The Lob-stah Pot …

Life’s falling apart in Maine … the State of hard-rock-logical-thinkers … down to earth farmers … “ya cahn’t get thaih from hearh” direction givers … and of course, Steven King’s throat curdling life threatening horror novels!

“Yeahup” … that Maine.

Home of Maine lob-stah … the lob-stah roll … lob-stah Thermidor, Newburg, bisque … or any of the bazillion other ways to serve the red crustaceans.

“What?” you say.

Rock-bed Maine falling apart?  Tell me … tell me more!


Before you report me to PETA … or call my therapist … or my wife … let me offer you a disclaimer about, Maine lob-stahs and state drug laws.

Maine has lob-stahs in abundance … Maine is also somewhat-quasi-nearly-okay with recreational pot … and, Maine has a lot of lob-stah pots, too.

So it’s evident that Maine, lob-stahs and pot or pots, all work together harmoniously.


Is it any wonder, therefore, that at least one zany Maine restaurateur … for those of you who are not conversant in menu French, that’s “a person who owns or is known to be in the restaurant business” … has blended all three of these ideas into one news grabbing, Maine shattering moment.

So relax all you believers that animals of all sorts/kinds feel our pain … if only we could feel theirs.

You now have a new idol to follow … Charlotte Gill, owner and head chef at Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound.

This leading Maine-iac culinary artist‘s “smoking” her lob-stahs by placing them into tanks of cold water infused with “Maryjane-reefer-marijuana-dope-pot” smoke.

According to Gill, she thinks a stoned lobstah is a happier crustacean as it’s plunged to its inevitable end.


I’m just a simple Florida Boy who don’t know nuttin’ about Maine type lob-stahs.

But it’s quite possible that this is a waste of good Maine dope.

What we need is a “lob-stah whisperer” who can determine a level of “lob-stah happiness.”  Otherwise we should let Charlotte live in her own web of humane treatment of lob-stah … regardless of whether they “feel pain.”

And … just a thought … if we can produce vintageless wine via molecular analysis and reconstruction … and 3D print edible pizza … why don’t we concentrate our collective scientific thought to spare those real and alive lob-stah and produce “fake” lob-stah for our culinary lob-stahphiles?

Besides … when was the last time you complained about the fake crab meat in your Sushi?

Just sayin’ …

8 thoughts on “The Lob-stah Pot …

  1. Thanks so very much
    Great way to start the weekend,Riichard!
    Unfortunately just make me really want
    Lobster Rolls 🙃

    • Thanks for reading and commenting, Kay … The best part of a lobster roll is the mayo on the soft bun! Unless you’re in Maine where it’s the butter on the warmed but not toasted bun!

      IMHO lobster (Maine) is greatly overrated and over priced … I do love the sweeter, more tender FL lobster tails …

  2. This lobster pot story is seriously absurd and just what I needed after reading the newspapers today! Thanks, don Ricardo.

    • Hi GL … glad I could brighten your day … Yes, it’s been a horrendous several weeks with our complete and utter lack of moral leadership in DC … I really did enjoy Mari’s lobster with the joint … she won’t reveal her sources for the art work …

      Appreciate all your support!

  3. Kudos, Bubba Huss! A most excellent piece! Though, like Kay, I’ve now got a serious case of the munchies for a (smoky?) Maine lob-stah roll!

    • TL … thanks for the comment … see Kay for what I really think of Maine lobster rolls … who knows, however … maybe a stoned lobster would be more tender and might just give me a bit-of-a-buzz …

    • Hi Gail … Thanks for reading and commenting … there isn’t a pot big enuf for us to boil all the DC politicians that need a good cleansing hot bath … maybe we should just make them all smoke dope and then discuss the business of the nation! Might make more sense.

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