“Not in my House!”

(“President” Trump refuses to address House Speaker Nancy Pelosi using her title.  He refers to her as “Nancy,” which is just another indication of his denigration of powerful women … so we should address him as “Donny” … instead of my usual … “s**t-for-brains.”)


Well … it’s settled!

There’ll be no presidential delivery of the State of the Union Address until the Union is once again … unified … open for government business … providing security, support and services for its people.

It’s because Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi has gone where no Republican dared to go …  she stood her ground against our current tantrum-throwing-temporary-tenant in the tax payers’ White House.

OMG, Donny … where’s Paul “Gutless-Trumpass-Kissing” Ryan when you want him?


And when … acting like a petulant 5-year you tried to barge into her House uninvited … Mama Pelosi jerked you up by your size XXXX tighty-whities.

“Swoosh” … was that a “Presidential Wedgie?”

“Whoa!” commanded Speaker Pelosi as she issued her “Address Diss-Invitation” to Donny.

And just like every competent mom when faced with an unruly child, she followed her initial command with a firm, “Hold your horses, Buster!”

Clearly Nancy let Donny know that she’s the “new sheriff in town.”

And according to that pesky ole historical document called “The Constitution” … the House is her domain and she has every bit as much power in our government as he does!


Now we can say, “Hi, Donny … welcome to your first lesson in middle school Civics … the one where you should’ve learned about the “checks and balances of our federal government.”

And Donny … guess what?  You’ve just been “checked and balanced” by Nancy.


Oh … and when she does invite you to deliver The State of the Union Address in the House Chamber … the surprise in the “Nancy Cake” isn’t gonna be a “pop-up-porn-star.”

It’s gonna be a House packed with invited guests representing the 800,000+ federal employees you personally furloughed, made work without pay, and buried under mountains of stress and anxiety as part of your personal reality TV series.

Episode 1 – “My Government Shutdown … Episode 2 – “The Buck Stops on Someone Else’s Desk” … Episode 3 – “Where’s Mitch?” … Episode 4 – “Soup Kitchen Food’s Good for you” … and Episode 5 – “Might be Canceled?”


Oh … one additional bit of advice … Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House.  That would be Her House … and a co-equal branch of our government.

Addressing her as “Madam Speaker” might just be a good idea if you want to keep the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Just sayin’ …

10 thoughts on ““Not in my House!”

  1. Bravo, Richard! And may I add that if slapping mortar onto cinderblocks along the Mexican border was such an all-fired “emergency” maybe he-who-shall-not-be-named SHOULDA tried to do it when the GOP controlled BOTH houses of Congress. But even then there were enough responsible Republicans – a phrase I rarely use -who knew that border barriers are a dumb idea….kinda like telling unpaid, furloughed federal workers to “take out loans.”

    • Hey TL … Appreciate your support … it’s gonna be fun watchin’ good-ole-whats-his-name work his way outta the hole he’s dug for himself this time. I think he’s just simply gonna say, “Hey … a wall’s a wall’s a wall! And support his own delusional wall … he’s already claiming the repairs to the existing wall/fencing/rock piles are like building a new wall …

  2. This was a perfect example of why you do NOT negotiate with hijackers. I am mightily sorry that so many had to live through this…we got caught in the Gingrich shutdown and believe me, even that short one was scary. But I am proud of my Speaker for standing her ground.

    • Hi Laurie … Thanks for reading … That makes two of us who are proud to “be with Speaker Nancy” … I’m just curious to see where the dimwit takes us from here … and, I sure wish Newt would go join his wife in Vatican City and be 2nd fiddle for the next 2 years!

    • Hey, Logan … Thanks for reading and commenting … if only Donny Boy could hear “her pipes” a calling … then maybe we’d be better off if he listened to her … or any one other than Rush or Ann …

  3. More, more like this one, Richard! I had given up hope at being able to laugh at the situation in DC. Thanks!

    • Hey GL … it’s sure getting tougher to laugh at the debacle in the WH … I’ll miss him once we nail ’em, but it’ll sure be quiet and calm for a while once he goes …

      Glad I could spark a bit of laughter … more to come

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