Trump … The Final Scene … I had a dream …

Dateline 2030 … Moscow … RT and Fox News exclusive … invitations sent worldwide.

Trump Tower Moscow lobby … a Russian flag and MAGA hat draped casket lies “in state” … closed.

Full military dressed dictators and ruling strongmen sit in the front rows … no “s**t hole countries” invited.

The crowd gasps … Trump, dressed in his personal powder-blue-fake-military-uniform, rips through the top of his casket … non sequiturs stream from his mouth … he’s shouting “No collusion” … “No collusion!”

His pale chubby little fingers bang at his cell phone sending posthumous tweets as he staggers stiffed legged Zombielike through his hotel’s faux gold lobby.


Putin leaps to his feet and exclaims, “There’s no way we can stop him.”

When asked if US tax payers were on the hook for “Dead Donald’s Presidential Tweets,” Putin retorted, “Someone’s gotta pay.  We ain’t a bunch of Socialists.”


The Javankas are represented by Ivanka … free after her 48 month sentence in a federal pen.

Jared has 3 more years to go … but was granted permission to view the funeral on a special prison feed.


Back in the USA … actors in the longest running sitcom since “Big Bang Theory” … “At Home with the Conways” in its 10th consecutive season of live broadcasts … paused for 30 seconds of reverential silence.

Kellyanne, her head bowed, listens as husband George reads his final tweet to the audience … “Finally, our long national nightmare is over.”


Mika and Joe … newly crowned MSNBC Hall of Fame Pundits … break from their torrid on set pseudo-coital gazes just long enough to disavow any attempt on their part to posthumously further the myth of Donald Trump.

Joe reminds everyone … “Way back in 2015, we were the first to disavow Trump’s suitability for public office.”

Fake News Banners immediately stream across the bottom of television screens.


Fox and Friends sit glumly on their now tattered 2019 couch … dabbing faux tears … wondering aloud about their ratings if the Ex-President cannot somehow continue his constant diatribes.

They’re praying as loud as mullahs in the mosques for Trump to find the cosmic energy to continue his tweets from beyond the grave.


In his Delaware home … Joe Biden struggles to his feet and faces cameras … “I’m seriously considering my candidacy for 2032 … all indications are positive … I’ve finally outlived everyone who remembers my atrocious voting record.

“I’m the only candidate who can win … I promise you … this time it’s for real!”


Suddenly I get that middle-of-the-night-urge … wakeup and trundle to the bathroom.

Just sayin’ …

6 thoughts on “Trump … The Final Scene … I had a dream …

  1. OMG, Richard! I TOLD you never to mix your “orange sunshine” with your “purple Owsley” after munching on peyote buttons and drinking psilocybin tea…but did you listen?
    Apparently not.
    But the good news is ya definitely passed the electric kool-aid acid test with this one.

    • Aha, Tee L … only you can weave a Ken Kesey “Electric Kool-aid Acid Test” reference into “Seriously Absurd!” Are you sure you weren’t one of the Merry Pranksters?

      Thanks for reading and as ever, pushing my blog one step “higher” with your comments.

  2. Hilarious, Richard! You are a seer extraordinaire. Loved this one and the graphics.
    Thanks for making my Sunday morning.

    • Hi G.L. … Too bad this was only one of my convoluted dreams … Thanks for reading and for all your support … It’s gonna be difficult jabbing my finger in the eye of politics when we get a “real president.”

      Until then, stay tuned … the comedy of errors is still in full swing … unfortunately.

  3. LOL! Your opening was pure Fox Gold, or is it faux geld?

    Hey! I’m just reporting … YOU decide!

    • Hi Mike … thanx for reading … actually I think it might best be “Faux Fox” … mispronounced as “Fox Fox.”

      “Geld” is a word I rarely use around me … and other men … unless of course your typo resulted in “geld” instead of “gold” in which case all this reply was wasted … except for the “thanx.”

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