“And another one bites the dust …”

21st Century Fox pronounced again … “We will no longer tolerate sexual harassment in our workplace!

No trouser dropping, genital grabbing, sex laced innuendo spouting old men allowed in our studios.”


At least not this one particular guy.

On the same day he shook hands with Pope “Frank-the-Wonder” Francis, Bill “Leer-Grunt-and-Masturbate” O’Reilly was shepherded out of the unfriendly folds of 21st Century Fox and Fox News.

And though he’s blaming everyone else … like the “Left Wing Liberal Lame Stream Media” … angry hags … and gutless ass-kissing empty suits … all O’Reilly really has to do is look in the mirror to see who’s responsible for his ignominious demise.



The real question is, “Are we gonna learn anything from this latest publicly disgraced self-immolated disgrace of a man?”

To answer that, look no further than the White House.

It’s still the home of a genital-grabbing-sexist-pig-in-residence.  He’s signing executive orders as fast as he can buy Presidential pens from China … many denying women basic rights.


Blocking equal pay for equal work … “Screw it … who wants that?”

Denying accessible and affordable women’s health clinics run by Planned Parenthood … “No one needs those … at least no men.”

Re-instituting the “Global Gag Rule” denying US funding for women’s health in foreign countries … “Hey, if our women can’t have access, why should those foreigners?”

Slashing all budgets providing any assistance, protection or support for US citizens, but increase funds for Defense and Homeland Security … “I did it on my own … except for a few million bucks my daddy loaned me … if I can do it, why can’t they?”

Issuing Proclamations for National Women’s History Month & National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month … “OMG, how did those slip underneath my ‘Made in China’ pen?”


I think it’s way past time to destroy “The Republican Un-holy Trinity.”

We already nailed two of the three … Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly.

Now if the gutless GOP could just drop the curtain on the Trumplethinskin vaudeville, stage and reality TV show … we’d have the third member.

Whadaya say Congress … any chance you could pull the plug on the alt-fact “Thinskin Follies and eradicate the “Un-holy Alliance?”

Just sayin’ …

6 thoughts on ““And another one bites the dust …”

    • Hi Joy … Thanks for reading my blog.
      It turns out that when women filed their complaints using the Fox News inside line and O’Reilly’s feet of clay started to crumble, people cam forward with very negative reactions to O’Reilly’s total persona … not just his ugly sex habits. The consensus was that he was a angry, despicable man who berated people (not just women), embarrassed colleagues and in general was “not a nicer guy.” So, you ironically “got that right!”

      Thanks for your support …

  1. Here’s the thing: O’Reilly was still the biggest audience-grabber and (insert your own hyphenated “grabber” line here) on American TV and radio at the time of his firing.
    Sadly, the O’Reilly’s of this world will still hawk their “do as I say, not as I do” approach to morality as long as so many of us keep buying it.
    Billy Shakespeare got it right when he said, ‘the fault lies not in our (media) stars…but in ourselves that we are underlings”…though even the Bard couldn’t have imagined O’Reilly’s obsession with women’s under things…

    • Hey TL … Thanks for reading and commenting.
      Two things: 1) I’m pleased that O’Reilly got the boot, even though it was forced, because it does demonstrate that with the proper power, hypocrites can get caught and their behavior cause their demise. 2) It seems “The Bard” had something to say about all aspects of life. Maybe we should study him in spite of his “awkward use” of the English language … doncha betcha gotta just learn the language ’cause it’s always changin’?

  2. To my knowledge, no one else on fox has the BS ability of O’Reilly. His special arrogance gives the impression that he is always right. He pursues his interview subjects with a dogged commitment to his ideology. If they don’t yield he turns to the camera with a smile indicating he has just made a fool out them. Is it possible that fox’s influence will diminish without this “strongman”? Tucker Carlson and all the others can lie with a straight face, but they don’t have the gravitas of O’Reilly. I wonder if more fox watchers will begin to question what is not presented with such unwavering confidence.
    Thanks Richard.

  3. Hey Porter … Thanks for reading my blog.
    You’re correct in your assessment of O’Reilly’s role at Fox News … plus, his viewers are “fan-atics” … but are decidedly old. I think Fox may lose some viewership, but the fact is, they have no place else to go (on TV) to get the kind of “news” that they need/want/cherish. They have to turn to the internet and/or radio for that level of misinformation and vitriol. So, Fox won’t take a big hit.

    Tucker Carlson will not draw the viewership that O’Reilly did and the real impact will be felt by Hannidy who followed O’Reilly. His ratings will dip.

    As for Fox viewers questioning … that’s an oxymoron … it won’t happen … that’s their key to success.

    Thanks for your support …

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