Trump RBF Walls!

I’ve got it!  I’ve got it!  Can you see my hand raised and waving?

I’ve got the answer …  I know why Trump’s in the GOP primary campaign.

He’s a business man – Real Estate and construction.  He acquires land, negotiates and builds.

The last thing he wants is to get stuck in the muck trying to build a Congress or a country.

So here’s what Trump really wants to do.

Trump’s using his GOP campaign to launch his “huuuygest” startup ever … TRUMP RBF WALLS!  That’s Really Big F**king Walls!


Trump’s stolen Jeb’s exclamation mark for his TRUMP RBF WALLS! logo.

He’s compared his Mexico RBF Wall! to the Great Wall of China.  By stating that the Mexican government will “pay for his RBF Wall!,” Trump’s already started negotiating with Mexico, whether they know it or not.  And to build up demand, he’s scared the beejeezus out of everyone he talks to.

Why do you think he wants to deport undocumenteds?

Why do you think he wants to completely halt immigration?

Easy … if you keep ‘em out or get rid of ‘em, you’ll need a TRUMP RBF WALL! to make sure they stay out.

Wherever Trump can successfully foment hostility and stoke fear, something he is both “fantastic” and “tremendous” at, he creates a “really huuuge” market!

A TRUMP RBF WALL! will be waaaaay more prestigious than Trump Towers.

Every Middle Eastern country, tribe and/or sultanate will ask Trump to build a TRUMP RBF WALL!

The EU will probably pay for a TRUMP RBF WALL! to make sure those lazy corrupt Greeks can’t escape their bankrupt country.

Because he “adores women,” he might even ask Sarah Palin, who can see Russia from everywhere, to be the promo-queen for the Bearing Straits TRUMP RBF WALL!

Hungary desperately needed a TRUMP RBF WALL! when Syrian refugees literally walked across borders seeking safety.  Hastily erected chain link fences proved to be no substitute.

If we can piss-off the Canadians, what a godsend for a TRUMP RBF WALL!

Hell, maybe even Key West will resurrect their “Conch Republic” cessation movement with a TRUMP RBF WALL! separating the Keys from the mainland.

The man should stick with what he does best … self promotion and construction.  He’d make an RBF President … That’s a Really Bad F**king President!

Just sayin’.

15 thoughts on “Trump RBF Walls!

    • Hey Tom … Thanks for reading …

      How about changing that to “Humpty Trumpty?”

      Humpty Trumpty sat on a wall
      Humpty Trumpty had a great fall
      All the king’s horses and all the kings men
      Couldn’t put Humpty together again …
      So, he fired them!

    • Hey Ken … thanks for reading … Bricks for a Trump RBF Wall!? I think not … Nothing less than steel rod re–enforced poured concrete would satisfy The Donald.

      Appreciate your support.

  1. It’s no use railing against the candidates, a country gets the leader it deserves. Trump has only stepped up to the plate to pinch hit for the masses and if not him then a designated hitter is on deck. I have long been critical of the quality of the masses, the trumpettes who vote, who can be swayed by idiocy and evil – and that’s what elections expose, not the character of the candidates which is fleeting and self-serving but the shallowness of their constituents. Look around and tell me you don’t see more hominids than humans… There, now, I feel better already and I’m still on my first bottle of Drambuie.

    • Oops … appreciate your reading my stuff and, I think your support.

      The last “hominids” I saw were in a can on the shelf in Publix … I think you use them in a Mexican soup called, “Posole.” Oh, excuse me … that’s hominy.

      Elections seem to be a very expensive way to expose the shortcomings (and goings) of the masses. But then, elections do provide a shitload of jobs and money for state economies.

      Thanks for your support …

      • I wanna recipe for Posole. Ron thinks hominy looks like Scottish bougers, so I can save that recipe for when he wears his Trump Hat (not done in public anymore, lol).

        • Posole is the only way a person can stomach hominy … My dad ate it every Sat for lunch. I refused … Scottish boogers is probably a compliment.

          Google Best Posole Recipe and have at it! You should post a photo to the FPC crowd of you in the Trump hat!

  2. I’ve always thought that Trump’s real reason for running was to build his own business empire. After all, all those bankruptcies were “just using the existing laws.” And think what a kingmaker he could be at the convention – even HE couldn’t buy that much political power.

    Unfortunately, he’s been more successful than in his wildest dreams, and now I think he wants it for real. Both for the status AND money.

    It will no longer be the White House…it will be the Gold House. Who will bet me that he doesn’t either paint it gold or at least shine gold lights on it all the time?


  3. I can’t wait for Trump to win so we can have 4 years of hysterical news and antics.

    His first job as President would be to board up the White House and move the “presidential lodgings” to Trump Tower in NYC so he could come down the escalator every day to different John Philip Sousa military marches.

    But, I probably am closer to the truth with “Trump the Builder” as opposed to “Trump the President.”

    Thanks for reading and for your support …

  4. Wow! You really have your Berings Strait on this one!

    I can just hear the Trump bellowing now – “You know why they have to call it the Great Wall of China, instead of just the Great Wall? Because compared to any of the Trump RBF Walls, theirs is tiny!”

  5. Yes Michael … One does have to keep his “Bearings Strait” in the politics biz … otherwise one could be “Im-Palin-ed” by a sharp tongue.

    China has called a special meeting of it’s political leaders to plan a strategy to “trump Trump.” Their best hackers will be unleashed on the Trump empire. Their plan is to steal Trump’s plan and beat him to the punch … of course a China wall, though cheaper, won’t be as good as a Trump RBF Wall! since Trump’s are made with good ole USA products.

    Thanks for reading and for your support…

    • Im-Palined!!! Hell, that tongue could get directly through Trump’s Stump!!! Oweeeee!
      Nah, the one winning is gonna be Our Ol’ Man from Vermont! That way, once he can no longer navigate all the stairs (which his wife may not be able to even navigate presently!), Trump can so gallantly offer to move him to Trump Towers (at Trump’s expense, right?), where the elevators run even in a blackout!!
      Now, that would be nice. The new FLOtUS could get a super-duper hair stylist, right in house!! I mean, who wants her to be called “Trump’s Frump?” (bless her good heart, poor ol’ thing!). (Sorry, girls from New Orleans are Alley Cats when it comes to other women’s appearances and grooming. It’s genetic, you know, like being stupid? Can’t be fixed.)

  6. PMartha … Thanx for reading and for your support …

    No way Bernie is gonna make it to the White House unless Hillary invites him. Get used to it.

    I notice that we do not notice Palin on the air waves. I think Trump may see her more as a liability than an asset. He’s no damn dummy … unfortunately.

    People are beginning to as “The Bern” just how he intends to fix everything … the devil is in the GOP controlled House and probably Senate again, too. He’s dreaming.

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