“Wild Things” Ride Forever

In a nanosecond of self-reflection – rare for me – I ask, “What the bejesus have I learned in my many orbits around this wobbly earth?”

When I blip back to my own version of reality, I wonder if there’s anyone who gives a s**t?” … and if there is, do I dare offer what’s stuck in my deeply grooved very gray matter?

And, gods forbid (I’m an avowed Pagan and have lots of gods to mollify) will you hang-in to see if there’s any possible infinitesimal bit of relevance to your life?

Fortunately, I’ve learned very little.  So, it’s a short-short list.

And, most of life, mine in particular is … seriously absurd.


TRUTH:  The search for truth is greatly overrated … very hard work … an elusive and lonely pursuit.

I have yet to meet anyone who admits that the search for truth is their daily quest.  Nor have I met anyone who is thankful that a truth seeker has told them their “truth.”

FOOD:  If you count calories when you eat, then you’ve missed the primary purpose of food.

Food is entertainment.  Supposed to taste good.  Thrill your taste buds.  Entice you.  Sustenance is purely coincidental.

Pay no attention to the “food sufferers” lurking out there.

They manifest themselves as constant dieters and say things like, “I probably shouldn’t …” as they reach for more.  Or, “Just one more”… after they’ve eaten the “one more.”

FEAR:  If you’re not afraid, you’re a fool.  Even the coolest of the cool is afraid.

They think they’ve learned to conquer Maurice Sendak’s “Wild Things” hiding under their beds.  But, just like me, tucked somewhere beneath their super cool exterior, lies a mote of fear.

Face your fear and do it anyway … but only if it’s fun.

If it’s not fun, don’t do it … whether or not you’re afraid.

AGE:  I will always be a 10-year old boy.  I gave-up on maturity many years ago.  And that’s a good thing.

The bad news is, I no longer have a 10-year old body.  So when I get up each morning and feel like I’ve been in a car wreck, I remember:

I probably haven’t been in a car wreck …

Food will fix me up …

I should re-read my worn copy of Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are.”

And, live my life with the enthusiasm of a 10-year old, filled with fear, but still running to the fun.

Just sayin’.

29 thoughts on ““Wild Things” Ride Forever

    • Hey Michael … Thanx for reading my stuff …

      I remember Ying and Yang … they were the Chinese twins who lived a couple of houses down from me when i was a kid.

      Oh … I think you’re referring to the Asian concept of Yin & Yang … the balance of life … Yeah … those twins weren’t very balanced … nor, as you can see, am I.

      Until next week when you get me at 11 years old!

  1. Richard — Yes of course you’re relevant. Just the fact that you have that thought proves it. In all your years of publishing you’ve had the reader in mind. AND you’re entertaining in the process. Thanks for sharing yourself.

    • Hey Gail … Wow … thanx for the praise. And for reading my dribbles and drabbles of not-so-wisdom. Thought a change of pace would work since most of us are getting Trumped and we’re not even in the card game!

      Until next week … I remain

  2. Once again, my friend, you’ve nailed it. Now go eat something good…..but skip the Sendak and go straight to the Douglas Adams for the recipe for a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster.

    Adams calls it, “An alcoholic beverage whose effects are astonishingly similar to having your brains smashed in by a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick.”

    Sadly, Adams warns, “You should never drink more than two Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters unless you are a thirty ton mega elephant with bronchial pneumonia”…or possibly a seriously absurd blogger.

    • Tom … What can a man say when he’s been referred to in the same sentence with Douglas Adams … AND … been told to go have an incredible Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster?

      As for something to eat, heed this quote from Adams: “Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.” So I think I’ll stay in this afternoon and work on my own version of a Pan Galactic.

      Thanx for reading my shit and for the obscure reference to the “Hitchhiker’s Guide …” a truly inspirational collection of absurdity.

  3. If “running to the fun” is your truth, I’m thankful you’ve shared it. But, how do I turn off Jackson Browne’s reminder that at my age I’m “running on empty”?

    • Hey Oops … Thanx for checkin’ in.

      Mr. Browne also had this to say in “About my Imagination:” ….”You got to keep your head up, Baby, From the cradle to the hearse ….”

      I think this means you keep on going and fill’er up again ’cause I don’t see no hearse on the horizon coming for you!

      For sustenance, don’t forget a Moon Pie to go with your ‘Buie on ice tonight!” Thanx for all your support … Soon, Baby, soon.

  4. Fun(!) and pithy (there goes my lithp again, damn)! Thanks for sharing your “truth”. Of course, I am only thankful because your truth closely matches mine …

    • Hey, Mike … thanx for reading and commenting.

      You share only what you have in common, otherwise it’s call interfering and that’s a not so good thing.

      Sorry to hear your Lispth came back … take to fingers of Basil Hayden neat, a handful of Cheese Doodles and don’t call me in the morning. Until next week …

  5. Love this on Food, Fear, Age, and Truth. After reading this, the 10 year old girl inside this 71 year old body declares with Max…..

    “And now,” cried Max, “let the wild rumpus start!”

    Maurice Sendak.

    Many thanks for sharing your witty wisdom!

    • Hey Carla … Thanx for dropping by the blog house! I appreciate your support.

      Perspective is about all we got going for us this time around. Glad i could help … Until next week, I remain something-or-other … I truly don’t know what!

  6. Okay, I taught `10 year old boys and I have to credit you with one more year – You are more like an 11 year old. Boys of that age are great fun. They bring 5 foot 7 inch indigo snakes to their teacher for the fun of it. They urinate in the soap container at school, just to see what happens next and then tell the teacher what they have done just to see what she does. They also take their punishment without complaint.

    Actually, you and Henri are also the same emotional age.

    • Holy Moley, Ella … I think you may be right! I’ll go with 11 based on your empirical research. I still do snakes … in fact brought one into someone’s house here in Mount Dora and I’m a far piece from 11 years old. Some little boys really don’t learn!

      As for the rest of it, I’m pi**ed that I never did that soap container thing! And, I’m super glad that I stand in the same boy’ish age bracket as my hero, Henri!

      Thanks for all your support …

      • Just don’t go bringin’ snakes into Lauren Graham Cunningham’s house! Her and snakes jus’ don’t get along, and I’d like to see you make it to 12 …

  7. I just know I would feel lots better if I had a three layered round cake with pineapple in the filling. Or a moon pie! I’d love a Moon Pie, and didn’t know you can still get one. ANd remember Hawaiian punch that you made from some kind of truly sticky and sweet stuff in a bottle? My uncle (young, like my brother) and I did a whole one of those one day, paid for it all night, but man, was it fun!!!

  8. Hey PMartha … Thanks for reading my stuff …

    My mom used to make a bodacious pineapple upside down cake in her cast iron frying pan … canned pineapple rings, Marachino cherries, pecans, drenched in either honey or Karo syrup … used yellow cake mix … I still have a desire to try to replicate that … total emotion … it would probably taste like shit.

    Hawaiian Punch was a good mixer with anything but Scotch … back in the day when we also drank Boone’s Farm … and yes, you can get Moon pies. Not sure how authentic they are.

  9. Richard, It’s great to read your ageless and humorous wisdom. It’s deep, as in a deep dish yummy pie. Write on, please.

  10. Yes Richard, maturity is a high price to pay for getting older!
    I love your line: “Nor have I met anyone who is thankful that a truth seeker has told them their “truth.” Amen.
    I’ve never though of food as entertainment, except perhaps alphabet soup. And bananas, they must make the gods smile.

    • Hey Steve … Thanks for commenting

      I thought that was my best line … no one really wants to hear “the truth,” especially if it’s according to someone else.

      Let’s get together and play a round of Campbells Alphabet Soup Scrabble … as a kid, i always got in trouble for playing with my food … now I can do it if/when I want to.

      Need to send you my short story about Jorge, the Cha-Cha King, the banana and how he won the championship!

  11. Hey NBR … Scared me for a second there when I read “deep.” Thought you were hallucinating again then I skipped to “deep dish yummy pie.” Whew … that was a close one.

    BTW … I do vote for “immortality & humor!”

    Thanx for reading my stuff and all your support!

  12. dear richard! the nanosecond of self-reflection served you well this time. thanks for the useful reminders. maurice sendak was one of things my daughter and i bonded over all those years ago. btw: DIET TALK– gave up sugar for a month or three. getting some modest, yet shocking, muffin top. ick. there goes my classic coke habit. back to coke (yuck) zero.

    • Thanks Jeanne … Two items of that scored in the blog: 1) No one wants to hear the “truth.” 2) Everyone wants to have and has had a connection With “Wild Things.”

      I loved that all my kids were introduced to Sendak by me reading it aloud to them.

      Diets suck for everyone but the person who thought up the cockamamie idea … I’d switch to dark rum instead of Coke Zero … more fun. looks like coke zero and you won’t give a shit about muffin tops … yours, other people’s or the bakery ones.

      Until next week …

  13. Does your ten year old self experience a ten year old’s sense of endless time or are you saddled with the speed of age?

    • Hi Jeanne … Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Fortunately for me, unfortunately for others, I have never been hinged or unhinged by time. I quit wearing a watch when I learned that people with watches were always looking at them in a state of angst.

      I am saddled with a total state of meandering, wandering and strolling. When I move fast, things fall off my body and that’s not good.

  14. This is quintessential Richard… and perfectly ,” Seriously Absurd”. Great job big guy!!!!!!

    • Woo Hoo … Big praise from the True Big Guy! Thanks … I did have fun with this puppy. Thanks for reading and talk wid ya soon!

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