Obama’s Kitchen Aid

If you’re pissed about “Obama Care,” wait until you read this.

Not only is President Obama meddling with our hospitals, doctor’s offices, insurance companies and personal birth control, he’s also cavorting in our kitchens with Betty Crocker and Aunt Jemima.

Now he’s had the audacity to demand that the manufacturers of our Mix Masters, Keurigs, VitaMixes and all other appliances re-engineer them so they will no longer be the watt-guzzling budget suckers of American households.

Before you say, “So what?” listen to this:  these sweeping changes could save consumers, that’s us, over 14 billion dollars in 2016, and 100s of billions by 2030.

Yes, that’s “billion” with a “B.”  Wow, how’d this happen?


Before you get too carried away, this isn’t the result of a suddenly cooperative Congress in a hand-holding Kumbaya group hug moment with our President.  These changes have been creeping into our kitchens since 2009 as a result of “dreaded presidential executive orders.”

Yep, as in Obama the Emperor, the Dictator, the Over-Reacher.

Why isn’t the GOP screaming about abuse of power, job killing and too much government interference when the President’s in our kitchens?

Maybe it’s because he hasn’t tried to make us go through a background check before we purchase our Amana freezers or register our deadly central A/C units and convection ovens.

Or possibly it’s because there isn’t a black market for illegal sales of stolen washers, electric carving knives and steam irons.  And I’m not aware of anyone killed by a radio … except in old Alfred Hitchcock movies involving a bubble bath murder scene where the radio is tossed in the tub.  ZZZZZT!

Where are the threats to “take the President to court?”

I can see Scalia giggling as he pounds his key board issuing his scathing dissent on the cultural dangers of energy efficient bagel toasters backed up by Thomas’ rant over Bosch dishwashers’ low energy utilization.

God forbid the “gub-mint” helps the little guy … the middle class … the poor person paying ever increasing utility bills.  So let’s hear it for the “Chef-in-Chief of America’s Kitchens.”

Hip-hip-hooray – hip-hip … wait a minute is that the voice of dissent I hear in the kitchen wilderness of America?

Oh … the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers thinks these changes are coming too fast which could result in the industry turning out shoddy appliances?

What?  Don’t they mean shoddi-er?  They think we still manufacture shit here?  No way!

Just sayin’.

12 thoughts on “Obama’s Kitchen Aid

    • Gail … thanks for reading … we got an HE front load washing machine a few years back … the latest deal using minimum water. I find that I use 1/2 the amount of detergent that they recommend and still have to rinse each load 2 or 3 times to get rid of the soap. Not sure I save any water.
      I alternate detergent with vinegar now when I wash.

      I don’t think you can get a “regular top load washer” washer anymore.

  1. LOL! Even though the electricity needed to run my Cusinart (AKA: the Waring blender with a B-52 motor) could probably power a small third world country for a couple of weeks, I’m grateful you have brought this “gub-mint” intrusion of the appliance-making world to light!

    • Thanks for reading,Tom … I gave away my Waring Blender … had it for about 20 years and it never missed a beat … or beet when I made Borscht.

      BTW — mix a TBS of fresh Borscht with your vodka over ice and you have a really shitty drink … did it only once!

      Have yet to master the Cuisinart … anything in my kitchen with a French name goes unused unless it’s a French Fry! Just sayin’.

  2. very nice when you use a spoonful of humor to make reality go down. appreciation of Pres. Obama’s energy policies (or any of his achievements) is rare and refreshing. thnx Richard, as usual.

    • Thanks for reading, Jeanne … Probably will piss-off a couple of folks with a sneaky Obama Compliment! Imagine that.

      I was surprised and did the SNOPES thing to verify this Exec Order … Thought about starting the Blog with “Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah …”

      Glad you liked it.

  3. Oh, Richard, is it true that “he’s also cavorting in our kitchens with Betty Crocker and Aunt Jemima” and participating with a”cooperative Congress in a hand-holding Kumbaya group hug moment”??? Oh, that President Obama really gets around.

    • GL … Thanks for reading my stuff … Yes, you’re half right. I caught our President in full cavort with the aforementioned ladies of culinary delight!

      However, I think you misunderstood the Kumbaya moment … that never happened … No way, no how not ever … But, at least we could dream about it happening … Thanks for your support …

      On to next week’s absurdity …

  4. Will I have to register my toaster some day soon? What about white bread instead of whole wheat?

    • Thanks for reading, Jeanne … No … that’s the beauty of having a toaster … no registration … BUT, you will not be able to load it with more than two slices of bread, preferably low caliber white bread. You will not be able to but high capacity white bread magazines for your fully automatic toaster.

      And … never point a loaded toaster at another human being. it could accidentally go off sending a slice of bread toward them at a high rate of speed causing a lot of bodily harm!

      How absurd is that?

  5. Richard,

    Please note that the 1st company listed is a Swedish company and the last company noted is the International giant Whirlpool
    I’ll guess that not 10% of the membership of the AHAM product is manufactured in this country You are right… We do not manufacture jack S**t !!!!!

    • Michael … thanks for reading my “Jack S**t.”

      But, no thanks for pointing out that several of my examples were indeed, non-USA made appliances. Woulda, shoulda, coulda checked that out … but probably would not have recognized any of the brands I selected … if I could find any!

      Until next week … remember that only absurdities are worth your time and effort.

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