“Sex, Lies and Video Tape” What not to do while staying at Mar-a-Lago

Thanks to the wonder of the Internet, everyone now knows of curious and nefarious links between Florida’s Orchids of Asia Spa … its founder Li “Cindy” Yang … and Palm Beach’s  Mar-a-Lago … and its owner President (aargh I hate to say that) Trump.

As a dues paying member of the elite Mar-a-Lago greed obsessed set, Li Yang,  apparently star struck, posted a selfie … Trump prominent in the background … at the Mar-a-Lago 2019 Super Bowl LIII party.

Meanwhile, no one seemed to notice how loosey-goosey and relaxed Patriot’s owner Bob Kraft appeared in his owner’s box at the big game.

It wasn’t obvious what his elixir of calm was … but it wasn’t about a “drug of choice.”

According to the “instant replay and the video tape,” Kraft apparently participated in an “au naturel $59.95 Happy Ending” … offered at Orchids earlier that same day.

Sadly for those of a slimey disposition, a discount package for the “Full and Complete Services” offered by Orchids … including free transportation … is no longer listed on the Mar-a-Lago handout … “Things to do during your Mar-a-Lago stay.”

After the story about Kraft broke, one Patriot’s player said that Kraft pulled a Mafia styled disappearing act … or maybe a “Where’s Krafto?”


Not satisfied with potential investigations for human trafficking, prostitution, kidnapping, tax evasion and money laundering … an undaunted Li Yang expanded her business endeavors by apparently setting up “Biz Meets” with ‘45 using her personal China connections.

For a fee … of course.

The legality of her “Trump connection business” is now under investigation … along with a host of Manafort-like schemes … referred to in the halls of the DOJ as the “Full Manafort Fraud Package.”

Sniff … sniff!  The stench of the intertwined DC Swamp Swimmers ’45 promised to get rid of reaches all the way to Florida’s East Coast.


I’m just waiting to see ‘45’s name in print next to Jeffrey Epstein’s after the re-investigation of Epstein’s sex trafficking and serial child molesting West Palm Beach legal debacle.

To get the latest on those “party sex-oramas” involving the rich and infamous with under aged girls … just ask Dr. Google about “Alexander Acosta” … the ex-federal prosecutor who let Epstein and others walk … who is now a member of ‘45’s Cabinet … and  who may soon join other Trumpites looking at us from behind bars.

And the cells?  They’re getting crowded … Karma really is a Bitch!

Just sayin’ …

4 thoughts on ““Sex, Lies and Video Tape” What not to do while staying at Mar-a-Lago

  1. Hey! You keep picking on Bob Kraft and he might stop making Swiss Cheese! What fun! Thanks.

    • Hi Michael … thanks for reading and commenting … like all good fabulously rich guys who are used to getting their own way, Bob Kraft can’t handle being told he’s a mere mortal and must obey the law. Too bad, so sad!

      Looks like we ‘re gonna get to see him publicly shamed if he goes to trial like he’s said he’ll do. The Palm Beach authorities have also denied him a “private trial.” Looks like it’ll be the “public stocks in the town square” for his little side blow jobs! Tut, tut.

      BTW … wrong Kraft for Swiss cheese … but I bet you knew that.

  2. A new meaning – with a minor spelling tweak) – to the expression, “Arts & Krafts”?

    • Hi Tee L … Yep, looks like we’re gonna get to see more of Bob Kraft than was revealed to his masseuse … he may have to “go public” with his trial. I bet Mr. Arts & Krafts will reverse his earlier decision and take the plea deal … I was soooo looking forward to a cameras in the court room public humiliation of the Old Man.

      Thanks for reading and all your support …

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