The Winner: “There’s room in his heart …”

I’ve been searching for thoughts to magically appear … probably almost as hard as What’s-his-name’s been hoping for Corona Virus to disappear.

Thoughts that would allow me to “sail” out of the doldrums of our political malaise … like that 151 foot super-yacht that Trump’s pal Steve Bannon was pulled from.

Thoughts that would give me hope for 2020 … hope that I wasn’t gonna endorse a guy who would suffer the Irish Dream of “almost making it to the top” after 50 years in public service.

So I watched the DNC Convention and after Joe’s closing remarks where he leaned in and gave Trump the “stink eye,” I felt good that My Main Man Joe was ready to win the Septuagenarian Battle of the Century for the White House.


When you’re looking for change that reaches from top to bottom … from gaudy-gold to tasteful-decency … sometimes you look so hard that your eyes and your brain play tricks on you.

Like we did in 2016.

But that was then … and we learned from that debacle …  “Beware of what you vote into office … you just might get what you voted for!”

This time we don’t hear folks saying … “I think I’ll give him a chance” … “He’ll grow into the job” … “He’s a business man” … “Look at all the money he’s made” … “I’m tired of all the lies coming from Washington” … “He’ll drain the swamp.”


The RNC tried to “Out-Biden” Biden.  They wanted to beat the Dem’s “Brady Bunch” moment when one-by-one, Biden opponents came together for a “We-Love-Joe” segment.

The RNC forgot poor little victim Trumpie Boy had a built in problem with his “Love-in” … namely: “Who ya gonna call?”

Steve Bannon was eliminated when his fat ass was hauled to jail … ironically by Postal Police for mail fraud.

The gun totin’ lovin’ couple from the St. Louis Burbs … Mark & Patty McCloskey … now charged with several gun related felonies … carried Trump’s “fear torch” as if they were proudly bearing the Olympic Flame!

Rather than listen to endorsements from elected Trump Stooges … the GOP shoulda’ scooped late night WalMart shoppers to collect true Trumpers espousing their love for their TV hero.


But no one … not another soul … could match Joe Biden’s first endorser!  Jacquelyn Asbie … the elevator security woman who told us after nominating Joe:

“Joe Biden has room in his heart for more than just himself.”


Just sayin’ …

11 thoughts on “The Winner: “There’s room in his heart …”

  1. I dunno, Richard: I want EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICAL PROOF that the Orange One actually has a heart. We all know he’s a big proponent of Joseph Goebbels’ “Big Lie” propaganda theories, but having an actual, beating heart is something else entirely. I mean, I know Trump has minions – they’ve already stolen two “Biden 2020” yard signs from my lawn – but a heart? I doubt it.

    • Hey, TL … Thanks for reading … If Trump has “Minions” he’d better have that vaccine ready by election time … suffering from Minions is horrible, terrible and deplorable … I think he finally has something to whine about and a real reason to want out of the debates! Minions causes loss of hair, wilted pecker syndrome, black and tarry stools.

      Minions … even the Anti-Vaxers line up for those shots! Wow … Minions!

    • Hi Lee … Thanks for reading … you couldn’t get a better contrast in approaches to governing our country that the two back-to-back conventions. I still find it astounding that there are people who actually believe Trump is the better choice …

      Glad I could start your day off better than sour milk!

  2. You didn’t have to tell me: I’m supporting Joe Biden.
    If you want a peaceful nation, elect a peacemaker–one who will stand up against hate and fear.

    • Hi Marian … Thanks for reading and commenting … I think the contrast between the two visits (Biden/Trump) to Kenosha, WI clearly demonstrates who promotes peace and who stokes hate & fear.

      I appreciate your support …

    • Hi Lynn … thanks for reading and commenting … someone spray painted the Trump signs in our “hood.” So I think the Visigoths, Huns & Vandals of the Middle Ages are back out in our streets.

      At least the signs are free!

      Don’t forget to donate bags of canned soup to the Democratic Headquarters … they need more ammo for the street thugs and criminals in our party … LOL

  3. “Who ya gonna call” – Exactly!

    If only he’d had more kids … ewww! Of course, that would mean there would have to be more wives … also ewww!

    • Hi Mike … Thanks for reading and commenting …

      We’re talking about Trump here … more kids does not necessarily equal more wives … early on Stormy commented that he told her he never “uses protection.” There could be several Trump Bastards running around the country … not just the one in the Offal Office!

      Think about that!

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