The C-19 UV Disinfectant Mind Blower

Don’t know about you, but I’m having real trouble keeping up with that moron who has taken up residence in our White House.

I started three hilarious blogs this week that crashed and burned … all   because the dumb f**ker had to retract what he said, did, or lied about.

I think we’re in a rapid cycling manic mode where he changes the news before we at Seriously Absurd can make fun of it.

But just so you won’t lose faith in me … I’ve come up with my latest in cocktail creations … “The C-19 UV Disinfectant Mind Blower.”


It’s made from common household ingredients … mainly because I don’t know of a single household that doesn’t have vodka in it!

You will need to add your own personal UV lamp as a part of your bar accessories.  Surprisingly, they’re very easy to attain … even Wayfair has ‘em.

Choose from 109,000,000 offerings in .64 seconds thanks to the “Magic of Dr. Google.”


For best results you’ll need …

Yuuge etched Trump Profile glass

Biggly Red-White & Blue USA Stainless Steel Shaker

New-to-the-market Presidential Seal Anti-viral Disinfectant … choose from lemon/lime, strawberry or Concord grape flavor … 2 ounces

2020 Trump Keep America Great 80 proof made in China potato vodka … 3 ounces

Juice from ½ lime … drop crushed lime in glass

Top with a splash of Trump Kosher Seltzer imported from Bebe’s Beverages, Israel

Place glass with all ingredients under UV light for at least 15 minutes


Add crushed ice … and shake thoroughly … pour into your Trump Profile glass … serve with a Trump MAGA straw.

If you live to talk about it … call me.

Just sayin’ …

7 thoughts on “The C-19 UV Disinfectant Mind Blower

  1. You first. I’ll just stick to having tee-many-martoonies at happy hour and hope that when I wake up both Trump and COVID-19 are long gone.

  2. my plan for today: shoot some bleach, get a. mani/pedi, then go to the beach. i’m sure that will. be safe. .anyway, there are more important things than living!

  3. i ‘m not going to post my comment again–have tried twice already and i would hate to see three identical!

  4. Wait, who is feeding #45 the insider info on your blog-in-progress work? With all the quarantined folks flocking to Overlook Drive and Lake Gertrude, could someone be snooping while you’re dog-walking, or maybe your four-footed companion is filling an off-shore dog-treat account with illicit biscuits?

  5. Laughing at the seriously absurd nature of the presidents nature in this safe environment sure beats cry in’ the blues.


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