Google Guy Opens Mouth … Inserts Size 13 Foot!

Uhoh … Google’s done it again.  Yes … on the famed Google Campus … that jewel of openness and corporate camaraderie … the place where everyone else would love to be.

Yep, that Google.

The nasty, dirty, warty, abusive underbelly of their ideal workplace environment … and unbelievable cafeteria options … has been crudely and rudely pushed in front of the public for everyone to see.

And they owe it all to one guy!  What a surprise.

There’s a man in the workplace who hasn’t learned to keep his fricking’ mouth shut and who then stupidly makes a public statement.

And in case you haven’t read his 10 page memo, he insisted that women can’t handle work place stress and that’s why there’s so few of them in his department.

He was fired?  Great.

But why wasn’t he stripped naked and forced to run through a gauntlet of pissed- off-stressed-out-women as he exited the Google Campus?


“Going Postal” … since 1986, we’ve all heard that phrase.  Guess what?  Only one damn woman has shot up a Post Office.  Ever!

I haven’t found one headline, or lead into a news story, or breaking news TV special that covers an armed, angry woman barging into the workplace and gunning down hapless employees because she’s been passed over for a promotion … or worse, fired.


What about “Mass Murderers?”

When’s the last time a woman and her BFFs ran through their school hallways with automatic weapons in each hand and sprayed the student body?

And when the FBI searched her house, was her suburban bedroom filled with explosives, boxes of armor piercing ammo, and extra weaponry … just to express her outrage and feelings of rejection for not making the cheering squad?


And … let’s not forget it’s not the working women who come home drunk and kick their hubby’s ass simply because they’re pissed off about losing their female superiority and can’t handle the stress of the workplace!

Oh … and it’s definitely not the women sexually abusing their sons because they’re too f**ked up sexually to express themselves in acceptable ways.


C’mon Google Guy … you’re a way overpaid white male in a dream job in dream corporate environment.

Sure, improvements can be made … but at least you’re working for someone who’s not busy suing the government about covering birth control, whining about health care, or arguing about paying you the minimum wage.

Just sayin’ …

18 thoughts on “Google Guy Opens Mouth … Inserts Size 13 Foot!

  1. Nice graphics discovered by – fess up – your “editor”!

    Where’s PMartha when we need a good rant about ‘political correctness’?

    • Actually when I was in software development I found that only women were good employees — they would stick to it, while the guys wanted everything easy. Ok, one guy was good — an Indian contractor with an IQ of about a million, who could do anything in half a second.

      • SJ … thanks for the comment … Unfortunately you’re totally correct … most guys look for the “quickest way to get out of the project — and get paid.” While it’s the women who work on the solution and will take the time to find it when it’s not readily apparent.

        Nevertheless … I must admit that most of my life has been spent rewarding myself for the easiest way to get to the end … but, so far, I haven’t seen the end and that’s a “good thing.”

    • Hey Oops … Thanks for the comment. Yep, all the graphics come from Mari … and her price is reasonable! I’m trying to lure her into posting graphics for my first wave of blogs … so far she’s told me the “editor’s equivalent” of go pound sand, Florida Boy!

    • Hi Gail … #1) Thanks for reading … #2) You can count on me “writing on!” Thanks for your support.

  2. You said it, Richard! This piece is my favorite of all the delightful ones you’ve written. I breathe more deeply and smile broadly after reading it. Special thanks for making my day a little brighter by writing truth. Always enjoy the graphics too.

    • Hi GL … Thanks for your continued support … I thought I was in trouble with this one as I read his “memo.” But fortunately about 1/3 of the way into, this Bozo did the “stupid guy thing” and started in on women without any base in fact. Glad it brought you some fresh air and truth.

      BTW … my graphics person (Mari) is “duh best!” But we both know that!

    • Hi Jeanne … Gosh, I sure hope not! I know … that’s selfish on my part since he’s the most absurd human I’ve ever encountered.

      But, thanks for reading and commenting … I appreciate your support.

  3. I thought Google prided itself in hiring bright people. Incredibly stupid demonstration by this guy. When you Google “idiot,” does this guy’s name come up? Maybe size 13 shoe size, but -13 hat size.

    • Hey “Snake” … thanks for the comment.

      His name used to come up when you Googled “idiot.” But now that he’s been canned, he’s no longer allowed to publicize his stupidity at their expense.

      As for hat size, I think you’re going the wrong direction … he’s a “pea brain,” so I think he’s more like a 1 1/2 not 13 for head/hat size. I bet, however, he has small hands!

  4. Your best piece ever. You tackled a serious subject and made hard-hitting (and valid) points, while not losing that fine humorous edge. Not an easy task! Well done.

    • Hi Rick … Thanks for the compliment.

      I read the dude’s 10 page memo and thought I was in trouble for the first 1/3 of it. But, like most guys he took a radical turn and plunged into the male pattern of “non-brain-function-thinklessness” and I was saved.

      Why can’t guys just shut-up and do the work? We should limit our opinions to sports, beer drinking and in your case, running marathons … but leave “human behavior theories” out of it … especially when they apply to women!

      Appreciate your support.

  5. You are going to disregard this comment.
    The writing is good.
    Graphics are stronger than words tho.
    The graphic upsets me. It upsets me very much. I wince looking at it.
    My sense of humor at this time requires more subtlety than a large arrow tipping the hem of a skirt.
    Yea. It’s just my take…

    • Hey, Rz … Thanks for reading … Sorry for the delay in my response … I never disregard a comment.

      I appreciate the compliments … you’re correct, graphics in my blogs are usually based on and stronger than the words. Mari finds all my graphics.

      The skirt hike is a Time Mag cover indicating the attitude the Silicon Valley Bros have about the women working there. Yes, it’s insulting and your reaction is exactly what it should be … and is designed to produce.

      Nerds and Geeks can be misogynistic a-holes in spite of their degrees and science/techie brains.

      Thanks again for checking out my blog and posting a comment.

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