Do I “Spark Joy?”

There’s a seismic shift in the works at our house.

Doesn’t have anything to do with tweeting … new presidential candidates joining the fray … border walls, barriers, slats or fences … New Green Deals or Green New Deals … Bezos’ genitalia or Robert Kraft’s sexual predicament.


It does have to do with “the best gifts come in small packages” … and this one definitely does.

Say “kon’nichiwa” to the diminutive lady from Japan who has lit a fire in our house … and houses across the nation, too.

Her name’s Marie Kondo … her code name’s “KonMari” … she’s become the “Tidying-Up Goddess” of America … and has introduced her Shinto-Japanese art of de-cluttering and organizing to our western world of stuff addiction.

It involves “sparking joy!”


According to the Goddess of Minimalism, it’s all about reversing your process of living.

Say what?

You’re telling me my happiness now requires that I throw my personal P-R-N-D-L into reverse?  Why not just tell me to stand on my head while juggling eggs!

That’ll give me a new perspective … on cleaning up.

But … like all “I’ve-got-the-answer-you-didn’t-know-you-were-looking-for” gurus, Kondo reassures us that it’s really very simple.


Hey … this isn’t my first rodeo … I’ve moved 12 times and I’ve got no problem tossing stuff into the ever growing landfills of American Consumerism.

In my mind, it’s just “stuff.”

Enter KonMari … and with one phrase she confronts the eternal question:  “What stuff gets pitched?”


Marie Kondo says it isn’t just throwing stuff away.

The KonMari process is all about selecting the stuff that stays … and in the process transforming your environment from living amidst mind clogging stuff that needs to be dusted … tripped over … vacuumed … into only the stuff that “brings you joy.”


You can forget the dumpster exercise when you ask yourself a seemingly simple question … “Does this possession bring me joy?”

If “Yes” … it’s earned an honored place in your world.  If “No” … thank it for its service and send it to someone who may “find joy” in it.

You’ve now created an environment where you dust and fuss less … and enjoy more.  You’re now in KonMari’s win-win world.


Oh … BTW, you might want to make sure you’re a “Personal Joy Sparker” in your newly clean and de-cluttered home.

That way you won’t find yourself in a bag destined for the local Thrift Shop … or standing outside peeking through the window with a forlorn ”not-sparking-joy-look” on your face.

Just sayin’ …

4 thoughts on “Do I “Spark Joy?”

  1. Or….you could go straight to ANOTHER source of JOY with a much more familiar name: Proctor & Gamble. Yes, P&G still makes JOY, a lemon-scented hand-washing dish soap… though if you’re still hand-washing your dishes, odds are good that DOES NOT spark much joy in you.
    It is, however, fairly easy to spark joy without throwing anything away. Pour half a bottle of Hendriks gin into a cocktail shaker with ice. Have someone at the far end of the house whisper the word “vermouth” and then pour the ice-cold gin into a glass. Garnish with olives and drink. THAT sparks joy. And ya get to keep all your stuff because after a second such martini, walking all the way to the dumpster is just way too much of a hassle. QED.

    • OMG, TL … you’re beginning to sound like a hoarder unless you’ve already adopted the lifestyle of a minimalist … I do agree that a Hendrik’s Martini can cure just about anything … but you’ll never master the KonMari recommended folding of your clothes after 2 Hendrik’s … it’s just too precise!

      Thanks for reading and commenting …

  2. Rich, you are joy, and your and Mari’s home is a friggin’ joyatarium. Your house has so much joy it’s in the realm of dog whistle joy…in other words, way beyond the normal senses, only picked up by those who either come from another planet or drink a lot (Tom, your comment cracked me up!). So, stop cleaning and making it even more joyful. You’re making us look bad.

    • OMG … It’s California Janie! Thanks for reading and commenting … and special thanks for recognizing the beauty Mari has brought to our home.

      So far she’s “KondoMari-ing” her clothes … finally! The women at The Cat Protection Society (Saving the cats one-by-one) are thrilled … so far about 20 bags of clothing … which hasn’t seen sunshine in years … have been delivered.

      You are right on that our home gives us too much joy to part with any of our possessions at this time … thank the gods!

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