Poo … but not Winnie

Warning … warning!  This blog may have laxative effects.

Sometimes an idea, or ideas, for a blog rumble around my cranial nether regions … or maybe the phrase should be “cranium and nether regions” … and then, before I know it, a blog explodes.

Lucky you … read on if you dare …


Apparently two bat s**t crazy guys living on the Isle of Wight thought it a good idea to establish a gallery displaying the “Art of Animal Feces” in the community zoo.  Possessing completely creative and warped brains, they opened the National Poo Museum featuring poop, feces, excrement, s**t from some 200 animals.

They discovered that some folks disgusted by feces, are very intrigued by “poo.”

Your s**t may stink, but their “poo” is definitely a big hit … at least in their little corner of the world.

The “Museum of Poo” gallery is going on a tour at the end of the summer.  I’m pretty sure they’re not coming to Mount Dora, FL.



Not to be out done, our very own Central Florida mega-attraction, Disney World, has capitalized on one of their largest natural resources.

That would be “animal s**t.”

And like the “Two Guys from the Isle of Wight,” the Disney Imagineers who researched this idea also suggested “poo” as their operative word.

And guess … I dare you to guess … where this poo venue can be visited?

Ta da!  Animal Kingdom at Zuri’s Sweets Shop.

Yep … moms, dads and especially kids can “enjoy” giraffe, hippo, elephant and cotton-top tamarin poo … a monkey kinda resembling my crazy Uncle Willy who frequented our Thanksgiving table.

Dominated by chocolate, the faux-poo blobs also may contain berries, nuts, oats, caramel, and peanut butter.

Poo servings appear to be a hit.  The kids love ‘em … hey, just another sugar high in the Land of Make Believe … and an opportunity for the adults to act like kids when they blurt out scatological remarks and play with their food.


In some instances, food s**t journeys end up, hmm … as a pile of s**t.

Los Angeles was gaga over the opening of their first bathroom restaurant, Magic Restroom Café.

Highly popular in Taiwan and China, the idea of sitting on a toilet (lid down) and eating food inspired by names of smelly human waste products just didn’t catch on in LA.

After a short eight month stint of the “runs,” the folks of LA decided that everyone’s s**t stinks.

Just sayin’ …


7 thoughts on “Poo … but not Winnie

  1. So, let me be sure I’ve got the straight poop here.

    What you’re saying is that faux poo is pretty much a faux pas everywhere in the world…from the channel islands to the mysterious orient and back again from the Left Coast to the House of the Mouse in Orlando…

    Is it possible that next you’ll reveal “eau de toilette” as something other than a lightly scented cologne and that we probably shouldn’t be splashing that stuff on our faces?

    • Hey TL … God is good and it’s good to be back in the “addle” … pun intended.

      Yep … it appears that our scatological nature is one of the few human traits we hold in common with the entire world. Love from “faux poo” to “faux paus.” Only you can “pull that finger” and get away with it. “Eeuw de toilets” really stinks things up, too … at least the lids are down while you eat, though in some places I’ve experienced less than fine dining, lids up might be better.

      Thanks for reading and for your support …

    • Hey Hlavac … Thanks for readin’ and commenting … I thought I’d give my blog a “re-start” with a pile of s**t. It apparently attracts flies as well as a lot of readers with a few who dare to make comments …

      I’m sure you’re aware, world traveler that you are, that the Pu Pu Platter was created only for us white “Haoles.” Natives dip their fingers directly into the Poi (horrid combination of potatoes-hominy grits-porridge) and lick them off … the real start of “finger food!”

      Appreciate your support …

  2. Love how you worked “scatological remarks” into the piece. Please tell me you made up that s**t about the candy at Zuni’s!

    • Hey J … Thanks for readin’ …

      Well, “I can’t even” either if you mean sitting on a “terlit” (Archie Bunker reference) and trying to eat. The damn things have no arm rests on them. And no puffy cushions!

      If you’re upset that it wasn’t about Winnie the Pooh, with an “h,” then, as we say in the bidniz, “Tough shit!”

      But I’m glad you read it and I thank you for your support …

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