How Not to Feel Totally F**ked Over

There’s no question that garden-variety-non-one-per-cent Americans feel like they’re royally f**ked.

Here’re a few ideas on how we can move back from the edge of an imminent America-sized sinkhole and the international “game of chicken” we’ve been playing.


Foreign Affairs … Our current approach makes the Huns, Vandals and Visigoths look like Woosies.

Instead of middle school taunts that could lead to nuclear annihilation, let’s go back to the Hollywood movie glamour days when the two leading men faced off against each other … mano-a-mano.

Lashed wrist-to-wrist with braided strands of Kim Chee … armed with Tiffany sterling Trump logo engraved, curved bladed, butter knives … Kim jong-un and J. Donald Trump, dressed in full Summo regalia, slash, grunt, bump and sweat on each other ‘til one of them yells, “Uncle” … assuming there’s an uncle still alive!

It’s a Battle Royale made to order for the two narcissistic delusional Bozos!


Infrastructure Plan …  Wasn’t it stupendous that we dedicated four entire days … May 15th-19th … for “Infrastructure Week?”

Did anyone attend the kickoff gala in D.C.?

It was actually the 5th Annual National Infrastructure Week, which BTW was started during the Obama administration … I bet the Trumpettes didn’t know that.

The Trump family’s “yuugest and bigliest” plan was to privatize the Air Traffic Controller workers and break the ATC Union.

The week was filled with the Marine Band playing background music while Trumplethinskin signed fancy “Letters of Direction” to Congress … to “do something about our crumbling infrastructure.”

Here’s an idea, Carrot Top … how about repairing some honest to God bridges and roads the “old fashioned way” … using tax dollars and American workers?

At least fill the frigging pot holes!


Trade Negotiations?  Easy Peasy … they pay more while we pay less.  So far, no one’s buying that “bridge in Brooklyn!”

Middleclass Jobs?  The most exciting job growth numbers to date came when Starbucks created their Unicorn Frappaccino … can’t wait to buy my new house on a Barrista salary plus tips!

Opioid Addiction?  No problem!  As soon as Chris Christie can shake free from his crumbling New Jersey empire, he’s gonna tackle the drug industry … 90% of whom have their businesses in New Jersey … and they already “own him!”


Hmmm … now that I’ve looked more closely at this s**t pile, do you mind if I trade in my MAGA hat and T-shirt for a “Let’s vote the A-holes out” hat and T-shirt?

Just sayin’ …

7 thoughts on “How Not to Feel Totally F**ked Over

  1. Love the cartoon! Kudos to Mari for finding it for you. 🙂

    Oh, yeah, post is pretty good too! 🙂 🙂

    • Thanks for reading, Oops … Mari’s the best and the cartoons have elevated (if it can be done) my blog … artistically … definitely not linguistically …

  2. Oops! Now I don’t see it. Did you just change the cartoon. I was referring to the “evolution” pic with DT on the right. 🙁

  3. Air traffic controllers? Pshaw! Who needs ‘em? We’ve got high-tech radar systems! You know. Like the one that sent the U.S.S. Fitzgerald crashing into that giant container ship in the sea of Japan….

    • Hey TL … Thanks for reading … Yep, every time I read something like that, I wonder WTF? Who’s at the helm here … we have a vast ocean and this collision happens? C’mon guys … isn’t there a crow’s nest anymore?

  4. Hey quit insulting Bozo – who brought joy and laughter to children all over the world (except when Bozo was played by Willard Scott)!

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