She’s Baaaack …

Roseanne’s gone.

But, never underestimate the power of money and greed filling the troughs of media capitalists.   Her critically acclaimed TV series may continue.

ABC got a glimpse of just how marketable Trumpists and Trumpism is in today’s USA … and will not retreat quietly into the Trump Night.

The high octane hate fuel of Trump and his “Believers” means money in ABC’s coffers.

The problem with “Roseanne” the show was … Roseanne, herself.

The crack TV research group at Seriously Absurd discovered ABC’s new approach to keep the spirit of the “Roseanna-dannas” alive … without exposure to Rosanne.


The pitch has been made to ABC execs.  The 300+ person Roseanne troupe’s clued in and they’re openly excited about keeping their jobs.

The idea was not rejected out-of-hand.

SA’s been told that ABC leaders sniff a money stream that can be resurrected.  Though not at the level of shouts … murmurs of “yowza, yowza, yowza” were heard in the executive suites after an initial meet with writers.


Simple plot fix … the problem with “Roseanne” was not the topical nature of the scripts or the dialog carried by the dysfunctional Connor family.

“All we needed to do,” mentioned an exec … on condition of anonymity … “is to get rid of Roseanne.  Everyone loves the family.

“We’ll write her out … opiod overdose … we already introduced that in season one.”

Writers described a funeral scene and subsequent sorrow filled flashbacks of her more acceptable TV widower, John Goodman.  Even her rabid “Nasty Woman” sister could shed a few tears as she eulogized an approachable more humane Roseanne.


“We can appeal to the groups we’ve alienated,” said an overly enthusiastic writer.

“After this ‘Roseanne BS’ blows over, we’ll bring her back … as a ghost … cameo appearances.

“Hell … ABC’s got Whoopi Goldberg under contract.  We’ll get her to play an eccentric psychic … just like her Oscar winning movie role in ‘Ghost.’  She’d be the buffer … a Black, liberal female … the perfect foil with an ally in Rosanne’s sister, Jackie.

“Whoopi could offer Rosanne guidance … you know … make her a softer-gentler version of herself.  Hell, maybe we give Whoopi an occasional soliloquy … kind of a spiritual medium’s “socio-cultural-but-not-too-liberal-soapbox.”


There’s always a way you can capitalize on what’s wrong … and make some money while doing it.  Hmmm … wonder if Sonofi … maker of Ambien … would be a sponsor?

Just sayin’ …

8 thoughts on “She’s Baaaack …

  1. Now THIS is Seriously Absurd!
    Okay, maybe not as absurd as Pat Boone releasing a ‘heavy metal’ album back in 1997…..but it’s in that same zip code, anyway.
    Clearly nothing should surprise any of us anymore.
    Well done, Richard!

    • What should surprise us, TL, is that ABC actually did give thought to continuing the show with Rosanne Barr … I think an Ambien overdose could be more realistic than Opiod!

      Pat Boone doing heavy metal is nothing new … he stole and remade all his hits from Black singers who couldn’t get their records played by the white DJ’s of the time … they slowed the music down, smoothed out some of the lyrics and made it more beebop than soul-jazz and Boone was the darlin’ of the Bobbysoxers …

      Thanks for reading …

  2. Yikes! I missed the whole thing. Probably best to keep it that way, eh?

    • Hi Gail … If you’re gonna miss something, Rosanne’s brief self destructing debacle was a good thing to miss … she was crass before and she was worse the 2nd time around …

      Thanks for reading and commenting …

  3. the prez sez WORSE stuff…
    not couched in clever kindof comic verbiage

    • Hi RZ … not only does the Prez say worse stuff, but he does worse stuff … and no one ever said the Pres is verbally clever … thanks for reading and commenting …

  4. Re: Sonofi (Ambien manufacturer).. I saw a tweet the other day, purportedly from Sonofi, along the lines of “Racism has never been one of the side effects of Ambien”. If they really did respond this way, well done.,

    • Hi Courtney … That was a real Twitter reply by Sonofi … I thought it was indeed a clever reply to Rosanne’s pathetic excuse for her behavior …

      Thanks for reading and commenting …

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