We’re not on Sesame Street anymore, Oscar!

Donald GrumpDonald Trump’s burn down the stage, the country and all other flammable objects on the planet has folks looking to space travel to escape his one man conflagration.

I, on the other hand, am not joining them.   Having read all Sherlock Holmes’ novels, I have honed my considerable skills to detect and have deduced exactly what’s up with the man from “la planète d’orange.”

Post candidacy, it’s gonna be all about Trump-TV … financed by Russian oligarchs and staffed by Roger, “I-Never-Had-Sex-With-All-Those-Women,” Ailes and Steve, “Yes-I’m-Certifiably-Crazy,” Bannon.

And, no doubt there’ll be numerous cameo appearances from the now naked, most famous “homme d’orange,” Don the Con.


Sesame Street?  Fu-ged-about-it!  Gonezo!  Trumpified!

Now we have … “That’s Life on Fifth Avenue.”

The alphabet … Only in your soup!  “That’s Life” features dollar signs, decimals, commas, and zeros.

It’s Trump, decked out in mortar board and gown brandishing his pointer … “Hey, kids, today’s show is brought to you by $1,000,000.00.  Can you say, one million dollars?

“Look at all those zeros.  They’re beautiful.  I hate losers, but I love zeros.

“Be careful with that decimal.  It could cost you!”


Cultural and racial diversity?  Kiss that ole Pit Bull puppy goodbye and let’s have a great big WASP-A-frame-hug-and-air-kiss welcome to The Trump Towerhood!

In the T-hood, you don’t hear Spanish or Haitian patois.  No one’s sitting on the stoop waiting for the mail.

The Sabrett Hot Dog Wagon’s been crushed by Limos and Rolls Royces.

No chalk Hop Scotch squares.  No stick ball or street scenes with kids.  No Big Bird, Burt and Ernie, or Elmo.


But there is Trump in the Tower’s Preschool Financial Rumpus Room teaching his latest Pyramid Seminar to the kiddos.

And, Trump also stars in the session on “The Power of the Successful Pout.”

A Donald Junior session – when he’s home from big game safari – offers the kids a glimpse at conflict resolution with his special “Be-One-with-your-Gun” class in the Tower’s basement gun range.

We can’t forget the class based on Trump’s Young Readers’ Bestseller, “The Art of the Tantrum,” which features Trump, a trashcan lid covering his scary orange hair, popping up from a gigantic garbage can loudly whining a la Oscar the Grouch.


Yes, the Hood may have changed.  But the goals are the same: Acceptance of diverse peoples and differing opinions … cooperation and understanding … respect for each other and … awwww s**t.

If you believe that, then there’s a bridge in the borough next door I’ll sell ya.

Just sayin’…

11 thoughts on “We’re not on Sesame Street anymore, Oscar!

    • Ahha, Michael … and therein lies the problem … I’m not predicting as much as I’m playing a hunch based on what the political talking heads are discussing.

      There’s ample discussion out there in the political landscape that creates a scenario that Trump really wants to start his own network and is using all the publicity from a presidential run to catapult his startup cable network.

      He just needs to lose by a little and “look good.” So far, he’s not been able to do that …

      Thanks for reading and for commenting … see ya’ next week!

  1. You got it, Richard. Kids are watching and imitating even before the Donald the Grump puppet comes to TV. Bullying, selfishness, hate, lying are in. The Trumpsters may not win the presidential election, but they have won the battle to change minds and behaviors for the worse.

    • Hey GL … Thanks for reading. You’ve nailed it. As Trump says, “Many people are saying…” and that’s true about your bullying, lying, hate, selfishness statement.

      Thinkers aren’t so much worried about this election cycle as they are the impact of Trump, his followers and their use of media. It will definitely change a lot of behavior…and not for the better.

      But … since you made my hair hurt with that spate of seriousness, I must remind you that Trump has provided me with an endless amount of absolute insanity and as long as I can look down from above it, I find it incredibly fun to write about.

      Let’s hope that “society” is more resilient than we’re giving it credit for being … my fingers, toes and eyes are crossed that I’m right about that! Thanks for all your support.

  2. Bullies always have a gang for backup. Strip them of their gang and watch what happens.

    • Hi Jeanne … Thanks for reading.

      You’re right about the gang aspect. It’s all a “show-and-tell” for middle schoolers who did not participate in “show-and-tell” in elementary school. It’s like now they have to make-up for lost time.

      As for the “gang aspect,” I do recall one middle school incident in which I decked the Bully but could not neglect the gang.

      They proceeded to take it out on me. Perhaps I should have started with the gang and worked my way up to the Bully. But, I never had a problem with the Bully after that … or the gang. Just glad no one carried guns or knives in middle school back in the “good old days.”

  3. hahahahaha. l’homme de l’orange. at leas t you are trying to laugh in the face of horror. Carry on, brave heart! Still plenty of time for him to succumb to his own ridiculousness.

    • Hi JeanneM … Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Yep … If I’m not laughing about it I’m taking it (life) way too seriously and would probably be aboard the first space ship leaving Mother Earth! But fortunately, the gods have provided an incredible buffoon who has no end of “buffonary” talent … I’m a lucky blogger who has Xmas several times a day … check under the tree hourly for another surprise package from the “Buffoon who has no clothes.”

      Weren’t those orange nude statues the best? How can we ever take “Don the Con” seriously? Until next week …

  4. I just wish I could get one of those naked Trump statues. Our back yard is right on the golf course, so the guys could aim their balls and hope one or two of ’em stick fast, improving that beautiful piece of sculpture for all time future!!! Too funny!!

    • Hey PMartha … Thanks for readin’

      OMG … I fell outta my chair when I saw the “Trumpettes” full frontal. What an amazing piece of tomfoolery. I also like the wrinkled ass on the back side!

      Yep, there’s nothing like an 8′ naked Trump overlooking the green on the 13th hole of the course. Maybe he saved one of the statues and will erect on his Scottish course!

      • hahaha, it would be good in scotland ’cause he could turn the backside to the course, put a kilt on the frontside, and no one would know he ain’t got no balls then! ROFLMAO!

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