‘Tis the Season to De-Clutter!

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re smack dab in the middle of a down sizing, de-stuffing, de-cluttering epidemic!

By the time you read this, you’ll probably have less than 11 shopping days until Christmas.  And, if you haven’t completed the art of driving up your credit debt and buying more useless stuff for everyone on your list, guess what?

You can kick the habit right now.  Stop shopping … stop spending … stop accumulating.  You can ride the new wave and “Stop Stuffing” … and I ain’t talking about turkey!


Boomers have run out of storerooms, closets, garages, and space in kids’ vacated bedrooms.  They’re pulling the plug on their storage rental units and cutting the cord on “precious items” that haven’t seen the light of day for years.

But, here’s the real rub!  Their kids aren’t stepping up to the “plates!”

Boomers, who doted on their kids, have spawned privileged Millennial offspring who are not the least bit interested in taking their parents’ stuff, or even acquiring their own.

Instead, Millennials are embracing the romance of “experience.”  They want to surf the wave, not look at the board hanging on a wall.  They clearly don’t realize there’s a Cosmic Law that states: “Stuff must be passed from generation to generation.”  Hell, we bought this crap, paid to store it and now you tell us you could care less?

The fact that there were three indoor trees in your home each Christmas and outdoor decorations that put Clark Griswold, National Lampoon’s “Christmas Vacation” to shame, doesn’t mean your kids will want the same things.

What they will want is for you to keep it, make their holidays bright and leave it all behind until they need another holiday fix.

But rather than getting mad and creating another level of angst and ulceration in your life, catch the big wave of change.

Get rid of the s**t and move on.

Throw a “De-Stuffing Party.” Get out the popcorn and margaritas.  Stack your stuff on the side of the street the day before trash pick-up with a big sign … FREE STUFF… and watch the pickers go at it.

And if you have de-stuffing remorse, you can buy it all back from your local flea market.

So get stoked, hang ten, and yell “Cowabunga” as you ride this wave and give-up your stuff!

Just sayin’ …

8 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season to De-Clutter!

  1. I never thought of you as stuffy, or even a stuffed shirt, although you have been stuffed up from time to time. Now I know you’re De-stuffed!

    • Mike … thanx for reading …
      1) I have been stuffy … for years as a Univ VP/Dean, I had to be stuffy several times a year (socially) … I drank heavily as I played at “stuffy.”

      2) And, for a time, I was a stuffed shirt … or rather, stuffed in a shirt. that was before I looked better in a size other than “medium” which i outgrew in the 5th grade.

      3) Stuffed up … quite right

      4) And it’s a great pleasure to be me … un-stuffed … thanx for your support!

  2. Richard: Brilliant observation, and right on the mark. Our kids don’t want our “stuff.” Heck, I didn’t really want MY parents’ stuff, but tradition required that I find a place for Uncle Stanley’s chiffarobe. Fortunately I was very young when I was given most of those things–some were antiques–and they are many moves in the past.

    But you are so right! Times have changed. There is even a Tiny House movement now–a good idea for a future absurdity–and we are all about lightening the load. Ahh, lovely getting those armoires off our shoulders. Thanks for the pep talk.

    • Jeanne … Thanx for checkin’ in with me … I was lucky … my parents had nothing to give me other than a few photos. There was no fightin’ over “the estate.”

      The times, they have changed … and I truly think all my kids are way so much smarter than I was/am … regarding stuff (the final decision on some other matters has yet to be made).

      The Tiny House movement intrigues me … less to dust! Thanx for your support.

  3. I threw everything away but my blow-up dolls which since my girlfriend left me I like to sleep with. Is it okay if I keep them?

    • WTF, Oops? Blonde or brunette? Do you put her out on the lawn in a Santa bottomless outfit for Xmas?

      Come on, lad … inquiring deviant minds want to know.

      Glad you’re stuff free … relatively speaking and thanx for reading my “stuff.”

  4. I am bi-cultural: Western Culture–I like fine art.
    Eastern (read Arab) Culture–fine rugs, beautiful pillows=home.
    My nickname is The Terminator: every year, near my birthday, every item in home gets scrutinized and it’s gone if I no longer really want it or really need it.
    I never offer anything to my kids. If they want something they will ask.

  5. Dear “Terminator” … thanx for reading my stuff and please tell me your birth date.

    I don’t want to be loitering around your house when you’re scrutinizing items in your home … i could end up at curbside headed for the Flea Market!

    Sounds like your kids also know the score … good for you … no 50 Shades of Gray area in your life!

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