The Russian is coming … The Russian is coming!

Hooray for our current White House “Orange-Toddler-in-Residence.”

He’s unleashed yet another sex-politics-guns-threats, and “tricks-for-treats” sex-capade from the political slime swamp he calls his presidency.

Before the FBI’s through with this secret agent sex adventure, ‘45 may wish he had stuck with this not so simple Helsinki riddle …

“How much would, would a Would-Trump chuck, if a Would-Trump would chuck would … or wouldn’t?”


A week ago Mariia Butina … a sexually trained Russian agent aka “The Red Sparrow”… was unknown.

Unless you’re in the FBI … a Republican operative … a congressman … ranking member of the NRA … spokesperson for the Evangelical Movement … a member of Trump’s campaign team … a conservative radio host, columnist, blogger … or anyone with information to trade for a scramble-in-the-sheets.

She was destined to be America’s next great sex obsession … picking-up after Stormy Daniels stormed the West Wing and our capitol’s inner-sanctum!

That was before the FBI dropped on her like a bloated sack of Rooski kaka … now Mariia and her cute “Butt-inski’s” locked up nice and tight.


She’s a 4.0 Master’s Degree graduate … in “International Relations.”  You can’t make this s**t up!

According to her FBI indictment, her international relations included screwing her way into the Evangelical Movement and gaining invitations to not one, but two National Prayer Breakfasts … prime political connection platforms for wanna-be foreign agents.

She also repeatedly thrust herself on high ranking NRA officials claiming she was a “Russian Gun Right’s Activist.”  They must’ve been thinking with their “one-eyed-brains” … since they failed to comprehend there are no gun rights in Russia … unless you’re in the military or FSB.

She banged into her U.S. operation with “U.S. Person 1” … Paul Erickson, described in her indictment as a South Dakota “GOP political operative.”


Maybe Erickson wasn’t the best choice for her planned takeover of the NRA and the Trump West Wing.

His political activism reads like a MAD Magazine article … including a stint as “media adviser” for the infamous John Wayne “Almost-Dickless” Bobbitt … another American household name.

Erickson’s kinda the laughing stock of South Dakota … where there’s allegedly more stock than humans.  Dakotans describe him as a taller and physically less appealing Leonardo DiCaprio … the scam artist in “Catch Me if You Can.”

Law suits piled up against Erickson read like a poor man’s list of Bernie Madoff ripped-off, pissed-off investors.


Mariia may have a 4.0 GPA from George Washington University … she may have a degree in International Relations … but she sure doesn’t have it when it comes to choosing her male door openers into U.S. politics.

Just sayin’ …

8 thoughts on “The Russian is coming … The Russian is coming!

  1. On behalf of Moose & Squirrel fans everywhere, I’d protest this column on copyright grounds, but – apparently – life does indeed imitate art. Seems we’re now living in a live-action “Rocky & Bullwinkle Show” complete with a real, live Natasha Fatale…Though I have to wonder if Ms Marlia got the “Russian Gun Rights” thing from Fearless Leader – who was obviously just ‘Putin’ us on – or from Captain ‘Wrongway’ Peachfuzz. Still, kudos. Comrade Huss! (Is it time for some Boris Badenov vodka? On the rocks?)

    • Ahha, Comrade Lloydavichskioff … you caught me with my red drawers down! I do indeed drink Badenov vodka … reserved for the Ruski elite as it were … not bad on the rocks with beet juice and a squeeze of lime …

      We refer to it as the “Borscht-atini” …

      As for “copyright grounds,” the only grounds I recognize are “Covfefe grounds” a la Comrade Trumpskivich!

      Thanks for reading …

    • Me neither, Mike … but I do appreciate your reading it!
      We got no place to go but up and onward!

  2. LOL as usual, thanks, Richard! Of course they continue to give you great material, and you do a fine job of playing with it.

    • Hi GL … Thanks for reading … I wish I could say it gets “better and better,” but it appears to just be getting “more and more.” When I read that Comrade Mariia gained a meeting with a member of the Fed, I realized that she’s not just a grad student at GWU … she’s more than likely a well trained real deal spyski of the Russian ilk … time will tell as will the FBI, in this case … the fact that she’s held w/o bail tells you some folks think she’s the real deal.

  3. Ditto what he said. Lee I mean.
    Which part is true?
    Enjoyed the cartoon.
    Thanks for the in your face humor.

  4. Ditto what he said.
    Lee I mean.
    Thanks for the in your face humor, a strength I appreciate as that is an attribute I do t possess.

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