Seriously Stupid is Alive and Well … For Now


The “Non-Thinking-Male-Teen-Near-Human-Species” enters the scene … every cell phone’s locked and loaded … set to take a video later placed on YouTube.

An “I dare you!” is uttered from his subspecies admirers and a “Challenge” is accepted.


It could be …

“The Gallon Challenge” … chugging a gallon of milk, sometimes more … mostly harmless with a lot of vomiting and “laughing over spilled milk.”

“The Cinnamon Challenge” … throwing a heaped spoonful of powdered cinnamon into your mouth … results in a very dry mouth, hacking, coughing, vomiting and risk of inhaling more cinnamon into your lungs than most folks eat in an Airport Cinnabon.

“The Salt and Ice Challenge” … salt down a body part and then ice it and hold tight … results in rapid freezing leading to frost bite and 2nd degree burns … no vomiting but lots of urging on to “feel the pain” … no hand-churned ice cream to enjoy later.


But this Tide Pods thing … that’s something else.

I think it has to do with guys’ genetic structure and having to prove exactly how stupid we can be … on any given day.

The “Tide Pods Challenge” … like other YouTube challenges, appears to be mostly a young teen male dominated act of stupidity.


I can understand a toddler grabbing the highly colorful squishy appealing looking detergent pod and biting into it.  That’s what toddlers do … they satisfy innate curiosity … “Oooh, colorful … tactile … in the mouth it goes.”

And there have been ample tragic news accounts of the dangers and consequences.


But in spite of all these warnings, the aforementioned male-teen-subspecies soon to be scary adult, responds to the dare by grabbing at least one Tide Pods and popping it into his mouth.

Encouraged by screams of glee while forgetting what little brain power is functioning, the male teen chomps on the chemically loaded pod immediately falling on the floor writhing and screaming for relief.

All cell phones are kept tight on the Grand-Idiot-One who will end up on YouTube and ultimately may or may not end up in an ER.


Thank the gods adults are around … and some think this isn’t a great Challenge.

Tide has taken to social media using New England Patriot’s Rob Gronkowski as a spokesperson … “Gronk” points out that slurping Tide Pods is more stupid than playing in the NFL without your helmet.

YouTube and Twitter have taken down all video and messaging related to the “Tide Pods Challenge.”

Now, if they could just get behind the stupidity of selling automatic military style weapons, we might be okay.

Just sayin’ …

12 thoughts on “Seriously Stupid is Alive and Well … For Now

    • Hi Steve … There are serious genetic flaws in males’ mental decision making … doesn’t matter whether it’s teens or later years … Somehow many of us see ourselves as indestructible … until we aren’t. That usually happens when you jump from the roof and halfway down say to yourself, “This is gonna hurt! Thanks for reading …

  1. Let’s not forget the viral classic “douse yourself with a bucket of ice water.” Doesn’t matter that it was for a good cause – which I can’t remember right now. Whatever, man.

    • Hi Janet … “The Ice Bucket Challenge” for ALS … I do remember some folks saying, “I’ll just write a check, thank you!” If I remember correctly, they were all women … Hmmm

      Thanks for reading …

  2. If you want to plumb the depths of stupidity try this: Nikolas Cruz took an Uber ride to the Parkland high school….CARRYING HIS AR-15 AND AMMO BAG…and the adult driver didn’t think that was odd.

    If you’re looking for GOOD NEWS about today’s teens, consider Douglas High sophomore Sarah Chadwick’s post to the man in the White House: “I don’t want your condolences, you fucking piece of shit, my friends and teachers were shot.”

    • Hi TL … Yep … I wondered how he made the Uber ride without arousing suspicion … probably could break the AR15 down … but he did the shooting and was arrested in a maroon short sleeved T-shirt so i supposed he rode over in that get up.

      Watching all those teens is awesome … Personally, I think it bodes well for our future that a large number of teens 14-18 are more intelligent and can express themselves better than the current temporary resident in the WH.

      Thanks for reading … and for your support.

  3. Sorry. I have to (again) applaud some Florida teens.
    Emma Gonzalez, a senior at Douglas, said at one of the funerals Saturday:
    “The people in the government who were voted into power are lying to us. And us kids seem to be the only ones who notice and are prepared to call B.S.
    “Companies, trying to make caricatures of the teen-agers nowadays, say that all we are are self-involved and trend-obsessed and they hush us into submissions when our message doesn’t reach the ears of the nation, we are prepared to call B.S.
    “Politicians who sit in their gilded House and Senate seats funded by the N.R.A., telling us nothing could ever be done to prevent this: we call B.S.
    “They say that tougher gun laws do not prevent gun violence: we call B.S.”
    “They say a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun: we call B.S.
    “They say guns are just tools, like knives, and are as dangerous as cars: we call B.S.
    “They say that no laws would have been able to prevent the hundreds of senseless tragedies that occur: we call B.S.
    “They say us kids don’t know what we’re talking about, that we’re too young to understand how the government works. We call B.S.”

    • Hi Joy … I think you’re right … these kids have a handle on the problem and won’t let go until they have achieved their goal. They’ve latched onto the support systems already in place for other large movements and now have some big money behind them … Let’s hope they can make a difference … the adults in Congress sure have not!

  4. UGH! In another universe, Tide Pod Challenges and the coming need for all to carry a weapon would be absurd, seriously!

    Sadly, in this universe, they ain’t.

    When I went to search for some Tide Pod Challenge info, I clicked on a page with a news story illustrated with a picture of a white male teen, mouth open with a Tide Pod lightly grasped by his thumb and forefinger poised to enter his mouth. Here’s what rubbed ME … the image has a Scripps Media copyright … and no one with Scripps Media thought about how this image might be perceived.

    • Hi Mike … Yep … the adults behind the photos I saw were clearly non-thinkers, too. I wonder if there are a few law firms nosing around to see if there are liability options here … Wonder how YouTube gets away without having any responsibilities for the earlier postings …

      I did think the “Gronk” appeal was a good one … direct about how stupid a kid can be. Thanks for reading …

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