Old Fogey Tut-tuts?

Oops … there aren’t enough bathrooms.  And …

They dress differently … act differently.

They’re not “respectful” … especially their language.

They don’t understand their roles … their places … they try to get ahead without serving their time.

They don’t understand … that’s not the way we do it here.

Who are “they?”

They’re the new women on the block … or rather, in the House … and the Senate!


In one instance, a new House member was told by an elevator operator when she entered, that “the elevator was reserved for members of Congress only.”

Evidently her dressed-down appearance coupled with her gold sneakers wasn’t the haute couture the operator was accustomed to seeing on his elevator for “the gods of Congress.”

Oh well … we learned in the ‘60s with long hair, no bras, facial hair and bare feet … that our appearance did not always meet the standards of those who controlled the access barriers … like elevators … or classrooms … or churches … or government buildings.


And there’s that ubiquitous “language barrier” … frequently used to keep newcomers in their places.

That one was smashed like a jet breaking the sound barrier when yet another new female … at a private fund raiser … uttered the MF word applied to our current temporary White House resident.

Don’t ya know the tongues wagged on the Hill with that major wash-your-mouth- out-with-soap faux pas … in spite of the potty mouthed expletives that roar out of the sewer mouth of DJT … that’s Donald John Trump.

At least she’s from Michigan and not some “s**t hole country.”


Oh my … we move right on to that “Dancing Rep” … Alexandria Acasio-Cortez … who thankfully has shortened her moniker to a catchier and easier … “AOC.”

Her detractors thought it would be clever to expose her dancing style and technique to the alt-right … who’er still struggling to master a Lawrence Welk polka.

Shades of blocking the lower part of our TV screens when Elvis Presley hit the stage!  It’s the Devil’s Dance … that’s what it is!

I guess the evil of swiveling hips will cause brain damage to those madcap-MAGA-hatted Trump voters if exposed to the likes of AOC dancing in the House!


Yep … it’s time to make way for the newcomers on the scene.

Time for change.

And finally time to add more women’s bathrooms to the antiquated House.


I bet you never thought I could make an “infrastructure reference” in this!

Just sayin …’

6 thoughts on “Old Fogey Tut-tuts?

  1. I vote for ALL unisex bathrooms in Congress. Let’s see how long the geezer brigade can keep their legs crossed…. maybe that Depends!!!

    Keep ’em coming Richard! good job, again

    • Huh! Michael … clearly you’re a subversive agent for some totally un-American agency … “People who pee together are a clear and apparent danger to the moral fabric of our fine country.”

      You should be ashamed of yourself in spite of the fact that you’re offering a very reasonable cost effective way for our elected officials to avail themselves of releasing bodily fluids … and is some cases, solids.

      Thanks for reading and placing an ad for “Depends!”

  2. Possibly that last sentence could be tweaked.
    How ‘bout “in-for-her-structure”?
    (Hey! Congress should look like the country as a whole and that’s exactly what’s starting to happen. YAY, VOTERS!)

    • Oh my, TL … You’re not going to lure me into making any comments about “her structure.” So, there’s no possibility that I’ll be twerking any thing … much less my last sentence!

      It’s just a matter of time that our elected bodies will match our real bodies in life and our government reflects the reality of our population … But progress sure as s**t is slow!

      Thanks for reading and your support ,,,

    • Hey, Rick … Thanks for readin’ …

      Maybe what they’re saying is: “Wow … I think we opened the wrong door. Dis ain’t no party … dis is a gaggle of fuddy duddies?

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