Oh My … 45’s* still with us! …………………………………………………………… (*Many now refer to Trump as “45” … not President.)

I was desperately searching for non-45 related blog ideas trying to break free from the “He-who-shall-not-be-mentioned” malaise fogging my brain, reducing my food cravings, and maximizing my urge for self-destructive behavior.

I found some non-sciencers who think the solar eclipse is the “Devil’s Spawn.”  Potential fun there.

The Smurf Village in Juzcar, Spain lost its right to be known as “Smurf Village” over a royalties dispute with Smurf heirs.  That’s sad … and seriously absurd.

I shelved TSA pat downs, shopping at WalMart without WalMartians, and the Underwear Guys as potential high level absurdities.

Sorry … but I can’t dodge 45’s self-inflicted Charlottesville non-Nuclear Holocaust.


Don’t ya just love it when he Trump-Dumps the script?

Over a three day span, 45 uncloaked himself as the racist-bigoted-xenophobic- narcissistic-halfwit we all suspected lurked under that orange mop of hair and falsely reported 6’3” frame.

He bobbed and wove his way through this past weekend’s white nationalist hate fest spewing his warped view of facts, history and intentions as he stripped himself … unfortunately before our eyes … butt-naked and became the self-declared emperor who has no clothes.

Except maybe for the extra long tie needed to hide his genitalia … which BTW, no woman in her right mind would ever want to grab.


The White Deploracists – I refuse to recognize them as “Supremacists” at anything – stormed Charlottesville ostensibly to protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue.  Dressed in paramilitary garb, armed with military styled weaponry, shields and combat helmets, they resembled Storm Troopers more than ordinary citizens coming to town to “voice their opinion.”

What I ask is … “Why did the Deploracists come to defend a ‘Loser’?”

Surely if 45’s already labeled John McCain a Loser … Bobby E. Lee’s gotta be a Loser, too.  He lost an entire damn war!

Harsh?  You ain’t seen nuttin’ yet.


People voted for 45 thinking he was the “Great Uniter” … he promised to bring all the big deal making biz folks into governing councils to “clean up the swamp.”

Hmmm … as of Wednesday, these Biz Leaders couldn’t get away, far enough or fast enough, from 45’s crash and burn false equivalency remarks, followed by his “hostage speech,” finished with his “Beat the Press” show.

“You’re all fired,” blustered a totally confused and flustered 45 just after receiving the mass resignation of almost 50 of our nation’s most prominent biz people.

They’d heard and had enough of 45 as the “Defiler in Chief.”


One thing about 45 … he’s consistent.

He’s at best diminished and at worst destroyed everyone who’s entered his penumbra during his seven incredibly long months in office.

Aaah … excuse me while I dream of 46!

Just sayin’ …

6 thoughts on “Oh My … 45’s* still with us! …………………………………………………………… (*Many now refer to Trump as “45” … not President.)

    • Hey, Oops … Just my opinion, but anything that makes “45” look like the pig he is is a good rendering. Thanks for reading and appreciating the “art work.”

      Until next week … I remain “seriously absurd!”

  1. You, sir, are libeling and slandering the very bedrock of our culture!
    Yes, I’m talking about 45! Or, the 45 rpm record, anyway.
    Back in the late1940s, RCA Victor had the same revelation Steve Bannon would have almost 70 years later: The attention span of the American public is roughly the same as a gnat’s. People wanted their music FAST. Kinda like cable news & Twitter today. So, in the immortal words of Chuck Berry, “Roll over Beethoven. Tell Tchaikovsky the news.” In about 2 minutes and 35 seconds, this and every other 45 you can think of, will be yesterday’s news.

    • Hey, TL … It’s tuff being a weekly blogger … I’m afraid that what I write to be posted on Sunday is “old news” by the time it’s posted. “45’s” news pace is faster than a 45 rpm … he headlines every day and the White House press corps can’t write fast enough to fact check, edit and publish before they’re “late news.”

      I’m just hopin’ that our 45 will end up with all the other 45s of the 1980’s … in the dumpster and the trash heap!

      Thanks for readin’ …

  2. The Defiler in Chief, Bobby E. Lee, and the White Deploracists seem to bring out your best work. Love the graphics, too. Thanks, Richard

  3. Hi GL … What an easy blog to write … 45 presents nothing but low hanging fruit that’s rotting on the tree! He’s media fodder every hour-on-the-hour.

    I did particularly like the phrases you picked out … I thought Bobby E. Lee was particularly fitting since all the boys I knew had the “double Southern name.” Seemed that school and sports were filled with Billy Bobs, Jimmie Johns and Donny Lees.

    Thanks for readin’ …

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