The eyes of Texas are upon you … Trump finally gets his “wall” … and his “street”

In today’s crazy, chaotic times we don’t have to look far or wide or hard to uncover “The Stupids.”  They pop right out from under their rocks with no provocation whatsoever.

The only state that can rival Flori-duh for the sheer stupidity of its citizenry and its governance is … you guessed it … Texas.

This week … “The TX GOP Stupid Virus-2020 (TGSV-2020)” … spread faster than its viral cousin … COVID-19!

Friday morning TGSV-2020 started when 5 Texas County GOP Chairs faced backlash for their racist FB posts concerning conspiracy theories calling the murder of George Floyd … a “staged event” financed by their favorite Anti-Semitic liberal whipping boy … George Soros.


By Friday afternoon, news sources reported that TGSV-2020 had spread to a total of 12 County GOP Chairs who had posted or shared the same or similar FB memes.

The outcry from GOP “Leadership (duh!) … was quick and based on their stupidity, demanded resignations from the “offenders.”

To date … none of the Chairs has resigned … none of the senior GOP Party officials who initially registered shock over the post and called for the resignations … has responded further.

It’s as if they’re wiping their hands as they walk away saying … “My work here is done … my hands are clean … my soul is pure.”


Desperate times call for desperate measures … and our newly crowned “Law-&-Order-Reincarnation-of-President-Nixon” has finally built his fence.

Mexico is not paying for it … we are … and it will not keep our borders safe.

It might help him feel less “fraidy-scared of the big-bad-protesters yelling ugly truths at him” … it looks like a Costco purchase delivered in sections tied together with plastic zip ties … no doubt “Made in China!”

White House Police could be heard chanting from behind it … “Built that wall!  Built that wall!”


Meanwhile … the Democratic Mayor of D.C. … Muriel Bowser … had the last word in the battle for control of the D.C. streets.

Refusing to be intimidated by diving helicopters … snorting mounted police steeds … unidentified para-military strongmen … Mayor Bowser brazenly changed the name of a section of 16th Street and Lafayette Square to “Black Lives Matter Plaza!

She boldly ordered city construction crews to paint the protest slogan in “Yuuge & Biggly Traffic Yellow” letters leading to the entrance of the White House.

That section of 16th Street now bears the motto …

“Black Lives Matter!”

Just sayin’ …

5 thoughts on “The eyes of Texas are upon you … Trump finally gets his “wall” … and his “street”

  1. Love it!

    I’m pretty sure #45 ordered the fence from “Fence Outlet” during a “Judge Jeannie” show commercial. I’m just hoping the fence works and keeps him away from the rest of us.

    Next week, I’m looking forward to seeing if GOP Senators can start being “more honest” with the concerns they “might hold internally”. After all, mental health experts agree that the first step to curing an addiction is being honest with yourself.

  2. Gracias, Hermanito,

    You really outdid yourself today. Thanks for honoring Mayor Bowser and her perfect response to the stupids there and here in Texas. BLM!

  3. You chose Texas over SC?
    I thought we were first on the Stupid list and last on the amount spent on education!

    Keep the news coming👍

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