Fauci & Birx … in talks to return for your viewing pleasure

As soon as Tony Fauci and Debi Birx heard the White House pulled the plug on “The Donald Showcases COVID-19” … they entered into high level discussions of their own to launch a science based new “docu-series” … “Pandemic Rapid Response: Fauci & Birx.”

According to a major network … Fauci & Birx made themselves available when the Donald Trump Coronovirius Task Force released them from their daily appearance obligations … known in The West Wing circles as “The Donald Beats COVID-19 Staged Show.”


A West Wing spokes person refused to point to the show’s ratings free fall as the reason it was canceled.  The fact that viewership crashed right after The Donald started hogging the spotlight with his “mega-pearances” was also denied.

The anonymous source blamed the two doctors indicating “they just simply didn’t have the star power needed to keep pace with The Donald’s demands.”

According to The Donald … he wants a more dynamic-duo to move into the Fauci/Birx vacant slot … Drs. Phil & Oz are rumored “to have that inside track!”


The Fauci/Birx new docu-series format will showcase C-19 “Hotspots” throughout the US.

Given the COVID cases recently infecting two White House staffers and nary a mask to be found in the West Wing … the show’s premier might feature the Offal Office.

Fauci and Birx assure viewers that real science and fact based evidence will form the basis for each show.  We won’t take our material from use of infrared lights shoved up patient’s butts … Clorox Cocktails … Voodoo, Witch Doctors … or the now infamous “Plandemic video” … exposed on the Internet as “Fake Medicine.”


Cameo appearances by some of TV’s most loved doctors will add star power to the Docu-series.

Scheduled for the first show is Hugh Laurie … of “House” fame … recreating his role as an acerbic infectious disease expert whose brutal honesty and antisocial tendencies make it hard to determine medical truth from fiction!

Look for stars from other highly rated “TV Doc Shows” to beg their own cameo appearances.

Hmmm … maybe shows like “Doogie Howser” … “Doctor Who” …  and, the eternal “General Hospital?”


Word behind the scenes is that Tony and Debi will also schedule “real-life docs” based on their own years of successful hand-to-hand-combat in the infectious disease field.

This could be a “case where truth is stranger than fiction” … if it only could be our reality!

Just sayin’ …

4 thoughts on “Fauci & Birx … in talks to return for your viewing pleasure

  1. What can I say? The current administration’s bumbling, fumbling handling of everything related to this pandemic is no longer even remotely humorous.
    With upwards of 80,000 Americans already dead – and that total rising every hour of every day – it’s clear that when it comes to COVID-19, laughter is most decidely NOT the best medicine.

  2. Don Ricardo, you keep me prepared to handle the absurdity of the situation with your foreshadowing of events to come in this crazy T world. Mil gracias!

  3. Huss,

    Must say that you have outdid your best self this time out in the crazy world. Now that I’ve been here in this red state so long I can talk uneducated real good.

    Humor is the highest form of art in my humble opinion. If we cant make fun, let’s at least start Mother’s Day with a Bloody Mary.

    Where’s the bloody tomato juice? What, another trip to the grocery store?

  4. Offal Office!? Now that’s some winning that I won’t get tired of!

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