The “War on Christmas” is over!

Ho, ho, ho … “45’s” declared that the “War on Xmas is over!”

My Vision:

“45” appears in front of the National Christmas Tree wearing a flight jacket donning a military cap … arms raised in front of a banner declaring:

“I’ve Put the Baby Jesus Back in Christmas!”

“He-Who-Temporarily-Resides-in-the-White-House” is flanked by representatives from each of the service branches … decked in boughs of holly … and full battle regalia.

There is no Baby Jesus in a manger … no Baby Jesus swaddled in Mary’s virginal arms … no Baby Jesus gifted by Wise Men.

For sure, there’s no Rudolph in the scene.

It’s all about “45.”

My Reality:

Reporters at the Thursday evening National Tree lighting couldn’t help but notice that photos of the crowd size replicated the empty seats of “45’s” inauguration.

Maybe folks were busy with on-line shopping, or filling the malls spending wildly to keep the hot wheels of our economy spinning … eagerly anticipating their “big fat Christmas present” tax cut.


In lieu of a traditional ginger bread house, FLOTUS Melania opted for a replica of the White House constructed from 300 pounds of dough … featuring her signature wreaths.

Press representatives started a pool on whether the ginger bread White House was “gluten free.”

The Twitter-sphere was swamped with snarky comparisons to past FLOTUS gingerbread White Houses.  I’m glad we have nothing better to do than diss gingerbread houses … the least edible item ever baked.


At the Friday White House Christmas party for the press corps, “45” took two minutes to address his “friends in the media.”  He then spent another 2-3 minutes shaking hands with the FOX contingency before he left the party.

Noticeably absent were senior cabinet officials … though Kelly, Huckabee-Sanders and Conway did make brief “Merry Christmasy” appearances.

Also noticeably absent was any reference to the birth of the Baby, immaculate conception or concerns about newly dubbed “Turncoat Flynn” … though it was reported that the press practiced saying “Merry Christmas” aloud without fear of repercussions.


Yes … it’s that time of the year and I’m sure glad that I can run around my neighborhood wishing everyone a Merry Christmas while I …

Search the heavens for North Korean nuclear missiles …

Dodge illegal aliens sneaking into our country because we don’t have a border wall …

Prepare my bank deposit slip for my “big fat tax cut” …

and … BTW “45,” I really am tired of all the winning you promised me … I’m sooo tired of winning!

Just sayin’ …

4 thoughts on “The “War on Christmas” is over!

  1. Mon Dieu, bonne homme Richard! (And a hearty Sacré bleu, too!)
    Tis the season for giving….and the Grinch-in-chief and all his little Republican elves are just in a giving mood! They’re giving huge tax breaks to their ultra-rich donor friends while giving the rest of us….the shaft. Next on their wish list? Freeing us all from “socialism” by putting an end to Medicare and Social Security. Who wouldn’t want that after we paid into them for more than half our lives, right? Fa-la-la-la-la, La-la-la-la!

    • Hi TL … Bang … bang … That’s the sound of your hammer hitting the nail right on the top of it’s carrot top head! Right you are with your description of the Xmas Spirit of “45.”

      I’m sure not gonna bank on a “Yugge and Bigly Xmas Tax Cut” under my Charlie Brown-esque tree this year.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Great one, don Ricardo! You nailed “He-Who-Temporarily-Resides-in-the-White-House” and his belief that he is the promised one. As Tom stated above, Mon Dieu!

    • Hi GL … Thanks for reading … “45’s” big giveaway is for his own family and friends … he sure isn’t giving anything of value to the rest of the food chain … I’m still in shock with the Alabama race and our new pedophile headed for the Senate! “Deplorable” is being kind when describing him and his supporters.

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