That “Special Place” in Hell is Very Crowded!

Ivanka Trump started it the other day with her catchphrase that placed Judge Roy Moore in a “special place in Hell.”

There’s a lot of anger in our world today.  And thanks to Ivanka, pundits, Op Ed’ers, reporters, political contributors … just about anybody and everybody writing/talking about politics in the USA has applied Ivanka’s message about Hell to everyone they want to insult, denigrate or disparage.

Like Ivanka, I have my own list of folks who I think have earned a place in that special residence.

I can hear you now … “Oh, Please Richard … please show us your “short list.”


#1 … The “Christian Soldiers” who fight assiduously to have “Creationism” taught in public schools … as scientific fact.

#2 … That one smartass in the movie theater who sits behind me, thinks he’s a cinema critic, and insists on a running commentary … stage-whispered for the benefit of all.

#3 … The “science nerd” who made it impossible to remove the following “stickers”:  the UPC code, the “Made in China,” the small price tag that comes apart in 4-6 smaller pieces.  And if you can remove them, the glue residue is there forever.

#4 … The four or five guys who kicked my ass all over the parking lot of Murray’s Mau Mau Lounge in Miami (1963).  Angry and hateful!

#5 … Dickheads who take a cell phone call just as they get to the head of the “whatever-window-in-the-whichever-line” I’ve been standing in for the past 30 minutes.

#6 … Anyone over 18 who still wears a baseball cap backwards.  BTW, it’s a scientific fact that they lose at least 30 IQ points for doing that!

#7 … The person who initiated the procedure of keeping my food under a “heat lamp” and then telling me it’s still fresh … when what he was really doing is refusing to hire more wait staff.

#8 … Anyone who doesn’t appreciate all 31 one of the movies starring Elvis.

#9 … Anyone who sees value in the “collected works” of Gwyneth Paltrow … especially her cook books.

And … now for the drum roll, please:

#10 … Anyone who thinks the “Me Too” movement is a fad rather than the harbinger of lasting socio-cultural change.

Yes … Hell’s getting Moore and Moore crowded.  Who’s on your list?

Just sayin’ …


8 thoughts on “That “Special Place” in Hell is Very Crowded!

  1. Bravo Herr Huss! My first thought was to suggest adding Joe Pedott and his Joseph Enterprises Inc, the makers of Chia Pets…and Chia Trump…to your list.
    Then, however, Doctor Google intervened!
    It seems the fuzzy green sprouts that “grow” out of Chia Trump’s head are botanically known as “Saliva Hispanica” and getting anything hispanic to sprout out of the Donald’s head – that isn’t related to wall-building – is BRILLIANT.
    So, let’s stick with your top ten list.

    • Hi TL …Whatever it takes for you to refute “45,” aka Trump, I’ll take it. Though I do think I’d like to be the proud owner of a Chia Trump with anything Hispanic growing outta it’s head!

      Thanks for reading my stuff … Merry Xmas!

  2. George Carlin is gone, but thank goodness we have you! This short list is way better than what I first thought I read – “please show us your shorts list” – ugh!

    Can’t wait for next week’s blog.

    • Hey Mike … rest assured that the days of “showing my shorts,” whether or not a list is involved, are long gone! Thanks for reading and sure hope Santa grants your Xmas wish!
      Me … I’m hoping for “coal in my stocking” to assist “45” with his coal miners recovery … To date I think he’s saved about 35 jobs in WVa.
      Thanks for reading …

    • Hey Henderson … Thanks for reading … Ivanka sure is a wanker … love your “Ivawanker” moniker … Have a wonder-filled Xmas!

    • Hey Hlavac … Double and triple on that check! I was surprised also … but according to Dr. Google, who is my expert on all my quiz show appearances, he starred in 31 and there were 3 “documentaries” in which he appeared … but not as an “actor.”

      Thanks for reading … May your Xmas be filled with “retro buyers.”

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