Lucifer backs the meatless movement … Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

The meatless gangs … nee Vegans …  roaming amongst us sure have created a maelstrom of negativity.

I’ll spare you all the “Vegan Facts” like better for the environment … better for your own health … better for the animals in our food chain … and it tastes good, too.

But there’s one group of folks who are literally in a state of near riot over the recent spate of meatless products.

They’re not a bunch of cattle driving, calf branding cowboys shooting up the sheep herders to preserve their way of life in the now Less-Wilder-New-Old West!

Nope … we’re dealing with Evangelical Christians who believe in their fundamental heart-of-hearts that not eating meat is the equivalent of the eighth deadliest sin.


Enter stage left … oops … scrap that … enter stage right.

He would be Right Wing Pastor … “The Rev of the Political Right” … “The Get Right with Christ” TV Host for those believers who pray with hands glued to their flat screens … the host of his own TruNews Wednesday night broadcasts … the pastor of Flowing Streams Church in Vero Beach, Flori-duh … Rick Wiles.

Wiles “steaks out” his position:  Meatless meat is a “Luciferian plot to get people to fall from God’s graces.”

Corporations will soon be selling nothing but plants denying you God’s natural creation … be it Bossie or Ferdinand on-the-hoof … the Little Red Hen … Bo Beep’s sheep shank … or one of the Three Little Pigs.

And when you partake of the plant based food foisted on you that looks, smells,  and tastes like meat … you’re headed right down the path of sin … batta-boom-batta-bing … the slippery slope to Hell.

In other words … Wiles believes “manufactured meats” are the 21st century version of the new “gateway drug.”


When you buy this “fake meat” you’ve entered the nightmare world of corporations who “play God” and feed you only what’s “grown in their own laboratories.”

These godless corporations want to “bring more people to Satan.”  For what purpose?

According to Wiles’ theory … if you can call it “theory” … when you eat lab grown plants, your DNA is changed … and overtime you’ll become subhuman.  Because you’re no longer human, you are no longer “eligible” for Jesus’ salvation.

And since you can’t be saved … you ain’t headed to heaven to sit at the right hand of God!


Holy shit … since I’m neither Vegan nor am I Christian … my theory is that I’m “saved.”

I’ll drink to that … pass the vodka, please!

Just sayin’ …

4 thoughts on “Lucifer backs the meatless movement … Don’t say I didn’t warn ya!

  1. Great funny commentary Richard LOL it’s just common sense you know vegan and Pagan sound about the same right

  2. What’s it coming to? As a centrist Republican (not a Trump voter) and a 10 year vegan it’s getting lonely out here. These evangelicals want to eat stuff that died screaming. Next thing you know they’ll be eating pussy cats.

  3. I was gooing to spar you that yore speelin is riley terbile but Hell.. Badda Bing Badda boom is mure Korwreck But any way you spill it iss FUN!!!!

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