Stalin… Pickup Trucks … Socialism … Hamberders The Green New Deal

What’s green, new, backed by the first year democrats, and has the GOP scared outta their geriatric skin-folds?

It’s the Green New Deal (GND) … initiated by AOC and the “Wild Bunch” who’ve hit DC shakin’, rattlin’ and rollin’.

They have ideas … they’re impatient and expressing themselves “out of order” …  they’re not “doing their time” in Congress first.

They skipped the “Old White Male Rules of Congress” … lovingly referred to as the “OWM” … a copy of which was in their orientation pack.

And, guess what?  They’re not gonna read it … except in the bathroom … and only for Yuks!


As soon as AOC went public with her Green New Deal, she was attacked with a barrage of well researched, scientific, economic, and political theories based on solid reason and deep thought.

Say what?


Mitch “The 5th Ninja Turtle” McConnell plans to rush the GND to the senate floor where he hopes all 2020 presidential candidates will vote “Aye” … and self-immolate right in front of their senate desks.

Hey “Ninja Mitch,” are you aware that 58%-65% of all American voters support doing something about the disastrous effects of climate change and treating it as  “reality” … not “Reality TV?”

Say what?


Meanwhile our “Liar-Liar-Pants-on-Fire” White House Tenant addressed CPAC and attacked the GND with this literate barb … “No planes.  No energy.  When the wind stops blowing, that’s the end of your electric” … later claiming “they want to take your car.”

When a massive study conducted by his own administration publicly stated that climate change poses a dire way-to-near-term threat to our future … the WH Tenant dismissed it with, “I don’t believe it.”

Say what?


Claims that DNC socialists are playing into Stalin’s hands … the “cold dead ones” … and want to take away your pickup trucks and “hamberders” … a reference to methane farting cattle … one GOP “Funditz” compared the GND to a watermelon … “green on the outside … deep, deep communist red on the inside.”

Say, what?


A Fox News contributor … yet another oxymoron guilty of moronic thinking … claimed that the “GND would lead to cannibalism … because we could only eat carrots and lettuce.”

Say, what?


Not to be outdone, “Happy-go-Lucky” Ted Cruz … the new GOP standup comic star … quipped that he hoped PETA would support the GOP now that the DNC wants to kill our cows.

Ha, ha, Ted … PETA’s already all over your killin’-‘em-with-pain-slaughter-house farms … watch out what you wish for!

Just sayin’ …

One thought on “Stalin… Pickup Trucks … Socialism … Hamberders The Green New Deal

  1. Ah, Maestro Ricardo…every time I get conned into a poker game I want a “new deal” too. But since no one ever seems to get dealt a hand as awful as mine, eventually my money ends up going to live with others. That, oddly enough, is also the very essence of government. Every New Deal, Square Deal or any other “deal” has a price but these freshmen (and freshwomen?) in Congress haven’t done a very good job explaining how we might benefit from this NGD. You know: Dollars and sense. A chicken in every carburetor. Whatever.

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