Just Released: Donald Trump Stars in “Nasty Woman”

Debates number one and two were packed with lots of good s**t … especially if you’re a poke-fun-at-anything-that-moves Blogger.

But that third one … what a gold mine.  A real monster lode.

And it was wrapped-up in bright orange flesh, skanky orange hair, and unbelievably bushy orange eyebrows.  The vein just kept on pumping out orangey-gold.

“Nasty Woman” … two little words whispered by T-Rump into his then working mic, while Clinton racked up her 3,438th debate point.

Why am I so excited?  Just follow me through the post debate spin cycle.

(Note: I have my own news source – HussNews.com … we promise you that nothing is verified, no opinions are based on logic or fact, and that the truth does not lie anywhere in-between, on, or within anything we report.)


A new marketing slogan’s launched … Don’t stop with “This Nasty Woman Votes” bumper stickers … Hey, “Bad Hombre,” Let’s rock’n’roll with the entire taco!

Vera Wang’s already on it.

“The Nasty Woman” fashion line … Worn with pride by the “Pride of Lionesses Who Dare!”

“Nasty women unapologetically wear my clothes,” said a breathless Wang immediately following the third debate debacle while sketching on napkins, note paper, and anything else papyrus that she could grab.


In a move of rare familial solidarity, Bill Clinton, in true Sarah Palin style, gave a shout-out to the lingering crowd, “Nasty my ass.  That fat orange Bastard ain’t seen nuttin’ yet!”

Chelsea, hugging mom post-debate, stage whispered for all the Fundits to hear, “You’re one Nasty-assed Woman.  I’m proud to call you my Mom.”


Melania Trump tried to slink out but was overheard muttering as she dove headfirst into the T-Rumpcopter … “Just wait until that pasty faced orange blob gets home … never apologized, my ‘nasty ass.’

“I’m changing the locks as soon as I get home.  He’s, how do you Americans say it? ‘Toast!’”


Meanwhile, Kelly Ann Conway, quivering like a jellyfish fought back her rage saying, “That F**ker’s absolutely ruined me.  “‘Nasty woman?’  That’s exactly what I told him NOT to say.

“I told that pussy, Bannon, clamp those metal clips on his small balls … not his arm pits.

“Christ, I’m surrounded by schlong waving Bozos.  What’s a woman to do?”


Ivanka, flouncing her “T-Rump approved” ass past the press corps and Fundits, let it be known that she was headed back to Ivana’s penthouse … until the election’s over.

The ever clever Eric and Junior were high fiving and pointing loaded finger guns at each other.  After mock firing, they blew mock smoke from the barrels of their little’ish fingers.

One Fundit whispered, “S**t, sure wish they’d been loaded.”


The s**t’s hit the fan … but then the GOP whiners have always been a lovely shade of brown’ish.

Just sayin’ …

6 thoughts on “Just Released: Donald Trump Stars in “Nasty Woman”

  1. Don’t forget to remind folks to stock up on as many bottles of wine (or whine) as they’ll need to get through the next 15 days!

    • Hey, TL … Thanks for reading …

      Speaking of whine, there’s a new T-Rump label just announced outta Mar-a-Lago from the latest T-Tump whineyard. Funny enuf, it’s an orange-ish hue. T-Rump’s out sourced the orange crushing and refuses to use the Mexican laborers for the foot stomping … instead the oranges are shipped to China and stomped for pennies ob the dollar. That’s why this fine whine retails @ Mar-a-Lago for a mere $79.00/bottle … Vintage? Why last month of course.

      Pairs well with KFC and T-Rump’s favorite, his T-Rump Tower Taco Salad!

      Until next week, I remain … seriously absurd.

  2. Only you could write something this hilarious for us! Good job. I turned to Ronnie and said, “Oopsie, Kelly Anne is leaning against the wall, hands over eyes, saying, “Oh, Fuck! My life is over!”
    As for me, I ain’t no nasty woman. I’m just a Well Dressed Southern Mess, and proud of it!! (Never mind the Nutmegger heart! I was even more Diva in the cold weather!).
    Now, we all need to make up T-rump and HillBillery cocktails and post on facebook, right?

    • Hey PMartha … thanks for the comment …

      Sure hope you meant to say “well dressed Southern Miss” and not “Mess.” If you meant “Mess,” more power to ya.

      Personally, I think you’re really the ultimate “nasty woman,” meaning that you don’t take no shit from nobody or no body. A woman who stands her ground.

      Love the idea of a T-Rump “Cock-Tail.” and smooth and slippery “Billery on ice.” I’ll start workin’ on those. Thanks for all your support.

  3. On another debate point–a store in Woodstock (Jean Turmo) has posted a sign on its door that it’s a “No Grope Zone.” Have you seen the SNL sketches of all 3 debates–better than the originals.

    • Hey NBR … Thanks for reading my stuff …

      Love the posting of “No Grope Zone.” A not so subtle reminder of the insanity we’re dealing with.

      On one of the cable news shows the other day the Fundit actually stated that the information just seen was from SNL and was not the real debate … suggests that there has been some confusion by folks … that’s a testament as to how good the skits were/are and how stupid the average viewer is … oh my, I think we may have a problem here. Appreciate all your support.

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