Finally … Proof that Women are NOT “the Weaker Sex”

We now have definitive proof that men … not women … are the weaker sex.

Suck-it-up Fellow-Buttercups … thanks to COVID-19 we men now face the proverbial … “Houston we have a problem!”

COVID-19 is kicking male-butt up to twice as often as females’ and … unlike our White House Leader … the numbers don’t lie!

It’s true.


We’ll rule out that the gnarly little virus is gender specific.

But then … we do have to face that men actually may be that stupid when it comes to rules, laws, requirements … or maybe even suggestions about … their behavior?

Hmmm … let’s start with some basics.


When is 6’ really 6’?

Ask any man and he’ll emphatically show you his idea of 6 inches!

But when we switch to “feet” … men suddenly become brain dead … and 6’ becomes 3’!

The CDC … and virtually every medical professional in the US, states that to help avoid COVID-19 we must keep 6’ apart in social situations!

But can men do that … Hell, no!

Just as they can’t tell the difference between 6” and 3” … the poor bastards can’t tell the difference between 6’ and 3’.


Let’s look at time … just as with inches and feet … men are hopeless when it comes to time measurements.

Example … “Whatya mean that was only two minutes?”

If we’re gonna apply the sex reference to washing hands … most men think 20 seconds is a f**king eternity.

Whatya mean I need to sing “Happy Birthday” twice … or Queen’s “We will rock you …” or, “Twinkle, twinkle, little star a couple of times?


Let’s look at another important task … gassing up the car.

For sure you don’t want to touch the filthy COVID-19 gas pump handle.

So … armed with Handi Wipes, I set out to do the “male thing” and went to RaceTrac.  Don’t even ask why I didn’t bring gloves!

Have you ever tried to wrap an effing Handi Wipe around the handle of a gas pump?

Don’t bother.  It will take you 15 minutes to accomplish a 3-minute task!  Remember … take a GLOVE … and USE IT!

Unless you’re still waiting for your backorder!


Folks … the problem is simple.

It’s not COVID-19 … it’s that we’re asking men to change their habits … and for the first time it really matters.

How hard can it be to admit and accept that we’re not immortal … that we might not be “right” … that we probably should change our behavior?

Evidently … pretty damn hard … because we’re catching and dying from COVID-19 at a way higher rate than women.


So … maybe the real question is … “Why do we bother to challenge women when they really do know how measurements & time work?”

Just sayin’ …


8 thoughts on “Finally … Proof that Women are NOT “the Weaker Sex”

  1. But Dickie….Ya coulda said the same thing far more simply.
    Maybe guys will agree to wear Lone Ranger masks – which won’t do diddly-squat to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus – but will remind us of our childhood when “Mom” took care of everything.
    Let’s face it: it’s MEN who will try to cram 14,533 super-sized packs of Charmin into the shopping cart while women will actually try to find food for the kids.
    That’s all the proof I need.
    Us guys are just full of s**t when it comes to any crisis….we just won’t admit it.

  2. Well known fact that two Xs are more resilient than an X and a Y….preemie girls have much higher survival rate than boys. I’m no anthropologist, but ponder that females needed to be tougher in order to keep species going….also reason why men are so randy….
    Just sayin’

  3. I really was starting to wonder about you since you’ve been so quiet recently,

    You haven’t changed one iota during the silent spell. Still putting it out there and I was afraid you’d fallen off a bar stool, cracked your Humpty head. And expired.

    Keep on keeping old man.
    An old woman fan.

  4. Glad to hear from you after a quiet period.
    Afraid you’d fallen off a bar stool and hit your Humpty head😎

    Another winner!

  5. Thanks for reminding us about a universal truth … you remain “absurd”

    More specifically this is where absurd is just the shorthand for, “has strange thoughts AND feels the SERIOUS need to tell everybody else about them!”

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