Stage Right … TV Docs to the Rescue

“Heigh-Ho … heigh ho … it’s ‘off to work’ we go ….” At least some US citizens have had enough of this COVID-Crap and are lined up … ready and willing … to return to thrills of the workplace.

It makes you wonder … are they more willing to face the spiky little viral terminator … or, the forever wait for promised relief that the Trump Administration has so far royally f**ked up and underfunded.

And if our “self-proclaimed-feudal-king” has his way … we’ll be off to work sooner than later … so he can claim “the fastest, biggest, best, most successful ever pandemic-recovery-in-the-history-of-our-country!”


To Hell with the fact that unless you’re already in the hospital being treated for C-19 … a celebrity or a politician … we have no clue who really has it … who doesn’t have it … and who doesn’t know whether or not he has it.

Who needs a pesky test to determine whether you’re a “wandering, globulating COVID-Carl or COVID Carol” … that’s just more “science gobbledygook!”

You’ll be at work … side-by-side … cubicle-by-cubicle … if some of you drop dead and/or infect others … so what?  People die every day and we don’t shut down!


Besides the only way Trump thinks he can win re-election and stay out of prison … is by jump starting “his economy.”

Remember his original campaign rally cry?  “You’re gonna be so, so tired of winning … all this winning!”

Now even Trumpty-Dumpty knows it’s a hu-u-uge stretch to declare he’s winning the economic battle when we have fewer jobs than we had before our last “Great Recession” … which OMG was pre-Obama!


To bolster his “Call to Work,” Dumpty-Trumpty arm twisted his two Reality TV Doctors to offer their “medical” opinions on the matter.

Enter stage “Right” … the Chief Medical Ass Kissers … Doctors Oz & Phil … longtime sufferers from “Celebrity Foot-n-mouth Disease.”

Oz at least wears a stethoscope and has an MD.

Dr. Phil bolstered his heartfelt care for our citizens when he declared that we tolerate the tragedies of auto accidents & swimming pool deaths and “don’t shut down our country.”

Dr. Oz … echoing his own high level of insensitivity … said schools are wonderful places for our kids to get a head start in life … and if we’re only losing 2-3% of them … it might “be worth the tradeoff.”

Hey Docs … sign me up for an appointment … can’t wait for you to prescribe a “ration of compassion” … what caring thoughtful people you are … NOT!

Just sayin’ …

6 thoughts on “Stage Right … TV Docs to the Rescue

  1. Silly Rabbit! Or Silly Richard! There is a far bigger fish to fry than “doctor” phil and the Whizzer of Oz……or the fact that even at the rate of testing Trump hailed Friday as “amazing” and “fantastic,” it would take almost 10 years to get all 330 million Americans tested….
    It’s the economy, stupid.
    When the FINANCIAL FALLOUT from giving billion-dollar bailouts to GOP donor-owned companies (compared to chump change given to mere citizens) we won’t be in a ‘recession,’ we’ll be in a DEPRESSION. A depression that could have been avoided if we had a real president and not one who just plays one on TV.

  2. Sorry, I’m forgetting what MD stands for in Dr. Oz’ case. Is it Mildly Deranged, or Mostly Deranged?

    Thanks for continuing to publish in spite of our Social Distancing – how did that term get adopted?

  3. Sadly, one of your best “columns”, if only because of the circumstances that led to the need for it. Once again, you poignantly express what many of us are feeling. It is scary to witness the influence these irresponsible television personalities maintain…

  4. Yes, Richard, while admiring your razor-sharp perceptiveness and writing skill on this one, I’m NOT laughing. It’s too tragic. But thanks for the glimpse into sanity in a world which is otherwise oriented.

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