Seriously in need of perspective …

Kaboom!  Kaboom! … fireworks explode …it’s the end of 2017 and the start of the New Year.

Slam that door on 2017… what a relief … a horrendous year!

Oops … we’re only seven days into 2018 and gobsmacked over the “fireworks” encountered.

Where to start?


For sure The Weather Channel has overtaken the Dark Web as the source for threats to humanity.

As if we didn’t have enough to worry about with whose “nuclear button is bigger,” the riots in Iran, and “45’s” complete disregard for Russian digital attacks, we also started this weather year off with a “bomb cyclone.”


Two words you never want to hear, “bomb” and “cyclone” … and when they form a compound word … grab your ass and run for cover!

Meanwhile the good folks at The Weather Channel repeatedly scream that more than 125 million people are threatened by this bomb cyclone … Ouch!


On to Hollywood where we’ve got guys running around with their dicks in there hands yelling, “Now what am I supposed do with this damned thing?”

At the Golden Globes, the stars decided to dress in black showing solidarity for the “Me Too!” movement.  Good!

Better, would be to change the “red carpet” to black!

But I’m most concerned about the announced remake of “Cleopatra” … that Taylor-Burton classic.

“Dirty, bloody and lots of sex” … the words currently used to launch this extravaganza.  Promo I see … “Antony & Cleo get it on in 3D!”

Glad to see that the moral boost from Me Too! hasn’t raised the bar too high in Make Believe Land.


I’m not even gonna try to go for “Fire and Fury,” Michael Wolff’s … BTW, great name for a literary hit-man … latest dose of Trump-life.

“Fire and Fury” … hmmm.  Haven’t we heard that phrase before?  Korea?

Is it just me, or do others see a connection here … Trump-Bannon-Wolff … lotsa money … Best Seller … mega publicity … three big time narcissists?

For “45” and 2018, it’s apparently just another day at the Trump Reality Show Circus.

If there is a merciful media god … who BTW has the biggest reality button … the show and the nuclear showdown will be cancelled midseason.

Just sayin’ …

10 thoughts on “Seriously in need of perspective …

    • Dear Fan … or Fanette … Thanks for the reply … always enjoy hearing from a Reader.

      I did spend time as a young adult shoveling horses**t from stables! Maybe that’s what has qualified me for such a lofty compliment. It was very “Zenlike” work and I did develop my own system for doing it. I know, “What a surprise!”

      Thanks for your support …

  1. Damn! And here I was thinking “bomb cyclone” was just a description of what happened to my closet…after I ripped through everything I own desperately searching for something warm to wear last week….Clearly I need to pay closer attention…and read more Seriously Absurd blogs!

    • Hey TL … Glad I’m not a shirt in your closet! And, “Yes,” I always benefit when you pay closer attention to my blogs!

      Two words you never want to hear: Bomb & Cyclone … Three you always want to hear: How about another____________? You fill in the blank!

      Thanks for all your support …

    • Happy 2018, Grover … Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Just look at me as your 200+ pound Ever Ready Pink rabbit with a really loud drum. I know … it’s not a pretty picture!

  2. Seriously absurd, Richard, but not as absurd as the “Trump Reality Show Circus.” You said it…follow the money. Chispas!

    • Hi GL … Sure hope our 2018 roller coaster is a smoother ride than we had in 2017!

      Mueller will follow the money and follow the lies … sure don’t ever want to sit across the table from him. I think Trump will be “diapered up” instead of “lawyered up.”

      Thanks for reading and for your support … Abrazos

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