Trump announces “National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month” April Fools?


The slimiest sleazebag sexual predator riding the streets in a bulletproof limo has announced that April is “National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.”

It’s almost as if President Dickwad is using himself as the motivator so we can be aware of the magnitude of this problem.

I wonder how the women he’s already assaulted feel about having their own special month.

And befitting this social media president … he announced his proclamation via Twitter.


The opening statement from the White House proclamation:

“Sexual assault crimes remain tragically common in our society, and offenders too often evade accountability. These heinous crimes are committed indiscriminately: in intimate relationships, in public spaces, and in the workplace.”

WTF … this reads like a playbook for Trump and his assaults.  “Evade accountability …  heinous crimes … committed indiscriminately?”

Whoa!  Did any of the White House Bozos read this f**king statement before they released it?  It’s clear the Head Bozo didn’t!


Who told our Predator-in-Chief this was a good idea?

Hope Hicks is gone.  Melania’s not speaking to him.  Ivanka’s pissed because he compares her to the women on his sexual assaultee list.

He’s got no wife beaters left in the West Wing.  But he’s let it be known he wants Rob Porter to boomerang back.

The Seriously Absurd’s crack staff learned that the idea for this “special month” was solely another of the “no-brain-impulse-moves” from 45 himself.


The fact that 45’s a p***y-grabbing-assault-denier-uninvited-kisser doesn’t seem to matter.  He’s desperate to show the world that … as he stated in his campaign … “I adore women.  No one adores women more than I do.”

He knows the best way to clear his name is to spend a month publically tweeting and holding Fake News announcements about Infrastructure Week, or North Korea, or that Beezos guy who’s younger and richer than he is.

Then while we’re distracted … he can declare himself a “Champion for Women.”

Bring back Omarosa … please.

Laura Ingram’s sure to have a good word for him … maybe Trump Enterprises can advertise on “The Ingram Angle.”

Michael Avenatti reportedly spit coffee across Wolf Blitzer’s interview table discussing this latest sexcapapade.


But here’s the Real News … in 2009 President Obama was the first president to proclaim April as National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month.

Aha … the supreme motivator for Trump!  It’s to trump President Obama … no matter how stupid he looks doing it!  Sad!

Just sayin’ …

2 thoughts on “Trump announces “National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month” April Fools?

  1. Look at the bright side, Ricky Ricardo!
    Maybe next month will be “Let’s Hit China Where It Hurts” month with huge new tariffs on trivial little things we buy from them like insulin, epinephrine and the raw materials used to make roughly 8,000 other commonly used pharmaceuticals and well as manufactured medical items including pacemakers, implantable orthopedic devices such as artificial hip & knee replacements…WHAT COULD GO WRONG WITH THAT?

    • Hey TL … Thanks for reading … I’m for drying up the import of lead painted toys for toddlers … or piss ’em off enough that they call all of Trump’s loans due! But then, I have that weird sense of humor thing going for me … Appreciate your support …

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