Could Orange be the New Black … Face?

This just in …

Seriously Absurd reports a vast movement sweeping the US … apparently a spinoff fueled by the Blackface appearance of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring.

In support of public racists … latent racists are moving “out-of-the-closet” popping up wearing “Orangeface.”


It’s the “Rage” and the White House is … enraged.

Stunned Republicans called for the impeachment of Nancy Pelosi … and the appointment of a Special Investigator to get to the bottom of this clear and present danger.

Democrats have been spotted sneakily snickering in committee meetings … and in town hall meetings … they’ve been forced to wear Depends fearing they’ll wet their pants in glee.

According to one Congressman, “For the first time in 2½ years we’ve got something to be happy about!”


Delivering their opening monologues in “Orangeface” … Late Night TV comics experienced ratings tsunamis.

Recognizing an opportunity … Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper launched their latest solo-duet … “You might hate me in Black … but you’ll love me in Orange.”


Special KKK rallies supporting these new racists have sprung up throughout the South … with Klanspeople dancing manically in their new “Orange Rally Robes” around huge bonfires stoked by blazing orange flames.

Not wanting to be left out, counter protesting Black Lives Matter groups are busy hanging “Orangeface” effigy dolls from balconies, tree limbs, yard arms, flag poles, and bus stops.


An orange food coloring shortage has Amazon scrambling to fulfill orders.

To keep up with the 1000’s of daily requests, Amazon employees have suspended participation in all office pools related to the size and identifiable markings on Jeff’s dick.

One Amazonian was quoted as saying, “We’re psyched … it’s like we really have a purpose now.  Everyone deserves to have a viable supply of orange coloring that’s safe to ingest and easy to use.”

On condition of anonymity … another Amazon worker said … “We’re 100% behind Jeff’s Dick Wars against Pecker’s Pecker.”


SNL favorite Alec Baldwin steadfastly refuses to disclose his source for his trademark “Trump Orangeface.”

According to Baldwin, “It’s a closely held NBC secret.  Even if you water-boarded me … I wouldn’t reveal it.”


The national leadership of the NAACP states that they see no racial implications for the “Orangeface” rage.

According to one spokesman, “We’re aware of only one person with an ‘Orangeface’ … and frankly we don’t care what you do to insult or embarrass that Motherf***er.”


Yes, Virginia … there is an “Orangeface” … and it’s definitely replaced Blackface.

Just sayin’ …

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  1. Thanks, Lee … I appreciate your reading and commenting … I think our current temporary tenant in the White House was more fun to poke at when he was really an orangeface … he’s become more mainstream with his lighter complexion and less orangey hair … thought I do like his fat and his longer ties to try to look more “sleek.”

    You can’t cover up “mean.”

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