The New Stooges … Donnie, Mitch & Paulie

Fear not … those of you concerned about education and specifically pre-school learning.

Donny, Mitch and Paulie, the Three Stooges of DC, have teamed up with their new BFF, Betsy “I-Know-My-ABC’s-And-Am-A-Nice-Person” DeVoss, and are coming to our rescue.


It’s a FOX/Trump re-make of that outdated TV preschool neighborhood … aptly named … “At the Corner of Plush and Posh Streets!”

Plush & Posh … where all residents are white and minorities play their proper service roles … Sanitation Engineers, Home Environmental Hygienists and Mommy & Daddy Subs.

And the promise that you’ll enjoy an educational experience that ensures … “You’ll start on the Right Foot!”


Some of the old PBS favorites are glammed-up.

Meet Jamal Oberron Johnson … the hood’s Sanitation Engineer, replacing Oscar the Grouch, who’ll no longer pop out of his goopy, green, dented garbage can condo.

Instead, Jamal reminds all the kiddies and their M&D Subs, not to leave their empty plastic bottles of $37 Icelandic Glacial Natural Spring Water lying around.

“Littering is a behavior exhibited by the less fortunate,” he tells them as his robotic-portable-recycling-litter-masher, U2TrashToo, scoops up their trash and simultaneously sanitizes their tree lined sidewalk.


Muffie, Buffie and Brock sit on the marble steps of their “City Home” … glued to their I-Pads as another re-puppetization, The Count — who’s been retained because of his Melania-like Eastern European accent – hops out of his Rolls Royce to teach the kids their “Special Number for the Day.”

“Today kids, we’ll learn about the true value of the number … Zero,” shouts the Count.

He then belts out a jazzy hip-hop rendition of, “In your Trust Fund … it’s the zeros in front of the commas and decimal … which determine your true value.”

Reminding the kiddies to “Buy Low and Sell High” … the Count wraps himself in his Ivanka P&P Designer Cape and disappears into the Rolls.


Don’t look for Bert and Ernie … the two guys who shared a bedroom – replaced by Eric and Junior, two guys with their own Tower digs.

Cookie Monster, who ate-up his profits … gone … and re-puppeted as “Cookiepreneur” – a cookie mogul with vast bakery and distribution holdings.

And wait ‘til you see the new “Big Bird in the Hood!”

Don’t spend money on a goofy, uncoordinated, overgrown canary … when you can have the pride of America … “Baldy the Eagle!”

Yep … it’s time we taught our kids how to set their priorities … for their own maximum personal benefit.


Just sayin’ …

8 thoughts on “The New Stooges … Donnie, Mitch & Paulie

  1. Alas, poor Yorick….there’s a fly in this week’s ointment.
    Wither dost thou imagine these sharper-than-a-serpent’s-tongue shows shall air?
    Not on ye olde Public Broadcasting….for Caesar doth say that PBS must be de-funded (and Caesar is an honorable man, right?)
    Sir Rupert of Murdoch may also defer as there’s more to be made from commercials for Mercedes than ‘ere there was in kiddie shows.
    Methinks thine playful musing might, instead, goeth directly to DVD and that,
    me-re-thinks, is a consummation devoutly to be wished.

    • Sire “Tometh” … hath thou no recollection that the fly is not in the ointment, but in the soup? Oh, Pres T-Rump … there’s a fly in your soup … or is there soup on your fly?

      Thateth iseth the Questioneth … now my lisp is tired.

      Thanks for all your support …

    • Hey, Jeanne … Thanks for checking-in …My art & graphics are courtesy of, Mari … she does a great job of hunting up just the right look for my craziness … and I’ve given her some tough assignments to support my writing.

      Thanks for all your support … Easter around the bend … look for serious absurdities! Ciao…

  2. Perfect description of the alternate reality in which they live! So clever, really, Richard. They live in a different world. Sad.

    • G.L. … Thanks for reading … the Billionaire Cabinet’s trying to relate to the “little people” who put them in power … what a hoot! Sure hope the disappointments of the future are big enough to help people remember and vote ’em out of office first chance we get.

      Appreciate your support …

  3. Great satire, Richard. Keep ’em coming.

    To quote Mark Twain, “Truth is stranger than Fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.”

  4. Hi Vi … Always good to hear from you … thanks for the encouragement … I must confess that Trumpelthinskin isn’t difficult to satirize … he’s like picking the “low hanging fruit.”

    Thanks fro reading and commenting.

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