“Trumpography” … his world really is flat

Fact checking the daily-hourly-minute-by-minute displays of ignorance emanating from our “Rent-A-President” and his gang of Flat Earth governing imposters has become a fulltime job.

Last week … Flat Earth worshippers let out a “Whoop” when “Trumpography” reared its ugly alternative-fact head in the US State Department.

Mike Pompeo … current Bozo of State … sandbagged a leading NPR radio reporter … Mary Louise Kelly … with a private pop quiz on Eastern European geography.

Matching his West Point Military Map Reading course against her master’s degree from Cambridge in European studies … he demanded she locate Ukraine using an unmarked map … no Alexa … no world atlas … not even a AAA Trip-Tik.

Then with his trademark s**t-eating-chauvinistic-know-it-all-sneer … he publically trashed Kelly … implying she’d pointed to Bangladesh.


January 2020 … At a rally in Atlanta using his own special Trumpography skills … our “Bet-you-can’t-guess-what-I’m-gonna-say-now-leader revealed that Belgium and Brussels were interchangeable as city-and-country … depending on whether Brussels is a “hellhole” or “Belgium a beautiful city.”

Belgium has never been a city … and no world leaders … as well as most 7th graders … have ever confused Brussels the city with Belgium the country.


October 2017 … During his state visit, India’s prime minister … expressed concern to our “Font-of-Geographical-Ignorance” about China’s activities in the region.

The Font’s response?

“It’s not like you’ve got China on your border” … responded our very own contemporary Marco Polo … completely unaware of India’s existing 2,500+ mile border with China.

At least he didn’t add … “I can get Mexico to pay for your wall if you want to keep out ‘disease-infested-drug-smuggling-murdering-rapist Chinese immigrants.’”


October 2019 … OK OK … it’s a big world with a lotta countries.

But what about USA Trumpography?  Surely our Dumb F**k President knows about the America he’s busily “Making Great Again?”

Guess again, Frodo!

In PA at a rally … he talks about how we’re gonna win New Mexico by building a wall on the NM border … then adds we’re building a big beautiful wall in Colorado, too … a wall no one can get over or under.

But don’t worry … just to reveal his infinite Trumpographical knowledge … he adds that we’re NOT building a wall in Kansas.

Aaah Trumpography … simply a stunning example of the power you wield when you have such a complete grasp of Trumpographic Alternative Facts.


Just sayin’ …

6 thoughts on ““Trumpography” … his world really is flat

  1. This would be funnier per the the SAS [Seriously Absurd Scale] if not so frightening. Write on.

    • You’re right, NBR … I have trash bin full of “Trumpblogs” that were too painful to send out … the man really is “spawn of the devil!” Thanks for having the courage and taking the time to read and respond … just for the record, he is also a complete imbecile!

    • Aha! It’s the old Suzanne Pleshette line you’re a usin’ on me! The only way to tour Europe … at least in the late 50’s … Thanks for reading, TeeL …

  2. tip o ‘ the iceberg. (& with the crumpster’s regulatory policy that’s all we’ll have left) in terms of geography, i wonder if he knows his own zip code. because he is so yuge he probably has his own.

    • Too bad the tip’s covered with orange-colored hairy ice … my hope is he ends up in Epstein’s zip code … 6666! You’re also right that he can “air mail” a letter from his left ass cheek to his right ass cheek! What a beautiful thought …

      Thanks for readin’

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