“This just in …”

Now that ‘45 has scuttled the North Korea summit, we at Seriously Absurd international headquarters wonder about the following:

Will the Nobel Peace Prize score card remain at … Trump zero, nada, zilch, a big empty bag of windy threats … Obama one?

Word in DC is that Kim canceled the meeting several days ago … ‘45’s “Dear Kim Letter” is a feeble attempt to save his wrinkly, orange, face-lift-face!

Will Trump Enterprises put the commemorative “non-summit” coin on EBay as a   “yuuge” and “biggly” deal?  A tasteless grand display in the lobby of the Trump International D.C. would work, too.

‘45 claims that any war in Korea … which is now inevitable … will be paid for by Japan and South Korea … they’ll be billed as soon as he collects from Mexico.

Michael Avenatti displayed a new commemorative profile coin of Trump & Stormy!  According to Avenatti, “Finally, the Orange Blob in the White House had a good idea!”

‘45 demands new Nobel category … “Tweet Lit!”  Calls for his immediate nomination … and, to close further names for consideration.

Eric and Junior already in talks with Kim for new Trump Towers in Pyongyang.  For Trump Deplorables … that’s the capital of North Korea.

Did Trump confuse Kim Jong-un with that “other Kim” … Kim Kardashian?

Trump books golf foursome for June 12th in case Kim wants to reschedule … he’s already booked!

What do we do with the 18 dumbest members of the House who nominated our “Grand Diplomat” to the Nobel committee … who now stand with Nobel Egg all over their collective faces?

Where’s Dennis Rodman, the true “Kim Whisperer,” when we need him?  Maybe Rodman should’ve penned that “Dear Kim Letter” … it would’ve been more coherent!

Word in from Norway … there’s a popup street party tonight … wild celebration led by the “Nobel Peacers!”  Trump to be burned … unfortunately in effigy.

Without a summit meeting, ‘45 has plenty of time, between golf outings, to meet with Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.  Rudy’s ecstatic … eyes bulging and crossing more than ever as he paces and chants, “He’ll sit … He’ll sit … Praise the Lord, he’ll sit!”


But wait … Breaking News from the Looney Tunes North Korean leader!

The Trump-Kim Mega Nuclear love fest may be … could be … sorta possibly be on again.  Who knows?

Could the “No Nukes-Yes Nukes” reality show be renewed?

Stay tuned and expect a “You’re Fired!” from either side in the season finale … and hope it doesn’t involve nuclear missiles.

Just sayin’ …

6 thoughts on ““This just in …”

  1. Dear Mr. Funny guy,
    If we ever met I don’t know. But at least we are connected thanks to an old FPC boyfriend. Bill Cobb told me about the list that led to your funtastic writing blog. Though I have no blog, reading and writing are my two favorite activities.
    Alas, unlike you, I cannot include booze on the list as it does nothing for me. Have you heard about the acid underground? Never tried it but before I saw this post I was ready to set out on that trip. You saved me.
    Seriously absurdly grateful little River Maggie.

    • Hi Maggie … I’m sure we met, though I don’t think we hung out in the same circles … I’m very glad, however, that Cobb re-introduced you to my writing … and I appreciate your support … Thanks for reading … and for commenting … HUSS

  2. Ah, Richard….you’ve done what “the failing New York Times” has so far (pardon the redundancy) failed to do! You’ve solved the Rosetta Stone of Trumpian foreign policy! Just say the word “prize” (Nobel, Booby, Door or Consolation) and Herr Hair will jump through hoops….or toss someone else thru ‘em….to try and get one! Who WOULDN’T want someone like that negotiating a nuclear disarmament treaty? Pyongyang parcheesi here we come!

    • Hi TL … thanks for reading … it appears that the “on again-off again” summit is on again … just stroke Trump’s ego and he’ll follow you like a panting puppy craving more attention.

      Can’t wait to see his reactions when they give the Nobel to the two Koreans! I’m sure Trump’ll demand that our JDept elf start another investigation into the corrupt and failing “Nobel Conspiracy!”

  3. Sunday Morning, awaiting Tropical Storm Alberto, how good to receive Our own” fpc/ MtDoras- Carl Hiassen “ World update… especially since it gives you the opportunity to do mixups with Dennis Rodman & Kim Kardashian’👍
    Thanks so
    Kay Boylen

    • Hi Kay … How many people do you know who can work Kim Kardashian, Dennis Rodman and ’45 into a coherent sentence? Can’t wait for the “One Day Summit” to take place … seems like a lot of tax dollars going to provide a photo opp for the midterms!

      Thanks for reading … and for your comment!

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