot of appeal for me.

    • Steve … Thanks for reading and commenting … You’re right. Sounds better to music.

  3. Did you come up with “At least the war on the middle class is going well.”, or is that a found item? Whichever…it’s great. I want one. Thanks for the rant.

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