“I’ll have a pepperoni pizza … extra cheese … oh, and a new set of ears, please.”

3D printers are here … and they work.  Consternation, outrage and “OMG-we’re-going-to-destroy-ourselves” are building.

Maybe right-wing-reactionary-crowds won’t focus so much on wiping Hillary & Helen Keller from Texas history books … or ripping out the “magic pages” from Harry Potter library books … or during the Holidays, continue the freedom-fight to yell “Merry Christ-Mass” at Jews walking to Synagogue.

With 3D printers in the wrong hands … or maybe they’re the “right hands” … we’re sure to witness yet another major cultural upheaval.

Mary Shelley … as ye be rolling in your 1851 grave … make way for the “New and Improved Frankenstein!”


It isn’t much of a leap of faith to move from 3D pizza … molecular constructed   vintage wines … and vegan beef … to bridge the creation abyss of real life and human creation a la Dr. Victor Frankenstein … who crudely stitched stolen body parts together to create his “new life.”

Creating “life” as a lab experiment is here … and we’re surely not ready for it.


In the 3D Frankenstein Realm of created body parts, we already have human ears … maybe President Obama would be interested in a less Dumbo-like set.

The Dutch recently fitted a woman with a full-sized-see-thru skull … which didn’t look a bit like an NFL helmet.

And IKEA’s teamed up with gaming folks to 3D print chairs for those addicted fulltime gamers who suffer from “numbass.”  Their butts’re scanned … then a 3D printer builds a butt pad based on exact replication of their ass contours.

Another contribution to better living … or at least fewer hemorrhoids.


And we all know who’s vitally interested in 3D printer replications … of himself.

Seriously Absurd has it on good authority that Nixon’s bowling alleys are gonezo … replaced by a flock of 3D printers running amok in the White House basement.

Under the guidance of none other than “Mad Doc Ronny Jackson” … erstwhile and disgraced Physician to the President … 3D’ers spit out various and sundry body parts … based on you-know-who’s DNA, cells and blood.

It’s only a matter of time before Robert Mueller won’t know who to charge … the House won’t know who to impeach … and the Senate won’t know who to convict.

The stage is set for the Mother of all 3D Nightmares … occurring right under our taxpayer noses … emerging piece-by-piece … it’s “Frankentrump.”


I rarely pray … but I am now …

Just sayin’ …

9 thoughts on “Franken-trump

  1. Did someone chow down on, say, some leftover bratwurst, a quart of ice cream, a few bowls of Jello sprinkled with bourbon-flavored bacon bits and a half a jar of olives before going to bed and dreaming this one up?
    Life is scary enough as it is. And I, for one, could do without visions of multiple Trumps tap-dancing their way onto the already fragile synapses of my brain!

    • Hey TL … love the idea of bacon-flavored bourbon bits … oops, you had it the other way around! Thanks for reading …

      The woman with the see thru skull was really a good-look-see-thru … I love the idea of bringing old Frank back without those ugly bolts in his neck … and stitches all over his body holding him together … Elmer’s glue all the way for the future … it’s only a matter of time.

    • Hey Jim … big or otherwise … thanks for reading and replying … If I can’t entertain you or get you to at least chuckle, I’ll settle for scaring the beejeesus out of you!

      Sweet dreams …

  2. Way too close to reality to be “seriously absurd.” Thanks, Don Ricardo, for making me even more of a worrywart!

    • Hi GL … sorry about that … I guess thinking that more than one Trump could be wandering around the “hood” is a pretty scary thought … never fear … it’s beginning to scare me, too so I’ve “cooked up” something different for a while … Abrazos …

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