The Yuugest Show on Earth

It’s time for the “Carrot Face Big Top Convention” … The GOP’s Circus Maximus is the “Yuugest Show on Earth!”

Picture all three rings filled with enraged blood thirsty pachyderms, twirling in tutus.  Astride two are the presidential hopeful and his Veep pick.

All are followed closely by the “GOP Losers” … they would be the not-picked Veep candidates armed with rubber gloves, hip boots, scoopers … and of course, stylish Trump “Keep China Great” hats.

Let the s**t fly!

Completely unreliable sources inform me that Don the Con has successfully branded this entire event starting with … re-naming it.


With his hostile takeover of the GOP including the active leadership, Trump has changed the name of the Party to the T-GOP … phonetically that would be the Tee-Gop … for the Trump-Grand Old Party.

No longer known as Republicans, attendees will all be branded Trump-Publicans … literally.

First order of business?  Drop those pants and hike those skirts.  All butts bare!

Trumpheads, young men sporting “Trumpdoos,” led by Chris “Waddler-in-Chief” Christie will sizzle T-GOP on each delegate’s tender right cheek.

Aah, “Feel the Bern!”


Corporate sponsor shortage?  “No problema” for the PT Barnum of the T-GOP.

All proceeds from convention paraphernalia … we’re way beyond the cheesy hats … goes to the Trump Family Foundation, formed solely to support the T-GOP.  That’s after salaries for The Family.

Meals?  The Trump Food Alliance supplies all those who want to eat.  No matter that meals are prepared by undocumented Mexicans spitting in the food.  They work cheap … no minimum wage problem here.

Thirsty?  There’s Trump “Flint River” Water, Trump Truth-Free Beer, Veuve Trompe Champagne, and TrumPutin Vodka.  All served in Trump Triple-D Cups.

Want “red meat?”  A measly $150,000 gets Trump Steaks for each caucus.

Speaker’s Fees?  No Hillary Clintons here.  Not for the T-GOP.

Each speaker donates $250,000 – family members exempted – for the privilege of addressing delegates.  And it’s “Bonus Time” … speakers also receive a life size hot-air-inflatable Trump for unlimited photo ops.


Unpaid bills at the end of this smoke and mirrors affair?  Just contact Don the Con’s lawyers.

Yep … the same ones handling his Atlantic City casino bankruptcies.  Oh, and Trump University.  Hmm, and Trump Institute.  Is the T-GOP the latest on this list?

Hey … it’s only money … yours!

Just sayin’ …

8 thoughts on “The Yuugest Show on Earth

  1. Is it a fig newton of my amalgamation…or do I detect some incredibly subtle signs that you’re not entirely enamored with the Mouth That Roars who, incidentally, should never be confused with the brilliant Peter Sellers in the 1959 flick, “The Mouse That Roared.”

    • TL … The “Mouth that Roars” is good only for mediocre entertainment … he should have stayed with the WWE and MMA … I can’t wait to see which Cabinet seat Hulk Hogan gets!

      Thanks for readin’

  2. No Mexican would ever spit in food. (I’m highly prejudiced, I love Mexicans, generally).
    The cartoon is ab/fab, and so’s the rest of it. So funny. I just wanna go and be there to see it all. Dammit, why didn’t I caucus or something?

    • PMartha … Thanks for reading and posting … Great cartoon from Mari … she finds all my art work. Agree with you … The GOP Convention would be a hoot … may not agree with them, but they sure can party … even the Xtians in the bunch. Here’s one for Jesus!

  3. He’s a real unknown figure. His VP pick scares me. But both of them are better than the Demo alternative.

    • Michael, Michael, Michael … No way Trump is better than a Dem in the Whitehouse … think of fed judge appointments, SCOTUS appointments, int’l relations, minority affairs, health care for those who can’t afford it, food stamp programs … and on-and-on … The gov’t exists to protect and to serve … it takes $$$ and an accepting attitude to provide services, justice and security.

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