A Day Without …?

First we had The Women’s March … aka The Nasty Woman and Pink Pussy Hat Day.

Not to be out done by this massive vulvaic-female demonstration … on February 16th, we had our first “A Day without Immigrants” … which according to reports unfortunately cost lots of hard working immigrants their shitty jobs, in shitty work environments, with shitty bosses.  AND …


while not planning to be as boisterous and probably not sporting vaginal pink hats, scientists from all over the US will have their say about the lack of respect our current administration has for test tubes, the environment, Bunsen burners, and … TV personality physicists armed with actual facts chatting about global warming.

Yep … scientists will claim their piece of “street cred” when they walk out of the lab and into the streets turning America’s city streets into gigantic Petri dishes.  Their special day is April 22nd as part of our Earth Day celebration.

I’m sure you remember Earth Day … a love fest filled with Frisbees, drugs, and flower bedecked hippies dancing around.

Angry scientists … WTF?

Go full cycle now as women again will take to the streets for another show of female force and vociferousness when on March 8th they hold “A Day without a Woman” as part of the International Women’s Day worldwide celebrations.


Enough I say … Enough … All these special days “with and without!”

It’s time we heard from my constituency … The “Kinda-Fat-But-Still-Kinda-Cute-Old-White-Men!”

How ‘bout a “Day without an Old White Man?”  Or thinking big … maybe even, “The Million Old White Men’s March?”

C’mon … we want our day in the setting sun.

We stand for something … I’m not sure exactly what, but there has to be something we can be proud of other than carnage, pillage, hogging all the jobs, and “Hey guys, what say we have a little fun today and go sack a village?”


In fact, as you read this, today Sunday, March 5th is National Absinthe Day and … National Cheese Doodle Day.

And if we can set aside an entire day for Absinthe and its “go to accompaniment,” Cheese Doodles, we can damn sure celebrate the achievements of “Kinda-Fat-But-Still-Kinda-Cute-Old-White-Men!”

Hmmm … will we have to march?  If so … how far?  What date?  We can’t miss the Super Bowl, Final Four, Daytona 500, NBA Finals or, or …

Just sayin’ …

13 thoughts on “A Day Without …?

  1. Okay. Inquiring minds may not want to know but my own warped and decidedly demented old guy mind is getting suspicious.
    A Million Old White Men’s March?
    Is this the brain child of an agent provocateur….or…a sneaky, creaky entrepreneur?
    Lining the path of this March, will we see Little Richard’s pay-porta-potties? Happy Huss’s walker rentals? Absurdly comfy coin-op cot rentals for quick mid-march naps? The possibilities seem endless.
    Has our favorite columnist turned to the dark side for a fistful of quarters?

    • Hey TL … Thanks for reading.

      It’s the S,C,E in me (Sneaky, Creaky Entrepreneur) … I’m busy setting up my line of $.25 opportunities. It’s only 4 quarters to the dollar … Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching … see, I just made a buck!

      Wait until you see how much a vodka, bourbon or Scotch will cost you and how frequently along the course you can “fill ‘er up, Sonny!” Ice is extra … for sure!

      Until next week …

  2. Women have tried for decades to get an Equal Rights Amendment passed. Marches and protests don’t seem to get the attention of the old white guys in D.C. If every woman stayed home and did nothing for a day, we might get their attention. Or not…

    • Hi Violet …Thanks for reading my stuff. I appreciate your support.

      The “seats of power” for the OWG’s (Old White Guys) are definitely plopped down in their cushy chairs in the House and the Senate! And quite probably in the capitol buildings of all the states, too.

      The impact of “A Day without a Woman” cuts both ways … if she works, she should not go to work … if she “works at home,” she should leave that workplace and take a vacation day away from home …

      Either way, she will be missed and I think such a day will be noticed by many … but unfortunately, we have to remember that’s it’s not one event that will create the change. We just need to keep moving forward … every day. Thanks.

  3. Here’s to all the chubby but cute white men I’ve ever known and admired, learned from, laughed with and loved. No one ever seems to remember that the cops you need when in a wreck right up to the brain surgeon you need is often a white man. Somehow, despite nasty women, people calling them racist, and other hateful acts, the white man still gets up, goes to work, and gets the wheels turning. Cheers to old, cute white men!!!

    • Hey PMartha … I like your “cheers to old cute white men!” Everyone deserves a few cheers … fat or not, white or not, old or not, cute or not. I know we can agree on that one!

      Thanks for your support.

  4. Not sure if Kinda-Fat-But-Still-Kinda-Cute-Old-White-Men’s Lives Matter will fit on a bumper sticker. But then, we can always all go get bigger bumpers (with allllllll that money rollin’ in from trump’s now-thriving economy!)
    Just sayin’

    • Hey, Jake “The Snake” … Thanks for reading my stuff.

      I think you’ll see as you drive around, that the bellies and the bumpers grow in relation to each other. But then, there’s always the danger that you wouldn’t be a “kinda fat OWM” but a rather really large and fatty-fat OWM! That would not be a happy marcher or make for a good photo op!

      Appreciate your support …

  5. Love the cartoon! I went to the Women’s March and the Immigrants March in Dallas, and there were many Kinda-Fat-But-Still-Kinda-Cute-Old-White-Men supporting both causes. Maybe they don’t need their own march, but it is fun to imagine the scene. How cool that the scientific community plans to protest. I wonder what the scientists will wear? Surely you have some suggestions, Richard.

    • Thanks for reading, GL …

      I think you’re right about “not needing our own march.” Besides, I’d hate to hold a march and have no one show up! Maybe we’d need to bill it as something other than “a march.” Yucch!

      The scientist thing really got my imagination going. There might be something brewing in the Petri dish of Seriously Absurd as we approach 4/22 … science’s D-Day!

      As always, I appreciate your support …

  6. what’s with all the comments?! we have missed you. this week you had me at ” And if we can set aside an entire day for Absinthe and its “go to accompaniment,” Cheese Doodles, we can damn sure celebrate the achievements of “Kinda-Fat-But-Still-Kinda-Cute-Old-White-Men t
    SO. CUTE

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