Seriously Absurd!

Houston, we have a problem …

Sorry folks, for those of you who were on the edge of your seats waiting for me to make your Sunday … it was a miraculous week throughout the entire universe and in spite of humanity’s best intentions, not a seriously absurd event took place.

Oops … hold on a minute …


“The Donald” decided to act like an adult … at least as much as he can.

Bernie met the Pope a week ago if only because he was stalking the poor Pontiff in the corridor.  Actually they did not “meet” … it was more of a bumping into affair.

Unfortunately Bernie had to go back to New York and get skunked by Hillary.  The Pope hung out at the Vatican and did “Popey things.”

The Queen turned ninety without any help from the colonies.  The Obamas did drop in for tea and wished her a “Happy Birthday” from all of us.

Ah … Prince did in fact die reducing Minnesota’s population of world renown humans to a big fat zero … They can now all turn their attention back to making ice sculptures.

Obama’s alleged Executive Order to have his bust sculpted on the face of Rushmore was once again debunked by Snopes (see Snopes 4/21/16).  This rumor started just a few months after he took office in 2008.

Kasich has not and will not drop out of the GOP race.  Neither will Cruz.  But The Donald still might just to Eff-over the GOP.  We should be so lucky.

Of course it was just another ho-hum week in Flori-duh where a cross dressing armed robber wearing a strapless gown held up a business in Hollywood.  He left with cash and was last reported headed to a nearby Target to use the bathroom.  Fortunately for Target it was after 9 PM.

Speaking of Florida and gender news, an actor in Delray Beach has changed his name to “Bruce Jenner.”  According to him, he wants “to preserve the heterosexual roots of Jenner’s original name.”  Our apologies go out to Caitlyn Jenner.

In Kentucky, a cubit-by-cubit replica of Noah’s Ark is on schedule to be completed when the “Ark Park” opens in Williamstown July 7th.  Rumors abound that visitors will be admitted only two-by-two … and that Kim Davis will vacate her clerkship and take over as Operations Manager at the park.

Lassie came home, finally … only to find Timmy deader than a door nail.

Wow … Maybe I was wrong … there just seems to be no end to shit you can make up or find out about “on the line.”

Just sayin’.

9 thoughts on “Seriously Absurd!

    • Maybe they didn’t sculpt the entire Butter Jesus over sexual identity confusion issues. That would make it more timely.
      Joy, that url made my day!! So far, at least!! Now to get the Iowa State Fair to give up the silly Butter Cow sculpture and sculpt something “representing religious freedom,” eh? Just think of the possibilities if Cruz were to get in. Wonder why lightning doesn’t strike where it’s truly, truly needed?

  1. Hey Joy … Yeh, I saw the Snopes report but that sounded fishy (in a non-Christian fish-symbolic way) from the get go.

    The entire “Ark Park” is a Fundamentalist-church-state-tax-exempt PT Barnum there’s a sucker born every minute slave labor Christians practicing exclusivity fiasco. The Time Mag article on it really outed the whole deal. I still like Ham, two-by-two admission and Kim Davis (all my creative warped work) more than the flash flood.

    Thanks for reading and commenting …

  2. Note to Mari: Is Richard not taking his medication?

    He seems to have gotten his hands on a computer again and is once more getting fodder for his blog! (For all we know, that fodder might rightfully belong to some docile dairy cow in somewhere in Minnesota whose dreams of worldwide fame are now lying in pieces on a cow-poo covered floor!)

    Remember, as Smokey the Bear would have said if he’d had a laptop in his cave, “Only you can prevent Serious Absurdity.”


    • Hey Tom … Mari told me to let you know that she’s been taking my meds … That’s why her blog is sooo much better than mine.

      So, just get used to this behavior from me … My parents adjusted as did most of my teachers. There are a few other folks who had difficulties and I think their bodies have been been well hidden since no police have crashed thru my door screamin’ that I was under arrest.

      As for “Minnesota cows,” there are no cows reported living in Minnesota …They all left after 72 hours of continuous playing of and in “Purple Rain.”

      Until next week … Thanks for reading

      • Yeah, your parents adjusted … they had no choice! But c’mon have some pity on the rest of us!

        • Hey Mike … You gotta be seriously absurd if you think I have a merciful bone in my body!

          But, i am thankful that you read my stuff … Happy “recumbancy!”

  3. Richard, you made up the Delray Beach shit, didn’t you? If not, that is very seriously absurd!

    And isn’t world-renown Garrison Keillor from Minnesota? And didn’t Garrison once say:

    “I’ve seen the truth, and it makes no sense.”

    I like getting your post on Mondays when I most need them at work!

  4. Hey GL … Thanks for reading my stuff …

    No … I did not make-up the Delray Beach shit … that shit’s for real … There was more to it, but I didn’t want the entire blog to be about this stupid turd!

    The armed robbery was real, also … the Target bit was of my own doing … thank the gods we had a demonstration right here in little ole Mount Dora in front of our Target, which gave me the idea. Just seems that a man, woman or man-woman can’t pee in private anymore.

    Crap … Garrison Keillor is a Minnesota Gopher … BUT … Lake Wobegone is a FICTIONAL lake in Minnesota … Maybe that cancels out Mr. Keillor as a world renown personality … also, I challenge you to find a single person living in China or India that knows Keillor … But, Prince? He’s known! I rest my case! Thanks for all your support!

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