Trump’s Cabinet … It’s Really, Really Small

Trump Clown CarWell … The Donald’s emerged from the antediluvian slime pit that spawned him to make nice with the GOP after pooping on their parade.

It was a fun packed week for “Day-Glo Donald” … Lock up women who have abortions … Get rid of NATO … Let nuclear weapons morph out of control.

Unfazed by his most recent foot-in-mouth breakout, The Donald announced a plan to cut the size of government by reducing his “Brain Trust,” – his Cabinet.

“My Cabinet’s useless.  I mostly listen to myself.  You’ll get three-for-one when I’m the President, ‘Me-Myself-and-I.’  Hell, I might not even need a Veep.”


“I’m really, really smart.  I went to Wharton.  I’ve read “Art of the Deal” a lotta times.  I mean really a lot, and I Tweet my friends 24/7 to keep my brain really, really, really sharp.”

“Fixing jobs, our military, fighting Isis, and eliminating foreign affairs … except for Lying Ted Cruz who’s had numerous, I mean lots of affairs … that’s a no brainer.”

“I’ll get rid of the Secretary of State … with The Wall, and without NATO or the Geneva Treaty, who needs a State Department?”

“The Secretary of Defense … gonezo.  I’m gonna personally make us the strongest military power in the world.  The generals love me.”

“Treasury Department out!  Obama runs it with this Asian guy.  I have great friends in China … they buy my apartments.  I’ve got my own Asian guys.”

The rest of the cabinet?   Trump says he’ll pick from loyalists who’ve worn his “Made in China” hats and supported  his quest to “Make America Great Again!”

“Chris Cristie’ll be in line, too.  He’s mean.  Zero empathy … fully qualified to be in my cabinet.  But my God, the man’s fat.  Didya notice his hands?  Small, really small.”

“I’ll smoosh Commerce, Education and Energy together and let Rick Perry run ’em into the ground … if he can remember them.  When they’re bankrupt in a couple a months, I’ll Tweet Rick and say, ‘Hey Rick …You’re fired.’ ”

“Now, I just gotta get someone to pull the plug on ObamaCare.  “Marco … Oh, Marco … are you there?  Wanna job, Little Marco?”

Just sayin’.

11 thoughts on “Trump’s Cabinet … It’s Really, Really Small

  1. Hey Herr Huss!

    No fair stealing your plot line from what was argueably the world’s FIRST horror film…The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari…unless, of course, The Cabinet of Donald Trump turns out to be the world’s LAST horror movie in which case I applaud the symmetry.


    • Hey, Tom … Nothing that deep.

      But here’s a quote from an analysis of the symbolism of”Caligari’s Cabinet:” [The movie] reflects a subconscious need in German society for a tyrant, and is an example of Germany’s obedience to authority and unwillingness to rebel against deranged authority.”

      Substitute GOP in there and we may have a “hit on our hands.”

      But you know me … that whole pile of shit was simply coincidental … Once again, I have stumbled on and thru something unknowingly. Ain’t life fun?

      Thanks for reading my pile …

    • And it didn’t even take a big, really big nail!

      Thanks for reading …

  2. Richard, you are on a roll… Well done, you keep me nervously smiling through these times.

    • Hi Debi … Thanks for reading my stuff …

      All of us who think about consequences of actions are for sure a bit worried (or more).

      But, it’s way better to have some “nervous smiles” and occasional chortles rather than none at all.

      Glad I could provide those moments … Until next week when I’m once again, “seriously absurd.”

    • Hey, Ella … Thanx for reading my stuff.

      That fat head is not hard to miss … It’s “really, really big.”

  3. Once again, the best thing I can say is … Oy!

    I am now just looking forward to his re-election campaign, “Make America Great Again, Again!”

    • Hey, Mike … Wow … I’m gonna give you a “double oy!” for that thought. I think he’ll just use the same campaign slogan because he thinks none of us will remember the old one. And, he really doesn’t care whether we remember plus … he has all those old hats he needs to get rid of!

      Thanks for reading … Pedal on, oh “Tricycleist of me heart!”

  4. Oopsie, I missed this last Sunday, found it now. Very, very clever and funny! I remember, btw, seeing Dr. Caligari’s Cabinet at fpc and feeling my blood run totally cold, I mean like ice! through my veins. We stayed up until 1 a.m. curfew that night discussing Hitler, Germany and what that film really meant to us, and we saw it a few times in the ensuing 13-14 years, always with my feet, at least turning to ice. Someone needs to bring it up and use it. NOW!! But, then, those who would vote for a tyrant wouldn’t “get” it, and that’s the tragedy of education and the devisions in our culture. So long as we stay on opposite sides of that fence, you know, the educated left, and the supposedly ignoramus uneducated, we’ll just carry on to total tyranny as perhaps the only way to regain any kind of control of the morass of insanity we’re living in right now in the USA. Got out my Atlas today and looked at USA vs size of other countries. If that didn’t give a person chills these days, I do not know what would! Nevertheless, what you wrote is funny. Now, do something funny for us about Hillary and something about Bernie. Fair is fair, and you’d do a good job, I’d bet!!

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