Doom-da-Doom-Doom Doom-da-Doom-Doom Doom-da-Doom-Doomsday!

We’ve seen, read or heard some version of all of these: “The sky is falling … the sky is falling” … “The end is near” … “The world will end some time tomorrow.”

But shock and awe … I just learned we actually maintain a “Doomsday Clock.”  And, we’re very serious about it!

And I’ve also discovered we can be seriously absurd about the topic of “Doomsday!”


Predicting our end-of-time on earth isn’t a new guessing game.

The first record of our potential demise was in 66 AD when the Essene sect of Jewish ascetics stated that the Jewish revolt against the Romans in 66-70 (that’s a long revolt) was the “end-time” battle before the arrival of the Messiah.

The Essenes were so sure of this event, that they started the first ever memorabilia sale:  collector’s coins depicting the redemption of Israel.

Too bad they didn’t come up with the first T-shirt in history!

Those wild and crazy ascetics were a bit off in their prediction … the Jews are still waiting for the arrival of their Messiah.

But, back then they didn’t have an atomic clock, computers … or Einstein!


To help us with our “end-time” fetish … the guys who brought us atomic bombs, nuclear power, radiation and a wealth of other WMDs … have also given us “The Doomsday Clock.”

Yep, an official looking clock-face graphic kept on a wall at the U of Chicago … who doesn’t even have a football team … that is used by deep, deep thinkers to remind us just how precarious life on this planet is.

Among other factors used to “set their clock,” this cabal of wise guys primarily considers the threat of nuclear war … and since 2007, global warming.

Enter our new president, Trumplethinskin and guess what?  This august group’s adjusted our “Tick-Tock” … downward!

What?  There are folks out there who think “le Presidént d’Orange” lacks judgment and his serial midnight tweets are reasons to worry about our welfare?

Where were these folks during the past election?  If FBI Director James Comey can jump face first into politics, then these guys sure as s**t could have spoken up.

C’mon, Guys!

Since its 1947 inception … set at seven whopping minutes to play with … the Doomsday Clock has been adjusted up or down, depending on “world conditions.”

The highest point of 17 minutes was achieved in 1991.   Sadly, the Doomsday Clock fell to a new low of 2½ minutes this month.

But ever the optimist, give me 2½ minutes and I know I can have a lot of fun!

Just sayin’ …

8 thoughts on “Doom-da-Doom-Doom Doom-da-Doom-Doom Doom-da-Doom-Doomsday!

  1. Oh. pshaw, Dickie! There are LOTS of Doomsday clocks. Most of us have one next to our beds just so they can scare the beejzus outta us every morning…End of the world? No problem. 5:45 a.m.? Oh my freakin’ God!

    • Hey TL … Appreciate your support …
      What … you still have the Ultimate Doomsday Clock … an alarm clock? I retired my alarm clock years ago when both of us started working from home. My first, and usually only meeting, of the day occurs whenever I show with myself.

      When I see early AM, it’s because I’ve wakened from natural causes … ant at my age, that’s usually early after frequency thruout the night.

      Thanks for reading …

    • Joy … Thanks for your support …
      Oh boy … you helped make my day … a scene from one of my all time favorite movies, “Dr. Strangelove.” And, did not realize that I can hitch a ride with my blog on the Doomsday Clock.

      Thanks for providing the link … and for reading my stuff.

    • Hi Mike … Thanks for your support.

      DST is for Wussies … we operate on real-time and with T-Rump in charge, I wager that the new time, “American Standard Time” will set the time for the entire world. No more of this setting your watch, clock whatever depending on where you are … We’re “Making America Great Again” by wearing cheap red Chinese hats and demanding that the world run on “Our Time — American Time.”

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Fascinating and clever, don Ricardo. I bet it feels like doomsday to many refugees and immigrants right now despite their not having a doomsday clock to check.

    • Hey G.L. Thanx for all your support.

      Yep … I’m sure you’re right … the media’s full of interviews with “immigrants” and what they’re thinking … none of it good.

      I find the concept of a Doomsday Clock, on it’s “face” (pun intended) to be an absurdity … and it’s “set” by a bunch of people who in cannot possibly take into consideration the perils we face in the world.

      The one interesting thing about T-Rump’s Reality Oval Office TV Show, is that it clearly shows how much change is going on every day … The only way he can handle any of it is to be the Celebrity Boss on the Presidential Reality TV Show … it’s just a shame that this time “TV reality” is real and has consequences.

      Thanx for reading … maybe I can find something lighter for this week …

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