Moses and Peter Navarro The Ten Commandments & Executive Orders

New ground was plowed in Presidential news coverage when Trump Presidential Assistant Peter Navarro stated on “Meet the Press” “….the Lord and Founding Fathers created executive orders because of partisan bickering and divided government….”  Say what?

Before a gob smacked Chuck Todd could recover, Navarro faced the cameras saying … “Here’s a friend of mine who found himself in a similar situation when he faced bickering and divided tribal governance.

“But did he let it bother him?  Get him down?  Stop him from moving on?

“Noooo … with the help of the Lord, my ‘Main Man Moses’ produced and distributed rock solid, carved in stone, the first ever Executive Orders … AKA ‘The Ten Commandments’.”


“Thanks, Pete,” says Moses … “Mornin’, Chuck … and hello to y’all out there in TV-Land.

“Like you, I was hung up in a never ending negotiation with a recalcitrant-immutable-stuck-in-the-desert-group of people clinging to their personal beliefs so steadfastly that we wandered for years.

“But look what came outta’ a meeting I had with The Big Guy … The Ten Commandments … right here on my clay tablet!

Let’s see how they’ve stood the “test-of-Trump.”

#1 … No other gods but me … Hmm … definitely some narcissistic slippage there.

#2 … No idols … We smashed the golden calf … we can dump that orange cow.

#3 … Take the Lord’s name in vain … the guy’s a real “potty mouth” with racist remarks about s**thole countries while mocking women!

#4 … Remember the Sabbath … C’mon Man!  “Two Corinthians?”  Don’t know “which end is up” on the Bible?  We gotta lotta work to do.

#5 … Honor your father and mother … Just read niece Mary’s new book!

#6… No murder … Not in the middle of 5th Avenue  … not even in front of Trump Tower!

#7 … No adultery … Don’t try to hide behind “paying for it isn’t ‘adultery.’”

#8 … No stealing … Do I have to repeat myself?  NO STEALING!

#9 … No false witness … For Christ’s sake … Oh, never mind … He didn’t make an appearance for these Exec Actions!  You’re at 20,000+ lies as of mid-July 2020!

#10 … Don’t covet … Not COVID … C-O-V-E-T … another one you’ve trumped all over … you don’t covet, you just grab ‘em by the p***y!


“We call these “The Big Ten” … the earliest executive orders ever written … and the first with ‘Holy Backing’.

“And Trump, you sorry Bastard, you’ve ‘trumped’ all over ‘The First 10’!

“Get ready, Peter Navarro … the Saint you’ve been named after built his church on a rock … but you’ve been kissin’ the ass of the wrong horse in this race.”


Just sayin’ …

10 thoughts on “Moses and Peter Navarro The Ten Commandments & Executive Orders

  1. Gracias, don Ricardo, as clever as ever. Been waiting for you to appear each Sunday morning. Missed you!

    • Hi Lee … July has not been the kindest month … but we’re crawling back to some semblance of day-to-day living. Thanks for your persistence … someone told me that it (persistence) pays … clearly not very much!

      Now to rescue the postal service … I think I see Kevin Costner waiting in the wings … HUSS

  2. I’m wondering if I should share this analysis with the members of my church…. Nah, they can see it for themselves if they have eyes.

    • Aah, Marian … you might want an edit of Commandments #3 & #10 before you place them in front of your church members … they’re a bit rough for most church goers … I was surprised at the number of “political/religious” cartoons Mari had to choose from for her supporting art work … maybe the reaction of some of your congregation would surprise you.

      Thanks for reading and commenting … HUSS

  3. Marian,

    Don’t ya think this would fit so perfectly in your church bulletin?

    Glad yer back you two!👍

  4. Holy Moses! Do I detect an ever-so-subtle hint buried deep within the sub-text here that you are not entirely pleased with the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?
    What you seem to be saying is almost as incredulous as, say, someone ordering USPS budget cuts, removing mailboxes from the streets and taking mail-sorting machines out of USPS facilities right before an election…in the middle of a deadly pandemic!

    • By Jove … you got it! I think you got it!

      I like that they were scurrying around in the dark of night hauling away the mail boxes … did ya think maybe they thought this was gonna create a problem for some of us? I’m glad Kevin Costner wasn’t in charge of the 10 Commandments instead of the starring in his “save the Post Office” dreadful movie!

      Thanks for reading, TL … HUSS

  5. Trump’s rewriting the Sermon on the Mount, too. Not surprising, given what he said about Jesus: “That dude was a goat f***er who wanted to help the poor and the needy . . . SAD!”

    • Whoa, Oops … let’s hope the goats were “of age!”

      Having your way with the goat herd is one thing … I think Pontius & his Roman army guys drew the line in the sand when He decided to “turn the other cheek” and yelled “Hook ’em” while the goats charged Him! Thanks for reading & commenting … HUSS

  6. Richard,

    Too good as always! Glad you’re getting back into the habit -er- I mean the swing -er- I mean the practice -er … I’m glad you’re just putting it out there!

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